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Master Chief Petty Officer Aeriik

Name Aeriik

Position Command Chief

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian
Age 20
Living Quarters Deck 45-80 Enlisted Quarters
Office Location Deck 15-20 Departmental Administrative Offices

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Reptilian and bipedal humanoid in shape, with ruddy skin and large eyes. He has two hands, each with three fingers and an opposing thumb. Each foot has four toes. Like many Saurians, shoes or boots are typically not worn by him, even in Starfleet uniform. He has very small scales, as per his reptilian’s ancestry, being visible only by magnification, giving the appearance of smooth skin, but he is warm-blooded like mammals. He will wear standard Saurian attire which consists of a one-piece robe and hood, intended to keep him warm during the daytime while not on duty.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Dakmas
Mother Riena
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Gaissa, Moneee
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has many abilities, one of them being the ability to breathe several different gases, argon and carbon dioxide among them, which makes him a useful member of Starfleet away teams. He is immune to the highly intoxicating effects of Saurian Brandy. He has four hearts which gives him great strength and endurance. While his diet is typically vegetarian, his digestive system evolved to handle anything organic: animals, plants, carrion (Bolian cuisine), garbage, etc. like many Saurians. Among friends and svik, he is pleasant, cheerful, and absolutely loyal, but in the presence of a hated enemy, his rage and fury can be frightening (even to himself). When sufficiently enraged, he becomes stronger and moves faster and won’t stop from attacking everything moving within sight until exhaustion sweeps over him. Afterward, he will have no memory of the events that transpired while he was so engaged. A wrong done to him will not be forgotten, and making amends can be difficult.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Cultural Flexibility; Curious; Organ Redundancy (4 Hearts)

WEAKNESSES: Like most Saurians he tends to be overprotective of his fellow clan members, even as he recognizes the importance of standing on one's own two feet. This causes such stress for him and he will not willingly discuss it with someone of another species.
Hobbies & Interests HOBBIES: Art

Language Saurian & Federation

Personal History Saurian names are always comprised of three parts and translate into written English with some difficulty so he has chosen to short his name to just one. Saurian last names are often more than fifty letters long and for common usage are abbreviated into three represen¬tative letters, divided by apostrophes and Aeriik has chosen not to use it. Saurians often modify their names when dealing with other races, giving them a phonetic structure pronounceable by humanoids. The Saurians' name for their world, "Lyaksti'kton," most closely translates as "supporter of precious life."

He comes from a large, extended family. Because Saurian hatchlings develop very quickly (reaching the size and intelligence of a 20-year-old human adult in five years), "nuclear families" tend to be short-lived. His education and socialization was handled within the clan, or svik, which may consist of hundreds of individuals living within the same general area. He was taught about their history and culture. He has a basic understanding of Sauria. He found an interest in sociology due to the dynamics of his society. He also enjoys running.

He entered Starfleet as a way to explore more of the galaxy. He joined at the earliest possible age for his species. He joined the Akira Class USS Black Elk and was immediately sent to Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training. The school encompassed a 12-week course, where he was taught everything from grooming standards to basic watch standing to Starfleet history. He learned about weapons, zero-G, and damage control. He chose to attend an occupational specialty school (OSS) to learn security and tactical. This school lasted three months.

Upon completion, he would then receive intensive on-the-job training (OJT) overseen by senior enlisted personnel on his first tour aboard the USS Black Elk which was a patrol mission. During that time he concentrated on learning the security systems of the ship. Together, the OSS and the OJT completed his Advanced Crewman Training (ACT). He would take the 3-week Petty Officer Indoctrination Course which is one of the prerequisites to obtain PO3. This training is the start of the Petty Officer Leadership Training Course Continuum. He eventually worked his way up through the enlisted ranks to Petty Officer Third Class and attended Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars. He was then transferred to the Cheyenne Class USS Ahwanee.

Aeriik was assigned to the Security Department of the USS Ahwanee. His assignment was as the Security Investigations Officer where he excelled. He would take the P02 Leadership Training Course Continuum. He was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class. He would spend the next three years here exceeding all expectations of her supervisors, and attended the P01 Leadership Training Course Continuum. She received a promotion to Petty Officer First Class and transferred.

Aeriik transferred to the New Orleans Class USS Savannah and assigned as the Master-at-Arms. He would attend the Senior Enlisted Academy at the Starfleet Academy Annex on Beta Ursae Minor II. This ten-week school focused on command and organizational skills, personnel management, strategic affairs, political/military history, and the like. His attendance was mandatory for the promotion to CPO. Once completed, he was prepared to take on larger command roles, staff-level billets, and teach other Petty Officers/Sergeants.

He would then be promoted to Chief Petty Officer and transferred to the Nova Class USS Pulsar where he would be assigned as the Master-at-Arms. The final set of training is the Chief Petty Officer Leadership Training which is part of the Senior Enlisted Academy at the Starfleet Academy Annex on Beta Ursae Minor II, which is given when a candidate is ready to step up to Senior Chief. It is given and graded by other Chiefs and is entirely based on on-the-job performance, particularly as it relates to command and leadership abilities. He would then be transferred to Starbase 249 to act as the Chief of the Boat.
Service Record Crewman Recruit – Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training; Barkers Island, Tarsas III – 2377
Crewman Recruit - Starfleet Academy Occupational Specialty School (OSS); Starbase G-6 – 2377
Promoted to Crewman Apprentice; 2377
Crewman Apprentice – Security Crewman, USS Black Elk; 2377 – 2378
Promoted to Crewman; 2378
Crewman – Security Crewman, USS Black Elk; 2378 – 2378
Crewman - Starfleet Technical Services Academy; Mars – 2379
Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class; 2379
Petty Officer 3rd Class - Security Investigations Officer, USS Ahwanee; 2379 – 2380
Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class; 2380
Petty Officer 2nd Class - Security Investigations Officer, USS Ahwanee; 2381 – 2384
Promoted to Petty Officer First Class; 2385
Petty Officer 1st Class – Master-at-Arms, USS Savannah; 2385 – 2388
Petty Officer 1st Class - Senior Enlisted Academy; Starfleet Academy Annex, Beta Ursae Minor II - 2388
Promoted to Chief Petty Officer; 2389
Chief Petty Officer – Master-at-Arms, USS Pulsar; 2389 – 2391
Chief Petty Officer - Chief Petty Officer Leadership Training; Starfleet Academy Annex, Beta Ursae Minor II - 2391
Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer; 2392
Senior Chief Petty Officer – Chief of the Boat, Starbase 249; 2392 – 23??