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Frank O'Connell

Name Frank Theodore O'Connell

Position Pirate Cove Owner/Trader

Second Position Merchant and Traders Association Representative

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47
Living Quarters Aboard "Winds of Fortune"
Office Location Deck 603 Promenade - Pirate Cove Bar

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 345
Hair Color None
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aside from a lack of head ridges people have mistaken Frank for a Klingon until they see the twinkle in his eye and smile on his face.
Full sleeve tribal brand on right arm


Spouse None
Children None
Father James O'Connell
Mother Claudia Washington
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jovial and friendly, Frank gets on well with most people. As long as he has a full cargo bay or bank account (preferably both) he is happy.
Strengths & Weaknesses A shrewd trader yet has difficulty resisting a 'good deal'
Level headed and easy to get along with along with but has a rather violent temper when finally angered.
Accomplished pilot in most small and medium sized craft
Easily distracted by a pretty face
Ambitions To live on his own terms and not be responsible to anyone else and to see and experience as much as possible
Hobbies & Interests Gambling in all its wonderful and various forms
Obscure martial arts
Rare antiques
Character's Favorite Quote If you can't beat 'em....Let ME beat 'em.

Personal History Frank was born and lived his formative years on an old freighter a
few months here and there his family would stay on this station or
that and until, the academy he'd been dirt-side a total of 6 times in 25 years.
he was never comfortable on planets, the air, the gravity changes....
he preferred the continuity of artificial gravity, it was always the same, unless of course
the grav generator was damaged (which happened far too often due to his father's line of "work")

The Dawn Chaser traveled all over the alpha quadrant, wherever cargo could be bought or
sold or "acquired" by other means, the ship's crew was not above what they called "Preemptive
salvage" if you accused Frank's father of being a pirate and con man he would tell you "you
forgot thief and smuggler." At 12 Frank was allowed out of the residential sections of the ship
and taken under Dad's wing although his mother had been quietly educating her son so he might become
something more. Through the years with Dad he learned a great many things about trading, theft, burglary,
and many other aspects of the seedier side of things.

At twenty five he struck out on his own to try and find his niche in the galaxy and after a few bad deals and false starts, he decided to try military life and parts of it definitely agreed with him.
Although he had trouble throughout his academy time and barely managed to not get thrown out before graduation,
he always seemed to have what the other students wanted, even though it was prohibited at the academy.
His history definitely served him well in advanced training, he had a hand to hand style all his own that
continually frustrated his instructors, part Klingon, part Vulcan, part Cardassian, all rolled into one and
a few dirty tricks that even the instructors had never seen.

He was surprised a few years later when he received a letter from his father, Frank had sent
occasional messages to his mother to let her know what was happening in his life, but this was
the first time his father had even TRIED to communicate and to Franks surprise, his father was proud
to hear Frank was a security officer. "Who better to catch criminals than someone raised by one of the best."

Over the next twelve years his Starfleet career went fairly well, aside from a few minor incidents he managed to keep his less savory impulses under control. But following the destruction of the USS Renaissance Frank decided to step away from military service for awhile. He decided to go back to his roots and signed on with a free trader. After he managed to make a few lucrative side-deals even a Ferengi would be jealous of he saved enough to buy himself a modest sized freighter and go into business on his own. For the last several years he has bounced around from system to system and managed to build a (mostly) respectable reputation as a man who can find that special thing you've been wanting, including the occasional bond jumper or bounty.
Service Record 2370 entered Starfleet Academy
2374 graduated academy specialized in tactics
2374-2376 advanced tactical/unconventional warfare training
2376-2380 USS Hood - Security [Ens]
2380-2385 USS Supreme - Asst. Security chief [LtJG/Lt]
2385-2386 USS Renaissance - Chief Sec/Tac [Lt/LtCmdr]
2386 resigned from active duty
2386-present free trader