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Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"

Name Marduk "Duke"

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human Augment/Klingon
Age 27
Living Quarters Deck 29-43 Junior Officers' Quarters
Office Location Deck 83 Main Sickbay

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 201
Hair Color Dark brown/brunette
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Marduk is a strong looking man even though his musculature is athletic in appearance. He sports tattoos all over his body, of which his left arm is completely covered in a sleeve tat; and why he will always wear long sleeves when on duty except when in ER scrubs. He has pierced ears and piercings above his right eye and does sport some type of facial hair at all times. Though he is half Klingon Marduk looks Human due to the Augment genes provided by his mother, and because his father was a Klingon who had suffered the affects of the genetic virus in his ancestry, appearing more Human as well (TOS Klingon look). Marduk also has Brak'lul, the dual organ trait for Klingons.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Ambassador to the UFP K'rduk
Mother Ishta (location/disposition unknown) {Augment}
Brother(s) none.
Sister(s) none
Other Family Is a member of the House of Grilka, so he has family, but not blood related, except for his father and immediate family such as uncles, aunts, etc.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marduk is more like his Human Augment mother than he likes to admit. He has been through much as a Klingon child, able to absorb what he had to deal with to become strong and defend himself against those around him. He carries around a lot of pain from that time and some day it is bound to add up to something he won't be experienced enough to handle. He knows that grief and guilt are only a micron away from anger and hatred.

From a young age Marduk showed that he was prodigiously talented with anything medically oriented, a gifted pilot, and a skilled mechanic. The Augment genes did assist greatly in his learning, but it is only a part of the reason. His primary interest as he grew up had always been intellectual activities, a proclivity which later aided him when he went to his initial interspecies medical school on Earth. He excels in areas of medicine and engineering.
Strengths & Weaknesses As would be expected Marduk is well versed in traditional Klingon weapons and the martial art mokbara. He does posses the strength of a Klingon, with a bit more from the Augment genes. He is tough as nails and can take a serious beating before going down due to the high pain threshold from both sides of his DNA.

For the pragmatic Marduk, using medicine and treating wounds is like breathing for him. He came to view these skills as mere tools, weapons to wield with responsibility. After going to Earth with his father the Ambassador, and going to the medical school, he began to see the skills as more than just tools, realizing the importance for them in the galaxy and a career.

To sum him up Marduk has reckless confidence, fearlessness and courage, a wry wit and a sardonic sense of humor. He takes his responsibilities as serious as any Klingon.
Hobbies & Interests As would be expected from a Klingon male, Marduk likes the dangerous and thrilling as a means of entertainment. Physical activities are also favored. Beyond the obvious he is an avid fan of, and participant in, tattoos and piercings. He got into this addiction while on Earth and has been adding to his body ever since. Another interest is hard hitting metal and rock music that he can get physical to, having taken part in grunge pits at concerts quite a few times. Due to the Augment genes he can belt out lyrics and sing quite well, and has taken an interest in guitar and percussion.

Personal History Marduk, son of K'rduk, was the result of Klingon meeting Human Augment. This provided him a unique position in the galaxy, for he is the only one of his kind. Scientists for over a hundred years believed that the breeding of Augment and Klingon was impossible, especially after the fiasco of the 2150's, and yet, here is Marduk.

Growing up in a Klingon House was never easy, especially for a boy who looked so Human. Marduk learned quickly how to defend himself and use his intellect and strength to overcome his assailants, earning their respect. Ishta, his mother, up and disappeared from his life at the age of eight, and he has never heard from her since, believing her dead. His father was soon after assigned to the Klingon consulate on Earth, so Marduk once again had to learn a whole new species and culture.

Meeting his metal head friends and growing up as a Human, Marduk soon learned to love tattoos, piercings, and hard rock and metal music; pretty much all forms of Earth music. But, even here in all this, he never forgot that he was a Klingon, and a step above his peers in strength, careful to never hurt them by happenstance if mucking around. During his schooling he found he had a knack for science class, mainly in chemistry, biology, and medical knowledge, so pursued that course as he grew, graduating high school with a straight B average. P.E. was an easy A.

Immediately after high school he was accepted into an interspecies medical school based on Earth in South Africa where he fell in love with the wild African countryside. He surfed and lived a great life while learning from brilliant medical minds preparing him for his entrance into Starfleet Academy. After receiving his appropriation, Marduk cut out for San Francisco and entered the Academy in the medical field, his pre-training on record for placement.