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USS Elysium is looking for help

Posted on Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 3:29pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow

Please read below. There may be a position on this ship that you may find interesting.

Per email:

"The USS Elysium is rebuilding after the loss our beloved and sometimes annoying (no Phoenix you can’t duct tape him to his chair to keep him in one place) Admiral. Now captained by one of the youngest CO’s in the fleet, the Elysium is moving forward, the future clearly in her sights.

We have several key positions open:

Executive Officer

Chief Engineer

Chief of Security & Tactical

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Chief of Science

Chief Intelligence Officer

More open positions are on our new website.

To name a few.

We are very eager to move forward and looking for writers willing to join and take plots and run with them.

We are rated 18+ by Obsidian Fleet."

Marcab R. Strongfellow
Commanding Officer
CDR, SB249


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