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Commander Mikayla O'Dell

Name Mikayla Lynn O'Dell M.D

Position Director: Medical Services

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Living Quarters Deck 28 Captain's Quarters
Office Location Deck 83 Chief Medical Officer's Office

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description She has long red hair, emerald green eyes that twinkle mischievously when she is in a playful mood and an athletic build (without looking like a body builder)


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Robert O’Dell (deceased)
Mother Madeline (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mikayla is a strong individual and an honest and loyal friend to those she trusts. She loves to joke around and rarely is serious. She absolutely loves practical jokes. When she loves she loves hard. When she plays she plays hard.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is almost anal when it comes to her job. She is a stickler for everything in its place. She is a generous leader yet she is tough when needed. She respects those who work with her and never asks anything of those under her that she would not do herself. However....she has a short fuse and a hot temper. You definitely do not want to get on her bad side. She also has little tolerance for chronic sniveling. Probably her worst attribute is her propensity to speak her mind no matter the consequences.
Ambitions To be the best physician she can possibly be and to contribute to her profession within Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback riding, exploring nature, Holodeck fantasies

Personal History Mikayla’s mother died when she was 2 and, since her father was the captain of one of Starfleet’s special ops starships and, therefore, gone most of the time, was raised by her Godparents but her father was still her hero. When she was 10 her father went missing during an assignment on a non-Federation planet and after a year, Star Fleet determined him to have died in the line of duty. Mikayla never believed him to be dead and refused to attend his memorial. She vowed that someday she would find him or, at least, what happened to him. She realized the best way for her to do that was to join Starfleet and follow in his footsteps.

At a young age, Mikayla showed an interest in medicine.....rendering first aid to her dolls and neighbors' pets. So she took ROTC in high school and began taking computer courses in advanced biology and alien anatomy and physiology along with some added extra credit high school courses. She excelled and managed to graduate high school early and applied to Medical School. Because of her grades and obvious devotion to achieving her goal, her Godfather, who was a tenured professor at Starfleet Academy, convinced Starfleet to take a chance on his Goddaughter and Starfleet Medical agreed to accept her application to the Academy. While most 16 years old girls were focusing on fashion, boys and proms....Mikayla's focus was on her studies. She continued to take extra courses outside of her Academy courses. Mikayla graduated the Academy and went straight into medical school where she specialized in emergency trauma medicine. Her first assignment was the USS Wilkesboro where she worked her way up to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Her assignment ended when Starfleet decommissioned the ship. She was transferred to the remote Outpost 67 to serve as ACMO but a year after she arrived the outpost’s CMO decided he couldn’t handle the remoteness of the outpost and resigned, throwing Mikayla into the position.
Medical Record 2363 - Tonsillectomy
2374 - Appendectomy
2378 - Kamaraazite Flu (after a breakout at the Academy)
2385 - Concussion (after an altercation with a violent patient)
2394 - Coma due to cortical infection by the Tracken

Service Record USS Wilkesboro…..4 years….Trauma Physician & Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Outpost 67…..5 years…..Chief Medical Officer