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Ren'TocK of the House of Chang

Name Ren'TocK Son of Ja'rod of the House of Chang

Position Military Attaché for Kligon Ambassador

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 4in
Weight 234 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description He is tall average built Klingon male who stands six foot 4 inches tall and weighing 234 pounds mostly well toned muscle due is training regiment and prestigious military career. He like all morderen klingons has the high forehead and bony cranial ridges native to his species though they are not very pronounced much his ancestor General Chang but are more pronounced than Chang’s but less so must other Klingons. He suffered an eye injury early in his career destroying his left and forcing him to where a metal eyepatch which is attached directly to his skull by bolts bearing the Klingon emblem the scar runs along the left side of his face from about the middle of his forehead to mid cheek..He suffers from from a genetic anomaly making his skin much lighter than other Klingons (He appears Caucasian) his armor that he insist on wearing even in political positions a wellmade traditional Klingon armor reminessated to that of his ancestor General Chang’s even using the same color scheme his morderen kling sash bears not the emblem of his House but his military awards as well. His dark brown is pulled back into short ponytail secured with targ skin wrapping similar to way Worf wears his his hair when he served in starfleet.He sports a neatly trimmed goatee. His D'k tagh is on his right side mid thigh with the traditional attachments affixing it to his uniform.


Father Ja'rod son of Khang of the house of Chang
Mother L'kor Daughter of Ktala of the house of Antaak
Brother(s) K'ulad, Moz'ix
Sister(s) J'hil

Personality & Traits

General Overview He A Klingon Warrior to the core, respecting strength and honor above all else, he an Honorable warrior, with some political experience due to being heir to the House of Chang. He short tempered and quick to anger, dishonesty and dishonor are the quickest ways to earn his ire and likely find a blade at your throat or the business end of a disruptor in your face in the process. He also a brilliant Tactician and intelligence operative, his cunning and bold tactical moves during the Dominion war earned him quick promotions, several awards, and great honor. While he is a warrior and consider himself a Klingon warrior above all else he no opposed to using his cunning and tactical brilliance in the political area as well if it will secure his goal. A firm believer in the Klingon honor code and the teachings of Kahless, and admirer of the ancient earth general Sun Tzu and his master work entitled the Art of War, he finds many similarities to these teaching, and those taught by his ancestor.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong willed
+Dangerously cunning
+Highly intelligent
+Brilliant tactician

-Short tempered
-sometimes disobeys orders
-Military minded
-Warrior mentality
Ambitions o Bring great Honor to Empire, his House and Himself as well as his ship, and to regain his family a seat for his House on the Klingon high council.

Hobbies & Interests Military history of other species, Mok'bara, bat'leth training, and practice. Disruptor training, and target practice, combat simulations.
Language Klingon, Federation standard
Character's Favorite Quote Only a fool fights in a burning house.

Personal History Born on Qo'noS in the first city of Empire his family had spent nearly a century recovering their Founder General Chang’s role in the Khitomer Conspiracy Were General hoped to derail the Khitomer Conference to accomplish this he attempted to frame Captain James T. Kirk for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon he was successful to end but that still derail the conference and Kirk out the Commandant at Rura Penthe where he was serving a life sentence Change had the Commandt arranger for Kirk and McCoy to to be killed trying to escape but the Enterprise intervened, and eventually stopped Chang's co conspirator from assassinating the Federation president the successful lead to lasting peace..The Family holds Honor and tradition in very high regard and their tactical prowess, Deadly cunning, and unrelenting guile the member of the house always found the military, and Klingon intelligence an inviting home.The Family got themselves reinstated as one great house 20 years before he was born and quickly solidified that status with a number of powerful alliances and cunning power plays now one of the more influential houses in the empire the head of the house Ja'rod son of Khang and his mate L'kor
Daughter of Ktala of the house of Antaak had 4 children 3 sons and a daughter.

The eldest of the four Ren’tocK was heir to the house this coupled with Ren’TocK suffering from a genetic anomaly making his skin much lighter than other Klingons (He appears Caucasian) resulted in him endured harsher, and discipline then the other, to continue what his father had built he would not only have to be a deadly honorable warrior, but a cunning diplomat, and shrewd politician as well and his condition which was uncorrectable would make all these considerable harder for him. His father and his father’s top advisor saw to Rentouck Education, and training personally until he reached the age of ascension and successfully complete the ceremony and sent off to the Kurmak Military Academy, First City, Qo'nos. He did exceptionally well at the academy, excelling in close quarter’s combat, melee combat, marksmanship, space combat, starship weapons training, his tactical prowess also got very high marks he graduated 2 second in class there is still debate as to if was actually first but due to prejudice of instructors, and upper leadership of Academy due to his affection. He was immediately shipped off to the fleet with the rank of lagh and assignment to IKS L'shud a K’vort bird of prey as a junior weapons officer.

He was later reassigned as weapons officer aboard the IKS Ch'Tang a B’rel Bird of prey, on a patrol rotation it six months into this tour of duty that the ship engaged raiders during the battle a console he working at exploded due a well placed shot by the Raiders the explosion sent a shrapnel into Ren’TocK’s left obliterating it and forcing him wear a metal eye patch which is attached directly to his skull by bolts bearing the Klingon emblem and a large scar on the left side of his face leading from about the middle of his cranial ridges to his middle cheek, despite the injury his quick thinking in moving to secondary weapon console and tactically fired a torpedo spread destroying the enemy ship this earned him not only a promotion to Sogh but an Honor in Battle Award. He finished the Patrol tour and reassigned to the IKS K’toL another B’rel bird of prey as a tactical officer shortly after this the Dominion war began during the war he quickly rose through ranks due not only the deaths of superiors several by his own hand via honor duels usually for cowardice, but he was a great warrior and he made so very bold tactical decisions and weapons usage, earning many victories, and awards by the time the war ended he had command of his own ship and held the rank of HoD. He continued his military for another 4 years, and then on the advice and with influence from his father, he began a political career. He served as a senior aide to the Governor of Boreth for 2 years, He spent another year and a half as a military adviser to Klingon ambassador to the Gorn Hegemony. He served in several other political posts before he was made Grovner of a small inhabited world that the empire conquered during dominion war he was at this post for 2 years before….He went back to military command his B’rel BOP his skillful command and cunning tactics won him several more victories in border skirmishes, and due his political connections and political post he served in he routinely requested to serve as military adviser or similar role for high profile Klingon officials 2 governors, a High council member and a high ranking Klingon diplomat though little is known about this mission though shortly thereafter he was promoted to rank of Sa' and assigned as military attaché for Klingon Ambassador UFP SB 249
Service Record Enters Kurmak Military Academy, First City, Qo'nos

Graduated 2nd in his class from Kurmak Military Academy, First City, Qo'nos
Commissioned as a laugh and assigned a junior weapons officer aboard
The K’vort class Bird of prey IKS L'shud

Reassigned as weapons officer aboard the IKS Ch'Tang a B’rel Bird of prey
Promoted to Sogh received Honor in Battle Award.

Reassigned to IKS K’toL another B’rel bird of prey as a tactical officer

Dominion war begins he earn several promotions awards Eventual reaching the rank of HoD and the position of CO of the IKS T’oK a retrofitted B’rel class bird of prey.

Senior aide to the Governor of Boreth

Military adviser to Klingon ambassador to the Gorn Hegemony

Military Grovner of G’tuoK

Military adviser to House J’mpoK {Details highly classified by order of Klingon high council.]

Promoted to Rank of Sa' and assigned as military attaché for Klingon Ambassador UFP SB 249


Order of the bat'leth
Defense of the Empire Medal
Expeditionary Forces Medal
Honor in Battle Award x3
Shield of Tradition Badge
Disruptor Qualification Badge (Sharpshooter)
D'k tagh Qualification Badge (Master)
Bat’leth Qualification Badge (Expert)