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Name Erisa

Position Minister of Foreign Affairs

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Denobulan
Age 40
Living Quarters Deck 586-687 Civilian Quarters
Office Location Deck 91-92 Federation Representatives' Offices

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Humanoid in nature, with a pair of cartilage ridges that run from her cheekbone to the top of her forehead, where it tends to disappear under a high receding hairline. Her facial muscles are densely packed, and this is most obvious when she grins, giving her a far larger smile than would seem possible.


Spouse Arseni (Husband), Yefrem (Husband)
Children Esma (daughter w/ Yefrem), Izet (son w/ Arseni)
Father Ruru
Mother Heni
Brother(s) Arho
Sister(s) Terttu
Other Family Manya (Arseni’s 2nd Wife), Oxana (Yefrem’s 2nd Wife), Too numerous to count

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is of average fitness, coordination and overall athletic ability. She has good overall intelligence, deductive reasoning, technical acumen and perception. She has an average personal magnetism, with an above average empathy which allows her to read the body language and emotional state of people that she encounters. This helps her in her duties. She values openness and knowledge and displays a gregarious, outgoing nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Curious, Courageous, Double Jointed, Innovative, Shrewd

Ambitions To become a member of the Federation Council
Hobbies & Interests HOBBIES: Poker

Language Denobulan, Federation, Vulcan

Personal History Erisa grew up on a colonial planet where she was taught about the long history alongside the Federation, an of the Denobulan people. She would also get a basic understanding of her homeworld Denobula. She has an average understanding of the highly developed and advanced culture of her people and how they had been allied and trading partners of the Vulcans prior to Earth's first contact in 2063, and were among the first few alien species that humanity encountered. While growing up, she learned the virtues of learning and the arts, where she would exhibit an open and curious nature. While attending school, she would find an interest and basic understanding in sociology.

In her later schooling she found an interest in political science and intergalactic affairs. She also learned about bureaucratic manipulation. During her life, she has learned to operate atmospheric crafts. She studied Federation Law. She would learn to use oratory as a means of persuasion.

Erisa would eventually become a Federation Diplomat. Her first assignment would be to Barisa Prime, a colony planet along the Tzenkethi border. While there she would learn about the culture and history Barisa Prime and the Tzenkethi. She would also learn about the Barisa Prime and the Tzenkethi homeworld. She would learn bureaucratic administration. She also learned of the laws that governed the planet, as well as interstellar law. While here she would continue to improve on her studies in sociology and political science. She would continue to improve on her oratory ability. She would continue to get better interpreting Federation law. She would also learn about commercial treaties. She also learned how to intimidate others by being blusterous, which she rarely ever needed.
Service Record Second Legate – Resident, Barisa Prime
Legate – Resident, Klaestron IV
Vice-Envoy – Minister, Inferna Prime
Envoy – Minister, Khefka IV
Envoy General – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Starbase 249