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Captain James Racktor

Name James Racktor

Position Headquarters & Service Company Commander

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50
Living Quarters Decks 121-122 Marine Quarters
Office Location Deck 119-120 Marine Offices

Physical Appearance

Height 5'12"
Weight 163 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description James is muscular, and toned. Some might think of him as being less imposing than he ought to be, but that is just a guise.


Father General Martin Racktor, Marine Commanding Officer, Starbase Delta Nine
Mother Amanda Racktor (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview James demands the best from his marines at all times, and in return, he gives the best. He is loyal to a fault, but is also willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He hates to leave any man behind, and will do whatever he can to keep his men safe. If anyone is captured and has no chance of survival, he will help them by putting them out of their misery, if he needs to. He would expect anyone to do the same for him.

Some have thought to question his way of indicting new members into the Roughnecks, with his speech "Everyone fights, no one quits. If you don't do your job, I'll kill you myself." However, no one has ever complained, and to date, he's never had to kill anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Stealth, Martial Arts, Computer Hacking, Piloting, Languages, Basic First Aid, Physical Activity, Basic Engineering, Marksmanship, Demolitions, Communications, Tactical planning.

Weaknesses: Engineering, Medical, Diplomacy, Personal Interaction, Science, Subtlety.
Ambitions James has no real ambition, except to get his men home from every mission.
Hobbies & Interests James is an avid collector of antique military antiques, and ancient weapons, including handguns and swords.
Language Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan, Bajoran (Among others)
Character's Favorite Quote Engage

Personal History James was born in the midst of battle in 2336, whilst his parents were involved in battle. However, his mother suffered from a ruptured spleen and died giving birth to James. His father, Major Martin Racktor, decided to keep on with his duties, and raised James in a strict military fashion, teaching him the rules and regulations of any Marine.

As he grew up, James learnt everything about discipline, battle, and self defense. He trained with a different instructor every year, learning different forms of martial arts, human and alien.

As soon as he was 10, James was sent to Marine Boarding School, Whilst he was having trouble with some of the lessons, he learnt more about tactics, and threw himself into every lesson, continuing his martial arts study.

When James turned 16, he was accepted into the Marine Boot Camp. It was a high honour to be accepted, so James worked as hard as he could to prove himself worthy of admission. He struggled with his lessons, but he managed to get through them with the help of his friends. He learnt at a relatively quick pace, due to the harshness of the training. He quickly established himself as a decent leader, and made sure that he cared about his men a great deal.

Upon his graduation, James was assigned to the Roughnecks under the command of General Anderson. He learnt a lot from Anderson, although he would not hesitate to speak up if he disagreed with something the General said.

His career was nothing spectacular until the Dominion War began. By this time, he was a Captain, and in the first battle of the war, General Anderson was killed. James assumed command of the unit, despite not being the highest ranking Marine left, and completed the mission, driving the Dominion back. For his actions, he was promoted to the rank of Major, and given command of the Roughnecks. His squad quickly became known as Racktor's Roughnecks, and were successful in many battles.

One of his more notable victories was at Starbase 515, where he led a squad of 30 men, and used guerrilla tactics to defeat 1500 Jem Hadar troops, killing most of them by blowing them into space.

After the war, the Roughnecks were involved in a number of battles with rogue Dominion forces, making sure that the peace that had been hard fought and won. The Roughnecks, still assigned to the USS Emperor, were simply used to deal with minor issues, since it was felt that they wouldn’t be needed much.

However, that came to an end when the Roughnecks were needed to rescue Starfleet Officers captured by an unknown enemy force in 2380. James was given the rank of Lt. Colonel after he and the Roughnecks saved the officers and defeated the enemy group, which turned out to be a splinter cell for the Orion Syndicate. James and the Roughnecks were then assigned to the USS Excalibur to deal with the Orion Syndicate.

In 2385, the Roughnecks were given a mission by Starfleet intelligence, and were briefed personally by Captain Edward Bratar. The Roughnecks and another squad of marines were to go into the Syndicate, to a lightly armed base, and recover vital information which had the potential to bring out ten Syndicate operations. The Intel about the base being lightly armed turned out to be false, and fifty marines died. The Roughnecks survived, and got the data, but upon their return, James broke Bratar’s nose, two ribs, and an arm. He would have been demoted to private, except that his service record, and Captain Rivers of the Excalibur, stood up for him, and he was busted down to Captain. He still commanded the Roughnecks.

In 2386, he was asked to lead his men, thirty five marines, to the USS Horizon A, and given fifteen new Marines to train, as well as promoted to the rank of Major, in return for keeping an eye on Commander King and helping her adjust to her role as ship commander. He accepted the assignment, and reported straight to the Horizon, despite Commander King being unaware of his presence.

he was assigned to U.S.S. Zachary as the new Marine Commander withe rank of Lieutenant Colonel
in 2393 General Hawke reassigned him and his staff to Starbase 249 as the SFMC 4th Marine Battalion 10th Marine Regt ( Company Commander) with the reduced rank of Marine Captain
Service Record 2352 - 2356 - Marine Boot Camp
2356 - 2364 - Anderson's Roughnecks, Second Lieutenant (Assigned to Starbase Five)
2364 - 2370 - Anderson's Roughnecks, First Lieutenant (Assigned to Starbase Five)
2370 - 2375 - Anderson's Roughnecks, Marine Captain (Assigned to Starbase Five)
2375 - 2380 - Racktor's Roughnecks (Squad Leader), Major (Assigned to USS Emperor)
2380 - 2385: Racktor's Roughnecks (Squad Leader), Lt. Colonel (Assigned to USS Excalibur)
2385 - 2386: Racktor 's Roughnecks (Squad Leader), Captain (Assigned to USS Excalibur)
2386 - 2387: Racktor's Roughnecks (Squad Leader), Major (Assigned to USS Horizon A)
2387 - 2393 Marine Detachment (Marine executive officer) ,lieutenant colonel (Assigned U.S.S. Zachary)
2393 -Present Starbase 249 SFMC 4th Marine Battalion 10th Marine Regt ( Company Commander)/Reduced rank to Marine Captain.