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Office of Mediation and Arbitration

Posted on Mon Feb 27th, 2017 @ 4:37pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow

21-Feb-2017 Fleet News

The Fleet Council has unanimously approved the creation of the Office of Mediation and Arbitration (OMA), to replace the Office of the Judge Advocate-General (JAG).

OMA will be a Fleet department responsible for impartially and fairly resolving disputes among members of the Fleet. Reflecting the values of openness, respect, understanding, and community that characterizes Star Trek, OMA will avoid a legalistic and adversarial approach to conflict resolution.

In the coming days and weeks, Joint Fleet Command will be working to implement this decision throughout the Fleet. The Fleet Constitution and the Fleet Rules and Policies have been updated on IFS to reflect these changes. The new Manual for Player Disputes and Conflict Resolution, which replaces the old Code of Justice, has been posted to IFS as well. The Command Staff page, the Forums, the Fleet Wiki, JAG website, and the other Fleet webpages will be updated to reflect the changes.

In due course we will begin a search for the first OMA Director who will be foundational for bringing the new vision for conflict resolution in the Fleet to a reality.


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