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Lady Surla

Name Lady Surla

Position IKS Bloodwing Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 51
Living Quarters SB249/Bloodwing
Office Location SB249/Bloodwing

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 147lbs. (brak'lul and muscle weight)
Hair Color brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description As would be expected Surla is a physically fit Klingon, with the healthy body and build of her people. She is good looking, and could be called beautiful even as a Klingon, with piercing hazel eyes that on occasion seem to bore right through others.


Spouse none
Children Adopted son, Higan
Father Ch'Tor
Mother B'kher
Brother(s) Ch'tang
Sister(s) Lesara (deceased)
Other Family Matriarch of House Surla. A member of The Cabal.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Surla is a Klingon female with a personality that has extra force and impact. She is a dominant person, and can sometimes be too aggressive. In an argument or a clash of wills it is usually her intention to ride right over the opposition. Surla is energetic, and tends to throw herself into activities with all her heart. However, as a Klingon of conviction, she will never take part in actions she deems as dishonorable. She is a clear, incisive thinker and can carry plans to their conclusion. Surla's charisma is such that young Klingons from her House seek to serve under her and ride the wave of victory and honor.

As a Klingon woman Surla is not easily deterred once she is set on a goal. Despite her aggressiveness at times, people often see her as stable and reliable; an unstoppable force with an active mind and one who is keenly observant.

Surla is an officer in the Klingon Defense Force, obeying orders given by the High Council and her own House to protect Klingon interests and to defend her people. Her crew are all in the KDF as well, all determined to win victories, to die well, and go to Sto-Vo-Kor.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a Klingon, Surla is trained in Klingon traditional weapons, with the d'k'tagh and Mek'leth being her preferred weapons. She can use a bat'leth well, but finds it too long and unwieldy in close quarters battles where she has to switch from firing to melee. Aside from this, she is a Klingon, so has a high pain threshold and brak'lul.

In her early career as a warrior for the Empire, Surla was an accomplished engineer. She never attained the position of chief engineer, due to the fact that when the Bloodwing had been heavily damaged in battle she had been monitoring engineering from the bridge, and when her HoD was killed she assumed command, being the highest rank present at the time, and won the day. House Grilka honored her actions and made her HoD, and she has commanded the ship ever since.

Surla often deals with issues only after she thoroughly analyzes them, before she acts. This does not include personal combat. One thing that stands out most about her is that she is not wishy-washy about letting others know where she stands; Surla would rather confront a difficulty, instead of evading and worrying about it. She is a Klingon who feels deeply, and is a woman with an ardent, excitable love nature, and her sexual energy is high.

Service Record Since she became an adult at 15 years of age, Surla has been a warrior; a soldier of the Empire. Once Martok became High Chancellor and decreed that females could command vessels and installations equal to males, she fought long and hard to achieve just that. Having seen countless battles, and keeping the ships she was on functioning during combat, Surla has honor aplenty heaped upon her name. Once she attained the rank of Lieutenant she was then recognized by House Grilka, with a one-time chief engineer who was also a member. He offered her the chance to join a strong House, one that was both wealthy and strong, over the weaker one she had been a member of. After the ceremony was performed, Surla donned the new medallion of her House, swearing her oath to both House Grilka and the Empire.

Over the years, and finally achieving her own command and the rank of captain, Surla began to do more trading and mercenary work for House Grilka. She is a member of the Klingon Defense Forces, as are those of her crew, who she has commanded for years. They are a part of the military machine, but with Grilka being her matriarch, allowance was given for Surla to act freely and on her own to acquire goods for the House, and to bring honor to her family. When the Empire calls, however, Surla does not hesitate to go to its defense and support, but always doing what is best for House Grilka first. If the matriarch says stay out of it, she does. When told to join in battle and destroy enemies, she does so with extreme prejudice.