By joining this simulation or taking part as a playing character, you are expected to follow the rules and regulation of the fleet and the simulation.

The Obsidian Fleet rules can be found by following this link:

As well as this, you are agreeing to follow the writing format of this writing community as directed below:

Simulation Rules, Requirements and Posting Continuity Style Guide:
To ensure everyone is writing in the same style and that all posts are of a consistent quality, it has become essential to consider the issue of continuity in writing and formatting of posts.

1) Time Stamps and Locations

i. Where you post is in one central location then the NOVA system has the relevant information for you to fill out and you will not be required to identify your location anywhere else within the post.
ii. From time to time however, characters may be required to move locations during the writing of a post, or a joint post may contain multiple places or movement of characters.
iii. If this is the case, you are expected to add the following before the paragraph:
iv. LOCATION For an example, see below:
v. There is no need to use the ON: / OFF: as all submitted posts are considered part of the simulation history.
vi. IC: and OOC: also need not be used. OOC maybe used during the construction of posts but all of these will need removing prior to submission. Once submitted, all elements are considered in-character history.
vii. There is no need to add authors names to the posts at the end as the NOVA system already puts this in place.

2) Characters Thoughts and speech.

i. To distinguish between the thoughts and the actual speech of a character, we will use the following:
ii. Thoughts will need to surrounded by ‘inverted commas.’
iii. Speech between two people face to face will be addressed by “Speech marks.”

3) None Playing Characters (NPC):

i. You are actively encouraged to create Non-Playing characters for use across the simulation.
ii. You can have up to 2 NPC’s per playing character
iii. NPC’s cannot have a rank that is equal to or higher than your own
iv. NPC’s cannot have a rank that is equal to or higher than that of the Department Head of the area you choose to place this character in.
v. NPC’s should be available for use by all players, while PNPC's are the property of the creator.
vi. NPC posts can count towards a players monthly contribution as directed in point 6 below.

4) Communications

i. It is common in posts that different characters must get into contact with people around the ship and they do this by using their commbadge or ship to ship transmissions. It is important to distinguish between commbadge communication and normal speech within a post.
ii. The commbadge we add is made up of = / \ = with no spaces, which looks like this: =/\= An example of using the commbadge in dialogue would be as follows:
=/\= Tascioni to Doctor O’Dell, is there any update on your patient? =/\=

5) Abbreviations of words and numbers:

i. Starbase can be shortened to SB when it is not used in speech. If it is referred to in speech it needs to be the longer version of ‘starbase’ as you would not have character say SB249 to each other.
ii. Numbers can either be numerical or written – Starbase 249 or Starbase Two-Four-Nine.
iii. We will use USS and not U.S.S on Starbase 249.
iv. Rank can be abbreviated if not in speech but when used in speech must be written in the long format. Lt Cmdr when written and “Lieutenant Commander” when in thought or speech. Lt (JG) when not in speech and “Lieutenant Junior Grade.
A. Short-cuts can be in speech such as Lt (JG) would be ‘Lieutenant’, Lt Commander would be referred to as ‘Commander.’
v. When writing prose, there is no reason to write abbreviations for words other than those seen above, or for some pieces of technology. Other words should be written in full wherever possible.

6) Crew Activity and posting requirements:

i. Every member of this writing community is expected to earn three (3) points a month; roughly one point every 10 days.
ii. Points can be collected as follows:
Individual post = 1 point
Joint post = ½ point
Personal Log = ½ point
iii. All members are expected to log in and respond to TAGs within four (4) days. If a member is not able to achieve this consistently there will be no consequence - this is in place as a courtesy to other members of this writing community and to ensure there is a steady flow of posts coming through.
iv. Individual posts should be a minimum of 500 words to ensure good quality
v. Joint-posts should aim to be around 700 words as guidance only.
vi. Personal logs should be around 300 words per entry.
vii. New players have 1 week from the date their acceptance to login and post their arrival to the simm or report in, using a joint post to either their department head, the executive officer or the commanding officer. They will be sent a personal message after a week by either the CO or XO and if no response is then heard within 7 days of that, the player shall be removed.
viii. All members must take due care to update their biographies at the end of each mission to describe things that happened to them and their character development. This is a vital aspect of building a team of characters who are able to work collaboratively together and build relationships.