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Ensign Morok

Name Morok

Position Science Officer

Second Position Science Officer Liasion

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 21
Living Quarters Deck 29-43 Junior Officers' Quarters
Office Location Deck 81-82 Main Science Labs 1-3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 150
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Speckled Green


Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Wide range of audio receptivity.
+ Wide range of visual receptivity.
+ Observant.
+ Well balanced.
+ Quick.
+ Agile.
+ Excellent jumper.
+ Good climber.

- Sensitive to temperature changes.
- Can be easily distracted by something that takes his interest.
Ambitions To be CSO one day
Hobbies & Interests Music, Science
Character's Favorite Quote Its all about the pride!

Personal History Caitian sight
Service Record Star fleet Academy
Assigned USS Pontiac, Science officer.
Assigned SB249, Science officer.