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Lieutenant Joz'ec Sloan

Name Joz'ec Cosmo Sloan

Position Head of Strategic Operations

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Klingon, 1/4 Vulcan, 1/4 Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 217
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Joz’ec is a very imposing figure. Standing six feet and four inches tall, with the muscular build of a Klingon solider, Joz’ec is quite large and intimidating. Owing to his early athletic lifestyle, which has been maintained throughout his life, he is quite muscular. A soldier at heart, he carries himself very strictly, walking quickly and very upright. He has a number of scars on his body, mostly due to the stab wounds he sustained in defense of his grandfather, General K’droth. He also has occasional trouble with his right shoulder, owing to the severity of the would he sustained on Roloth IV.

Sloan’s voice is not as deep as one would expect. It has a naturally bright timbre and rises and falls with his emotions. He always speaks with great intention, but he does not engage in overly passionate rhetoric, at least not normally. His eyes are a piercing hazel, the one physical attribute from his human grandmother. His ears are slightly pointed and his ridges form an interesting web pattern across his forehead, with a large central ridge rising in the center, joined to two less noticeable ridges on either side of his forehead by a network of less prominent ridges. They are less prominent that those of a full Klingon but still a defining aspect of his appearance. His hair is a dark brown, matching his skin tone, and very straight, though some portions occasionally curl. He usually wears it long, allowing it to hang down his back.


Spouse NONE
Children NONE
Father Captain Alarik Sloan, USS Aurangzeb
Mother Colonal Voxiga, Daughter of K'droth
Brother(s) Gandran Sloan (21)
Sister(s) NONE
Other Family Paternal:
-Grandfather: Dr. Mot
-Grandmother: Dr. Amira Sloan
-3 Aunts; several cousins

-Grandfather: General K'droth, Son of Matesh
-Grandmother: Lady B'narra, Daughter of Sompek
-2 Uncles; severla cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Joz’ec Sloan is a bit of an enigma. He is a man of competing heritages, one rooted in emotion and passion and the other in the rejection of these aspects of humanoid nature. Instead of choosing a side or even seeking balance, he strives in life to find a way to take the best aspects of everything that he knows to be a unique being, unlike any the world have ever encountered. As such, one of his paramount goals is a measured control of his emotions, of his natural Klingon passion. He is careful to listen before he speaks. But when he does speak he does not do so with excess. He is very blunt and he is always filled with a bubbling energy.

His concern for honor and logic truly depend on the situation. In general, his naturally aggressive Klingon nature combines very well with Vulcan logic in a way that makes Joz’ec cold and quite decisive. He is not shy to apply violence or force, and when he does so, he does so with a logic fueled by the desire to completely suppress a threat. He is also a very cautious man with the lives of those under his command, preferring to risk his own life and safety to decrease to theirs. This stems from early lessons at the feet of Voxiga and K’droth, as well as his father’s own experiences in Starfleet.

Sloan is very apprehensive regarding romantic entanglements and very particular about his friends. He has been careful to avoid marrying as choosing a non-Klingon bride would further dilute the blood of the House of K’droth, something he has yet to come to terms with, one of the many results of his upbringing on Nancheck. He also has a nagging insecurity stemming from this upbringing, which can at times push him to great and dangerous demonstrations of his capability, including taking irrational risks with his life and pushing himself beyond the point of exhaustion. When he reaches this point, his usually careful control begins to fracture and he can behave irrationally, carelessly, aggressively, and with great violence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Joz’ec is a scholar and a soldier. Possessed of a great intellect, enhanced by a prestigious education, and superior tactical capability, a direct result of an intense and careful Klingon upbringing, he a superior strategist. He is very skilled at seeing a situation from a very broad perspective and realizing the small actions that can cause a large result. He is also quite resourceful and creative, particularly in the use of ship-mounted weapons systems. He is able to control how much he suppresses his emotion, careful to apply swift logic when necessary. But he is also not shy about emotional outbursts, especially when they would serve to evoke fear or avert a violent situation. He is skilled in multiple martial arts.

Sloan was a very poor pilot, but has improved over the years. He also is not inclined to entertain terribly emotional people nor does he entertain excessive talking. He is also prone to occasionally ignoring people when he is focused on other topics. Aside from biology, his knowledge of the hard sciences is not vast. Sloan, when challenged, can occasionally become proud and fall back on his identity as a member of the House of K’droth and a Klingon Hunter (Wamwl’).
Ambitions Joz'ec's ambitions are as unclear to him as they are to the rest of the world. While he natural need to prove himself pushes him to pursue career advancement and greater responsibility, he is not sure if a career spent entirely in Starfleet is what he most desires. He feels a consistent urge to return to his grandfather's service, but knows that too would be unfulfilling. He does dream of a family, though, and wants children.
Hobbies & Interests +Anthropology
+Martial Arts
Language Federation Standard English; Klingon; Vulcan
Character's Favorite Quote "It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked."-Haile Selassie

Personal History Joz’ec Cosmo Sloan was born in the city of Kah’lesstrani in the Nancheck Colony, a sparsely occupied settlement near the periphery of the Klingon Empire. His mother was Voxiga, Daughter of K’droth. K’droth is governor of the Nancheck Colony and leader of the House of K’droth, which was one of very few left in the Empire who follow the teachings of the ancient Wamwl’ (Hunter) Clan, which practiced a lifestyle spent pursuing those deemed enemies of the empire. Voxiga was one of the most skilled hunters of the House and led an elite unit at the sole disposal of the Klingon Chancellor. Joz’ec ‘s father, the half-human half-Vulcan Alrik Sloan was a Starfleet Security officer who met Voxiga while working on a joint mission tracking a group of Klingon pirates terrorizing the joint border. Voxiga insisted on raising Joz’ec on the colony until he was 13 years old, so that he would learn the ways of her people. As such, he only saw his father once every few months.

His childhood was very rigorous and strictly adhered to Klingon culture. With the Hunter culture so small and ever shrinking, Voxiga and K’droth looked to their hybrid heir to continue it. He was brought with his mother on her “hunts,” both human and animal, even as an infant, and as a toddler was forced to watch as his mother execute outlaws and other enemies of the Empire. This instilled an early coldness in the boy, along with an appreciation for the order of law. The decisiveness with which his mother acted also made him averse to unnecessary talk or action, which persists to this day. Despite the brutal realities of his upbringing, Joz’ec proved to be a happy, if cold, and bright child with great capabilities. He thrived in the lessons his father would send him from the Federation, showing an early talent for history, writing, and anthropology. Though they did not place their emphasis in these fields, his Klingon family encouraged these interests and supported Alrik’s efforts to provide him with an advanced education. But this did not slow the pace of his Klingon education, which included a vigorous martial arts and ritual educations, as well as indoctrination into the hunter culture of the House of K’droth. He thrived under this hybrid education, but there were early evidence of cultural conflicts. When his father would visit Nancheck, once every couple months, he would take the opportunity to spend almost every moment with his son and wife. Joz’ec was fascinated by his father’s tales of exploration and peacemaking, of a life not focused on the combat, which was what surrounded him every day. Alarik also took the opportunity to introduce his son to the logic which dominated his life. This included rigorous lessons in emotional control and analysis, which proved difficult for Joz’ec to master while living in a society that valued just the opposite. But he enjoyed the personal challenge that it presented for him, and developed in him a persistence and drive that would last through his life. Another very important part of his childhood was his friendship with his cousins. His mother’s two brothers, Krang and M’oldec, each had a son and a daughter. Joz’ec was closest to Kran’s daughter, Lurga, and M’oldec’s son, K’droth. They were given great freedom and often undertook adventures around the planet on their own. One of the most memorable as a hunting trip they undertook when they were all 12. Lurga was almost killed by a bear-like animal native to the planet and K’droth and Joz’ec battled the beast with bat’leths.

Joz’ec and Voxiga, who was now a Major in the KDF and a senior officer in the Chancellor’s Imperial Hunter Squadron, made their home on Nancheck until he was 13 years old. After he was inducted into Klingon culture as a warrior, through the Rite of Ascension ceremony, Voxiga became pregnant with her and Alarik’s second child. Then Lt. Commander Alarik convinced his wife to leave active military service and take up a posting as liaison between the Klingon Defense Force and Starfleet near the Romulan border. This meant that for the first time, Joz’ec would be surrounded by non-Klingons, a prospect that both excited and disturbed him.

His father and mother were assigned to Starbase 32. The initial weeks were highly difficult, as it was a much more constrained environment. Combined with the changes he was undergoing, it proved quite traumatic. The initial months were filled with Klingon ritual, fights, and attempts to return to Nancheck. But the eventual results was a turn away from what he so valued in the first 13 years of his life. Major Voxiga ended up traveling much more than anticipated and so Joz’ec and his younger brother, Gandran, were left in the care of their father. Alarik, a child of Vulcan logic and Human emotion, took this opportunity to teach his eldest son how to control his emotions and when to apply logic. This involved rigorous meditation combined with a heightened education. During his next four years under his father’s tutelage and his mother’s regular absence, Joz’ec changed dramatically. He became much calmer, much more calculating, and really began to learn when the unleashing of his Klingon nature was most advantageous. While his father’s goal was to teach his son to become more calm, more Vulcan, it served to create what would become a very controlled, manipulative, and insightful man.

When he turned 17 and finished his education, his parents divorced. Though they remain friends and lovers, each individual’s focus on their careers made the marriage inconvenient. Joz’ec made the decision to return to the Klingon Empire to live with his mother’s family, who relocated to Quo’nos after his grandfather’s promotion and decision to make a bid for a High Council seat. He lived here for one embattled months, year with the violence, intrigue, and deception that fill Klingon politics. Even though it was not the life that he sought, he threw himself into it fully and became his grandfather’s closest companion and bodyguard. After 9 months on Quo’nos, Joz’ec was severely injured while escorting his grandfather back to their home. Five warriors ambushed the two of them, and though they were able to fight them off and K’droth was unharmed, Joz’ec bore multiple stab wounds and a disruptor blast to his leg. Once he was stabilized, Alarik secured transport for him back to Starbase 32. While there, Joz’ec refused to see his father or any of his maternal family, taking the weeks to think about what he would do with his future. Though he valued Klingon culture and was fiercely loyal to the House of K’droth, he saw great value in how his father’s people lived and in the values of the Federation. It was while recovering that he contacted his paternal grandparents, Amira Sloan and Dr. Mot, who were engineers working on Vulcan. He had never spent any time in a purely Vulcan environment, but, though he did not tell anyone, he wanted to prepare to join Starfleet. This meant adjusting to living on Federation worlds and learning the skills that he believed were necessary.

A month after arriving on Vulcan, Joz’ec enrolled in the University of Kir, a prestigious institute of history and philosophy in one of the most disparate deserts on the planet. He had very little trouble adjusting to the rigorous academic environment that he faced, but being surrounded by a people completely devoid of emotional response. His grandmother was crucial in helping to find ways to manage his emotions and find outlets among the people. He and the closest friend he made at the University, a Vulcan male named Nolal, would often take weekend excursions across Vulcan. They would spend their time hiking, camping, and meditating. Nolal remains one of Joz’ec’s closest friends.

Joz’ec finished at Kir in 4 years, earning degrees in history, with a focus on Federation-Klingon relations, and exo-anthropology, both with high honors. One of his professors, Dr. Olric, was especially impressed with the young Klingon’s success in that environment, and used his considerable connections to assist Joz’ec with his application to Starfleet Academy. The application was successful and the 22 year old Klingon/Human/Vulcan hybrid, raised among the Klingon Empire’s most passionate and devoted soldiers, entered Starfleet Academy. This decision greatly infuriated Voxiga and the House of K’droth, as they hoped for him to return and join the Hunters of their family. But Joz’ec viewed his Klingon heritage as an integral part of his character, but he had never explored or given credence to his Federation heritage, and wanted the opportunity to do that.

Already possessing degrees in exoanthropology and history, Joz’ec decided to pursue an additional degree in exoarchaeology, while pursuing the tactical track. Though he was most attracted to a future as a science officer, this decision would have been incompatible with his most deeply held beliefs regarding his and his family’s place in Klingon society and what he was expected to do despite the fact that he did not serve in the KDF. Despite this, he thrived in his training. Having been raise in combat, at the side of Voxiga and the other Hunters of the House of K’droth, he had a great deal of unique insight into the realities of combat. His piloting skills, though, proved to be quite poor and would be the main focus of his efforts. Accompanying this was an easily discernible early weakness in astrophysics and strong mathematics. Having spent so much of his early life in practice, it was difficult for him to shift his thinking to principally theoretical. It was here that he turned to two of his greatest friends at the academy, a Betazoid woman named Jonna Ivitit, and an Andorian male, Kehl Th'shrysroth. Jonna was studying astrophysics and Kehl had a knack for it and so Joz’ec learned to both ask for and take their help. In turn, he was their greatest resource in the more humanities based courses. He thrived in this realm and Rear Admiral Sarah Orand, who taught Inter-species Ethics, noticed his potential and took him under her wing. She appreciated his unique perspective and background, as well as his immense innate energy. She introduced him to a number of other flag officers, as well as rising command officers. She even gave him a position in her office in his third year at the academy, as a low-level clerk and “reader” for the Admiral. While at the Academy, Sloan was a member of the Academy Velocity team and the wrestling team. His superior stature and physical strength gave him a great advantage as a wrestler and before his retirement from the team, he was their champion. Velocity was much more of a challenge for him, but he improved greatly over the course of his time on the team.

In his fourth year at the Academy, having completed the bulk of his course work, he was given the opportunity to join a number of other advanced students in a year of full service aboard an operating ship in the fleet. Different from the traditional cadet cruise aboard a training vessel, about ten cadets were transferred aboard the USS Achilles, an Interpid-class starship exploring beyond Gorn space. The cadets were given great leverage and a good deal of responsibility and opportunity aboard the ship, which, for a number of reasons, was not crewed to maximum. Joz’ec served as a tactical/security officer aboard the Achilles. He was principally responsible, under the direct supervision of the Vulcan Lt. Morcas, for the maintenance of torpedo systems. He began to develop a good deal of knowledge of Starfleet’s torpedo technology and showed a knack for reprogramming the devices in creative ways. When the ship was attacked by a pair of marauders, which K’droth had had to drive out of Klingon space a number of years before, it was Joz’ec who, in collaboration with Lt. Morcas and the Chief Tactical officer, Lt. Anaxia Feraff, reprogrammed the torpedos and torpedo launchers for delayed release upon impact with the marauders, dealing a great deal more damage and winning the battle for the Achilles. His time on the Achilles was also his first experience with a long-term, romantic relationship. He became involved with a science officer aboard the Achilles, Ensign James Holdst, and they remained together until he left the Achilles. He kept this relationship very secret.

Joz’ec graduated with a degree in exoarchaelogy with high distinction. Admiral Orand took the opportunity to direct his career, advising him to apply for and eventually accept a position aboard the Defiant-class USS Mumbai, operating along the Klingon/Romulan border. The chief tactical officer board was Lt. Commander Brooks, a previous protégé of Orand’s. The two men worked very well together, with Joz’ec having a deep understanding of Brooks’ very emotional and occasionally brash nature, and Brooks admired that Joz’ec possessed similar motivations but managed such logical control over them. Now Ensign Sloan was given responsibility for the torpedo systems and was given a great deal of autonomy. He also proved a capable security officer, often accompanying the Captain and First Officer on away missions and boarding parties. He served on the Mumbai for a year as an ensign, before earning his promotion to Lt. JG. He continued as a tactical officer, but began to work more on the bridge and more closely with the engineering department, building his ability to work with people from vastly different disciplines.

After finishing his second year aboard the USS Mumbai, he transferred to the Intrepid-class USS Journey, under Captain Bryan Holdst, the father of James Holdst. Joz’ec greatly admired Captain Holdst, who was a very determined, slow-moving, and careful man. The Journey’s tactical systems were ill-suited to the growing tactical mission of a ship operating in an area of growing tension. After the Hobus Supernova, the Journey became responsible for quick aid and communication runs into Romulan space, as well as deterrence of early Klingon raiders. His two years as a tactical officer resulted in a greater sympathy for Romulans, who he was taught to hate very early on, as well as a promotion to the rank of lieutenant. He was vital on away missions and was a frequent presence on the bridge, as he was sometimes able, by virtue of his heritage and experience, to diffuse potentially violent situations. His creativity, specifically on the mission on Ronoth IV, greatly impressed Captain Holdst. On Ronoth IV, the away team was pinned down by a group of Klingon marauders. The mission commander, Lt. Olm Daad, was killed almost immediately and command of the security and medical detachment fell to Sloan. He was able to find cover for the non-combatants, and lead his security team in a retaliatory strike. Though the assault was not terribly militarily successful, it gave Sloan the opportunity to talk with the Klingons, which allowed his officers to set up advantageous strike positions. Joz’ec was shot in the shoulder in the resulting skirmish, but the marauders were driven off and Sloan was recovered by the Journey in time. At the end of his second year aboard the Journey, he was promoted to Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, a position in which he served for 2 years. During these two years, he began a relationship with one of the doctors aboard, Dr. Lakshmi Purga. The two were very much in love, but the relationship ended when Captain Holdst recommended Sloan for advanced tactical training back at Starfleet Academy.

The advanced training, which made Joz’ec a much more decisive and creative officer, lasted a year. After his time there, he spent a few days with Rear Admiral Orand. He pitched to her his idea for developing a small hunter squadron, based on the concept of what the House of K’droth had being doing for the Chancellor for the centuries. He preached to her the need for a small, secretive, and fast force capable of slipping into Romulan, Cardassian, and Tholian space and accomplishing missions against non-state associated groups. Admiral Orand dismissed it for a brief time but later adopted the idea with great fervor.

After advanced tactical training, he was transferred to Galaxy-class USS Broadside as Chief Tactical Officer under Captain Nock Rance. Captain Rance’s first officer was Commander Brooks, whom Sloan had served under aboard the USS Mumbai. The three, along with the Chief Helm Officer Lt. Commander Lwala Nomore, formed a very strong and tight-knit team. Lt. Commander Nomore helped Sloan to greatly improve his piloting skills. He was aboard the Broadside for less than a year before Admiral Orand tapped him regarding his earlier proposal.

He was recalled to Starfleet Command to meet with Admiral Orand, the Head of Starfleet Security, and a man named Commodore Ternum Croz, a Trill who had been tapped to lead a temporary task force. The force would comprise 5 vessels, a Sovereign-class command vessel, a Defiant-class escorts, two Anubis-class destroyer, an Intrepid-class starship. The force was formed around Joz’ec’s original idea of a Hunter squadron. There assignment would last one year and their mission was to go into Romulan space and suppress incursions into the territory. They were also occasionally called upon to pursue criminal elements in other parts of the Federation. Using stealth technology and overwhelming force to surprise, confuse, and destroy forces in more effective ways than ever imagined. Joz’ec served as the Commodore’s attaché, as well as Officer-in-Command of the USS Bolivar, the Defiant class vessel. He and his crew improved the operating efficiency of the vessel by 15% over the course of the year and Joz’ec proved to have a knack for strategic operations. He was entrusted with planning of a number of the lower-priority missions and also worked personally with the Commodore to find and pursue the greatest illegal Klingon intrusion into Romulan space. Upon the initiation of his promotion to Lt. Commander and the successful dissolution of the task force, Sloan decided to make use of his vast theoretical knowledge and practical experience and put in for a formal transfer to Strategic Operations. After a few weeks of de-briefing and considering his prior operating experience in the area, he was transferred to Starbase 249.
Service Record -2381-2385: Starfleet Academy
-2384-2385: Tactical Officer - USS Achilles

-2385-2387: Tactical Officer - USS Mumbai

-2387-2391: Asst. Chief Tactical Officer - USS Journey

-2391-2391: Advanced Tactical Training

-2391-2392: Chief Tactical Officer-USS Broadside

-2392-2394: Attaché - Commodroe Croz
--Officer in Command - USS Bolivar