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Lieutenant Kelly Sloan

Name Kelly Ann Sloan

Position Deputy Commander, Air Group (DCAG)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29
Living Quarters Decks 688-1,000 Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Quarters
Office Location Deck 100 Shuttle Commander's Office

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 112 lb
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jon Sloan
Mother Jennifer Sloan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

Personal History Kelly spent her time growing up at Vega Colony as most human children except for the occasional visit of her maternal grandmother on her infrequent trips from Earth. Any time a delivery was scheduled to arrive at the colony, Kelly would run to the landing field to watch the shuttles land and take off. As she got older, she spoke with the pilots and loved to hear their tales of adventure among the stars and listened carefully to any tips they were willing to give. She promised herself that when she was old enough she would be one of those shuttle pilots and to that end studied specs and any simulations she could find and the occasional pilot willing to give a young girl instruction.

At the academy she excelled in small craft piloting and navigation. She finished her academy training with a class 6 certification and was posted to deep space 5 as a cargo/emergency shuttle pilot. During an attack by So'ja Coalition forces, she was piloting an unarmed rescue shuttle back through a hot zone after retrieving an EV pilot, and ended up assisting an attack squadron in downing the task force flagship by skimming it's hull and providing targeting data to one of the attack squadrons. After months of trying, the stations fighter CO finally convinced her to transfer her commission to Starfighter Command and go through combat training. She finished out her assignment on DS5 then requested transfer to a carrier. She enjoyed seven years as a carrier pilot but found she missed the variety of piloting opportunities she had previously and requested to transfer back to a Starbase.
Service Record 2384- graduated academy
2385- posted to DS 5 - shuttle pilot
2386- transferred commission to Starfighter Command
2386- completed combat training
2386- posted to USS Massamune - fighter pilot
2389- posted to USS Raziel - squadron leader
2391- promoted to wing leader
2393- posted to Starbase 249 DCAG