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Name Korvark PNPC

Position Bounty Hunter

Second Position Mercenary

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 45
Living Quarters Deck 586-687 Civilian Quarters
Office Location Deck 586-687 Main Promenade (100 decks)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.99m
Weight 132kg
Hair Color Long and black
Eye Color Grey with red flecks
Physical Description Solidly built Korvark is muscular in shape walking with a hunting cat’s grace a trait common to those of the Panthrok house. Korvark has a well tanned complexion with a notable distinguishing mark on his skull plated forehead of massive scar tissues that never completely faded when healed, they are token of his past battles as a youth. Korvark is a sparse dresser, wearing little in the way of adornments, it is as much a personal choice of, as a practical one to his way of thinking as excessive adornments can give ones position away when he stalking prey.

Korvarks preferred colours are dark and earthy much like his humour. His hair is long and usually bound in three braids, one on either side of the head and the main one that runs down his back. The back braid has an intricate hair tie of dulled black metal shaped in the family crest of a klingon hunting night cat.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Shakrak

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korvark is a typical klingon who believes in the klingon way of life, once he was eager to impress with his abilities and seek glory and honour to enhance his house’s status, now his manner and thoughts are more patient reflecting his mature outlook of one who has seen much in the galaxy. Korvark is a warrior whose weapons are as much by the sword as they are words, initially he scoffed at such and idea but has since embraced it knowing that the right words in the right place can topple worlds. When Korvark does find himself back in combat though he prefers hit and run tactics preferring hand to hand combat and where possible the opportunity to stalk his foe before finishing them off.
For all that though Korvark loves to move fast regardless of the medium, he enjoys the speed of it and the reckless abandonment of it all being barely in control. This preference has lead to his interest in all things speed related whether it be a warp core or a diesel engine so he has developed and learnt quite a bit on the subject of speed, notably motion and kinetic force.
Strengths & Weaknesses + High pain tolerance
+ Excellent spatial awareness
+ High proficiency in hand to hand and close quarters combat
+ High proficiency in piloting
+ Excellent at night fighting.
+ High proficiency in weapons, tactical and security systems, mainly Federation and Klingon
+ High proficiency in weapon science
+ Excellent tracker, rural and urban

- Cybernetic inplants, mainly the hands and part of the skeletal structure.
- Patiences outside of the hunt
- Authority
- Helplessness
- Diplomatic process
- Cybernetic cellular rejection (Managed)
Hobbies & Interests Personal Passage spoke at his fathers passing.

'Doom comes with the warriors, a warrior born, death and salvation do they bring hand in hand, shed not a tear until the day is done then toast a drink of the lost friend sung...'

Personal History Korvark comes from one of the lesser known houses of the Klingon empire known as the house of Panthrok. The Panthrok house is well known for producing night fighters who mimic a lot of the same traits as those of a predatory klingon night hunting cat. These include stealth, good night vision, heighten senses and at times an explosive temperament, the closest comparison would be the terran panther.

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