Starbase 249 - Medical and Related Science's Centre

The year is 2393.

Honoring the heritage of the past and celebrating the challenges of the future, Starbase 249 is being raised from the ashes, destined to be a purpose built Medical and Related Science’s Centre; code-named MARS Facility.

Once a thriving hub of activity in the middle of a federation trading sector, Starbase 249 stood as a proud icon in the Omega Piscium System just above the planet ORAXA playing host to a range of trading groups and sheriff all at the same time. However, because of disagreements with regional powerhouse trading groups Starfleet agreed to withdraw for a short period. As such, the station has since lain dormant, disused and isolated from Starfleet use for over 18 months.

This period has allowed Starfleet the opportunity to actively and collectively rethink the purpose of the base. Whilst one priority was to re-establish the trade routes through the base, Starfleet wanted a more humanitarian purpose that would signify its original routes of exploration and correct the mistakes of becoming to heavily involved with the trade aspects of the systems.

The outcome – the MARS Facility – a medical and related science’s research outpost.

The station was brought back to life by a group of specialist engineers, led by the able and capable leading engineer and then commanding officer, Commander Caleb Tascioni. This team laid the groundwork on the new internal design for the specialist centre as well as kick starting its re-launch in preparation for the new command staff to join.

The continued task for the station is to continue their research work in various fields, continue to upgrade the research centre, ensure that ships that dock with Starbase 249 are fully re-supplied and repaired, and build a good relationship with the peoples of this area. The station is capable of using the latest technology and has made the hanger bay doors able to fit the largest of starship designs through.

Captain Marcab Strongfellow
Commanding Officer

Commander Brad Pennell
Executive Officer

Latest News Items

» Simm Award

Posted on Thu Jul 27th, 2017 @ 5:23pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow in General News

Hello everyone,

I received an email from our Task Group Commander recently and I wanted to share a part of it with you all.

TGCO had this to say, "...Second, if you haven't seen the Unit of Merit awards announcement on the Obsidian CO list, the Bronze winners for May and June included the USS Endeavour and Starbase 249, respectively. Congrats!..."

Capt. Alenis Meru

I want to thank EACH and EVERYONE of you for making this happen. This award is due to all of your hard work and your constant efforts to keep our simm one of the best in the fleet.

Marcab R. Strongfellow
Commanding Officer

» military propriety

Posted on Sat Jul 22nd, 2017 @ 6:34am by Trinity Costa in General News

Okay, for the record, having served in US military. Do not salute indoors! Period! It is an insult to the officer saluted, and an insult to your unit when you do so. Within the confines of a starship or starbase, you are indoors. This is not the only site that gets this rant from me, since I sim on many. Respect is earned, not given, and no marine would salute indoors. Calling a superior SIR or MA'AM is enough, and the officer in charge should reprimand anyone who salutes indoors.

Also, do not salute in the field, that gives snipers a clear target as to who is the leader. Not meaning to ruffle feathers, but this is realism, which I look for in simming.


Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 2:20pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow in General News

Hello everyone,

I will be on a leave of absence from 14 JUL 17 through 16 JUL 17. Please contact the command team for anything during this time.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Marcab R. Strongfellow
Commanding Officer

» SFMC Battalion CO

Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 4:20pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow in General News

Hello everyone,

Please welcome aboard our new SFMC Battalion Commanding Officer, Major Michael "Red Mike" Saxton.

Marcab R. Strongfellow
Commanding Officer

Brad Pennell
Executive Officer
CDR, SB249


Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 8:53pm by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D in General News

If anyone has photos in your sims linked to Photobucket third party hosting service, you need to move them to a different service as Photobucket is going to start charging $40 a month to use theirs and is cutting all links unless you pay.

Latest Mission Posts

» A Klingon offer

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 4:49pm by Lady Surla & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton


Surla, in her advanced D-7 class, pulled up to 249. As an ally 249 had always seen to Klingon vessels in the area, and she counted on that. "Secure the ship, I have business."

Leaving her bridge, Surla went and strapped on her Klingon weaponry, then exited the ship…

» Tenth Marines Officer Call

Posted on Sun Jul 23rd, 2017 @ 11:29pm by Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

The hall was called to attention as Major Saxton entered. Mike stepped up to the lectern to address the assembled officers.

"Gentlemen please have a seat. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Mike Saxton, commanding officer of the Tenth Battalion, Fourth Marines. Some of you I have met. Others…

» Meeting the new Battalion Commander

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 1:08am by Captain James Racktor & 1st Lieutenant Nathaniel Capp & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

After the Meeting with Captain Strongfellow Captain James Ractor returned to the Barracks and saw a Marine Officer with the rank of Major " Excuse me Can i help you Sir I'm Captain James Ractor the Headquarters & Service Company Commander and this is my XO 1st lieutenant Nathaniel Capp…

» Business - Its just business

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 12:09am by Korvark PNPC & Frank O'Connell & John Christie & Trinity Costa

Korvark looked at the entrance of the nightclub and shrugged. The place had an appeal he couldn't quite place, it was loud and obvious and the smells drifting out made him hungry as he glanced at Frank and walked in, "John Christie is in here?"

"According to the message I…

» Hunter or hunted

Posted on Thu Jul 13th, 2017 @ 8:30pm by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D & Theodore Darkron & Commander Brad Pennell & Lieutenant Kelly Sloan & Sergeant John Templar

The away team lands at the last village that they visited last time they were on the planet. There is still no sign of the villagers or animal life that can be noticed immediately.

Lt Kelly Sloan activated her comm. "Keep a weather eye Ghostriders monitor visuals as well as…

Latest Personal Logs

» New living area

Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 7:02pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow

"Computer on. Personal log of Marcab Revati Strongfellow. Amend stardate."

"So I asked Mikayla to live with me from now on. It was hard to do, but she has been there for me for so long now. There have been times when I wondered why she even bothered with me."…

» Thanks Dale

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 9:34pm by Sergeant John Templar

Finding myself completely bored I decided to find and rework some of my old hologram programs. Some of the programs were just to old and corrupted for further use but I grabbed a few and was off to the Holosuites.

After getting somewhat situated I was back on a white…

» Arrival SB 248, MARS/FAC

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 @ 4:14am by Sergeant John Templar

My journey to this place has taken a bit. However Oraxa is a welcome site after the trip. The Station was stunning. Two Forty Nine is as big as they come. As the SB is just being Manned up, there was very limited information about the Station. I received a…

» Reflection leads to direction

Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2016 @ 2:11pm by Theodore Darkron

Naomi has just advised me that someone has just tried to access our network. Considering recent events the most likely conclusion is Glosk or someone hes connected to. The attempts were repeated over a 30 minute period shortly after he was suspended but have since stopped. Whoever it was started…

» Goal completed

Posted on Sat Jul 23rd, 2016 @ 11:02am by Captain Marcab Strongfellow

"Computer on. Personal log of Marcab Revati Strongfellow. Amend stardate."

"I just got back from my training. It was very hard to concentrate today for some reason. So I have been sitting here reviewing things that I wanted to accomplish in my life and I noticed that without truly realizing…