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Lieutenant Tarqutorum Tonk

Name Tarqutorum Tonk

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 39
Living Quarters Deck 29-43 Junior Officers' Quarters
Office Location Deck 1,895-2,060 Main Engineering

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 122kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tonk as he is known generally by all is a broad set Tellarite with long swept back hair which reaches just past his shoulders with different shades of brown running through it. His full faced beard is also the same colour but is well looked after and more times than not may have plats and sometimes some jewelry weaved into it.

To go with his broad stature Tonk is strong and lightly tanned with a tinge of ruddy cheeks, a result of the many years he has worked in engineering doing hard back breaking work in tight spaces and trying conditions.

To counter his races Tellarite poor distance vision he often wears googles with focusing lenses for medium to long distances that also act as safety glasses when required, swapping these for shaded circular glasses in social settings.

Tonks attire is usually functional with plenty of pockets and pouches to go with and carries a plethora of items that can surprise the onlooker.

To complete his wardrobe Tonk wears heavy safety boots for just about all occasions, even when socialising otherwise he feels naked without them.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Uregethtarkem Tonk
Mother Magellan Tonk
Brother(s) TBA
Sister(s) TBA
Other Family TBA

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Natural ability to repair all things engineering.
+ Very strong for his size.
+ Strong work ethic
+ Focus
+ Tinkerer
+ Inventive

- Poor long distance vision
- Poor communicator, can be blunt and speaks his mind
- Likes to debate / argue
- Enjoys coming up with conspiracy theories
- Is tense around Andorians
- Not very agile or athletic
- Likes loud drum music

Ambitions To be the Chief Engineer
To build a Dyson sphere
To create the smallest power source

Hobbies & Interests Engineering tinkering
Loud drum music
Character's Favorite Quote I can fix that!

Personal History Born 2354 within the Byzantine trading company clan birthing pod on his home planet Tellar, Tonks maturity and education was quickly and efficiently streamlined to what the clan and its company's priorities were which is common for many Tellarite space faring companies, the need for engineers.

By the age of 12 like many of his kind he was considered a mature adult ready to enter the workforce. His first work detail ground installations, integrity field systems, load displacement,, power systems and damage control. Within 2 years he had proven his worth with a knack for jury rigging and maintaining fragile systems sometimes with as little as chewing gum. This lead to his elevation as a senior engineer and team leader. The next 2 years would see him as the lead engineer of installations being transferred from one company asset to another going in to fix problems and take control or setup new systems and hand them over to arriving operations teams. In his final year this included starships. It was at this point in Tonk life that he wanted to do more, perhaps it is the weakness of a race with a faster maturity cycle that they also experience restlessness earlier than others. In any case for the last 3 years Tonk had been batting away offers of transferring to other clans with lucrative offers but for him the challengers were still the same, what he wanted was some thing more.

Something more came one day when the ship he was aboard came across a disabled Starfleet Nova class starship, the USS Freyberg. It's power systems, comms and engines severely damaged due to an encounter with a rogue Klingon raider that was in a rush to return to Klingon space after attacking a Benezite trading convoy and Starfleet responding to their distress calls.

Tonk as part of a repair crew went aboard and was immediately captivated at the level of technology on display and though it was of a level of complexity greater than he was use to quickly came to grasp with it and he wanted more. Not one to muck around, a trait he often exhibits, soon found a way to apply to Starfleet and was accepted with the recommendations of the Capt. of the Freyberg and the reluctant support of his clan.
Service Record 2371 - 2374 Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ens.

2375 - 2376 Transferred to USS Haradin (Defiant class), Engineering Officer.

2377 - 2380 Transfer to USS Essex (Excelsior class), Engineering Officer.

2381 - 2384 Transferred to USS Zukov (Ambassador class), promoted to Ltjg.

2385 - 2388 Transferred to Asgard Moon (Planetoid colony), promoted to Lt., promoted to Team Leader.

2389 - 2392 Transferred to USS Mckinley (Sovreign class), promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer.

2393 - Transferred to SB 249 (Stardock class), Engineering Team 9 Leader.