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Appointment of Senior Ship Commanding Officer

Posted on Mon Jul 18th, 2016 @ 4:36pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow

As per an email that I received, I am passing the information on to you guys,

"Hi Everyone,

As I am sure you can see from my signature, I have been reappointed as Senior Task Group Commanding Officer for Task Force 72, and it is a humbling appointment to be asked to hold. That does mean that at this moment, I have looked to appoint a Senior Ship Commanding Officer for the Task Group, something we have been lacking for the last few months now. Previously, the appointment was to the longest serving Commanding Officer, however, when the rules and policies were changed in Measure 055, the appointment was made more general to any Commanding Officer within the Task Group.

Now, I did think long and hard about this, as I wanted someone who I could work well with, get along with, continue the good communication and family spirit that we have in Task Group 72-B, and most of all, someone I could trust to lead the Task Group if I had to take time away for whatever reason. That person, I felt, is Andrew (Commander John Barstow, USS Merlin).

Please join with me in congratulating him on this appointment..."

Commodore Matthew Harrison Ph.D
Commanding Officer, USS Cavalry
Task Group 72-B Commanding Officer, Task Force 72 “The Peacekeepers"
Senior Task Group Commanding Officer, Task Force 72 “The Peacekeepers”


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