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Lieutenant Commander Mateo Dominguez

Name Mateo Dominguez

Position Commander, Air Group (CAG)

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47
Living Quarters Decks 688-1,000 Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Quarters
Office Location Deck 100 Shuttle Commander's Office

Physical Appearance

Height 1.91 meters (6 feet, 3 inches)
Weight 89.6 kilograms (240 lbs)
Hair Color Black, neatly trimmed
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and muscular, with rugged features and tan complexion. Generally sports a serious, almost stern demeanor.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vincente Dominguez - civilian engineer
Mother Helen Dominguez - school teacher

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though there are still glimmers of his formerly determined and optimistic self, Dominguez's time in the private sector has left him bitter and withdrawn. With any chance of career advancement pretty much over, he finds it difficult to care about much of anything. While he will get the job done while minimizing losses - the higher ups probably won't like how he does it.

Likes: People willing to learn, those who stick by their convictions

Dislikes: People who buckle under pressure
Strengths & Weaknesses Talents: Level 5 pilot rating. Very good with his hands, and tends to tinker with things. Natural leadership skills.

Limitations: Virtually no sense of diplomacy, and as a result can be rather rigid.
Ambitions Though he previously wished to teach at the academy, Matt has reached a point where his only desire is to live to fight another day.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys tinkering with fighter engines
Language Federation Standard, Spanish, some French

Personal History Mateo (or Matt, as he's commonly known) was born to a typical family, and was raised not far from Starfleet Academy. Unlike many people raised that close to the heart of the Federation, Matt had no desire to serve. Instead, he went to work at his fathers repair shop, where from a young age he displayed remarkable skill with his hands. Though he loved spending time tinkering, his other love, that of flying, called to him.

Despite misgivings from his parents, Matt signed on with a civilian shipping company as a pilot. He spent several years flying back and forth through the heart of the Federation, accruing a large amount of experience.

Though he enjoyed flying commercial freighters, the threat of war began to loom on the frontier, as the Cardassians began increasing aggression and the Maquis caused trouble. That, coupled with a curiosity about what lay on the far side of the Bajoran Wormhole, prompted Matt to join Starfleet. Four years later he graduated and was posted to the USS Nipmuc as a relief CONN officer.

When the Dominion War started, Matt requested a transfer to the new Fighter Corps. Due to his exceptional piloting skills, his request was granted and he was transferred to the USS Renegade, an Akira-class starship modified to be one of the first true fleet carriers. He would barely survive the war, nearly being killed on several occasions. The brushes with death only served to steel his resolve to protect the Federation, and endowed him with valuable leadership skills. Though he was never given command of a squadron, his emotional and psychological leadership of younger, less experienced pilots saved many of their lives.

Matt would finish the war with three and a half confirmed kills, and two additional unconfirmed kills. Several of his young protégés protested to have the other two kills confirmed. Though Matt saw no real point, other than the prestige of being an Ace, he admired them for standing by their convictions.

Following the war, Matt was transferred to the Sovereign-class USS Ayanami, where he continued to use his experience to guide young pilots to their ultimate potential. His commanding officer recognized that he would make an excellent teacher, and secretly put considerable time into trying to find him a posting at the Academy, where he could truly make a difference.

Though the commander was unable to find Matt a post at Starfleet Academy's main branch, he was able to get him a job at the Academy satellite campus on Starbase Tango. At first Matt declined the transfer, but then he found out he would also be second in command of the flight deck. The chance to not only teach, but to also lead, was more than he could turn down.

Following promotion to Lieutenant and appointment to the position of Commander, Air Group, Dominguez set to work on redeveloping the Valkyrie-class starfighter, which he didn't see as properly combat capable. After initial development of the Valkyrie II at Starbase Tango, Starfleet Research & Development took over the project. They decided Dominguez was the ideal person to continue, and he was allowed to select his own project team. As a result, a large group of flight deck personnel from Starbase Tango were reassigned to the project.

Shortly before the field tests of the first Valkyrie IIs to be built from the ground up, Dominguez was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and selected as Assistant Director for Strike Fighter Operations of Sixth Fleet's branch of the Aerospace Corps. Upon completion of the project, Dominguez was transferred to Starbase 3 to serve as an instructor at the Advanced Combat Pilot Academy.

During his time at ACPA Dominguez went through two ordeals which changed his life forever. First, while assigned to the USS Edison to conduct field tests of the Valkyrie II, he was forced to shoot down a rogue hero - Commander Toho Fuhai - who had stolen a fighter equipped with experimental equiptment with the intent of turning the device over to the Tholians. The Edison and the USS Hyperion hunted Fuhai and his accomplices to the Tholian border and engaged the renegades in combat. Though Fuhai was undoubtedly the better pilot, Dominguez had the better fighter, and he managed to cripple Fuhai's craft. Fuhai, not wanting Starfleet to have to secret device (which he saw as the first step toward the Federation violating the Treaty of Algeron - which would have lead to war with the Romulons), initiated the auto-destruct sequence on his fighter. Though he did not make the killing blow, Dominguez blamed himself for Fuhai's death.

The second situation ultimately lead to the end of Dominguez's Starfleet career. While on a training mission leading a squadron of cadets, he ordered the squadron to fly into a nebula to hone their instrumented flying skills. Unbeknownst to him, there was a massive ion storm raging in the nebula. In the end, four cadets were dead and three others were severely wounded. As the officer in command, Dominguez was brought up on charges and court martialed. Upon pleading guilty, he was given a general discharge from Starfleet and a year at the Federation correctional facility in New Zealand.

Upon his release in early 2382, Dominguez had nowhere to turn. He had no desire to go home to San Rafael (so close to Starfleet Command), he couldn't return to Starfleet, and due to the publicity surrounding his court martial - no civilian flight schools and shipping companies would touch him. So, he hopped the first transport to the frontier and signed on with the first freighter whose captain didn't recognize him. This freighter turned out to be the SS Walkabout, an aging Cardassian built vessel. Though it was a unique experience, life surrounded by civilians just wasn't for him anymore.

So, Dominguez returned to Sector 001 - though he only ventured as far as Mars. There he was determined to learn a new trade. With that in mind, he took a six week bartending course. From there, it was just a matter of getting a posting on a starship. He would end up tending bar aboard the USS Endurance. His time aboard the Endurance would be limited, however, as the ship was decommissioned under mysterious circumstances a few months after he came aboard.

While working at a dive bar on Io in early 2383, Dominguez was approached by Rear Admiral Chester Myerson of Starfleet Intelligence and given an offer he couldn't refuse. Accept a provisional commission, take part in a classified mission, and should the mission be successful - have his pre-court martial rank reinstated. Ultimately the mission was a failure, but Dominguez was instrumental in the rescue of a captured covert operations team. As a result, Myerson decided to uphold his end of the bargain and arranged for Dominguez to be reinstated. He was posted to Starbase 97 as Commander, Air Group.

Eight years later, Dominguez was still at Starbase 97, overseeing flight operations in the Calabra sector along the former Romulan border. It was dull work, but he saw it as a learning experience for the pilots under his command. That was when he was given bizarre orders - embark two of his squadrons aboard the USS Sutherland and take part in a search and recovery mission. During the search for the stolen USS Nautilus, the Sutherland was caught in a temporal disturbance and trapped for several weeks, during which time the crew only experienced mere moments. The Sutherland was presumed lost with all hands, and Matt's position aboard SB 97 was reassigned.

After calling in a favor to an old friend, Admiral Calavicci was able to arrange for Matt to be posted aboard the USS Victorious. The Victorious was abruptly recalled to port and her crew reassigned only a few weeks after Matt arrived on board. With no CAG positions available anywhere in the fleet, he begrudgingly took the DCAG post aboard the USS Foresti.

After only a few months, the Foresti's deep space assignment was scrubbed and her crew moved to the transfer pool. In an odd twist of fate, Matt found himself assigned to the very starbase where his recent run of misfortune had started - Langley Station.

Oddly enough, Langley was also shut down after only a few weeks, and Dominguez was transferred to starbase 249. This has left him with an odd feeling of being cursed.
Service Record Education
Starfleet Academy
2368-2372 CONN Cadet - (Major Helm/Navigation; Minor Engineering - Specialization: Small Craft Systems)

Starfleet Record
2372-2374: CONN Officer - USS Nipmuc - Ensign
2374-2376: Fighter Pilot - USS Renegade - Ensign-Lieutenant JG
2376-2378: Fighter Pilot - USS Ayanami - Lieutenant JG
2378: Deputy Commander, Air Group - Starbase Tango - Lieutenant JG
2379-2380: Commander, Air Group - Starbase Tango - Lieutenant
2380-2381: Valkyrie II Development Project Leader / Assistant Director for Strike Fighter Operations - Starfleet R&D / Aerospace Corps - Lieutenant Commander
2383: [CLASSIFIED] - USS Tokyo - Provisional Lieutenant Commander
2383-2391: Commander, Air Group - Starbase 97 - Lieutenant Commander
2391: VF-80 Squadron Commander - USS Victorious
2392: CVW-43 Vice Wing Commander - USS Foresti
2392-2393: Commander, Air Group - Langley Station
2393: Commander, Air Group - starbase 249