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Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

Name Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton

Position Battalion Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 240
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Soft Blue
Physical Description Mike Saxton is a tall Human and muscular for a man his age. His hair short and Grey now, Wide shoulders and a smaller waist make him look even taller. Mike has striking soft Blue eyes which most will observe first. His face a darker shade due to years in the field, and his Native American heritage. A long thin hawk like nose. Saxton has a very confident gait and possesses excellent formal posture.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Raymond Saxton (70)
Mother Rebekah (Styles) Saxton (69)
Brother(s) Mike Saxton is the oldest of Three children. Frank (40), runs a small freight company. He ships mining equipment and has a large family. The youngest Ben Saxton (38), is a information technician at a leading university on Earth. Ben is recently separated from his second wife.
Sister(s) None
Other Family Large extended family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mike Saxton is open minded and very agreeable person. Underneath he is complex and a calculated thinker. His ability to adapt to changing situations quickly without hesitation is noted in his past. Mike is highly educated and respectful of all those that he meets. Putting aside his physical attributes, which would intimidate most, persons who meet him or are in his presents are quite surprised at how open he can be. It has worked for Saxton very well after years of Embassy details and formal Diplomatic functions. His stature and size attracts attention, but his intelligence and demeanor creates quick friendships and trust. Mike is direct in speech and smiling most of the time. He enjoys time working in the field with his staff regardless of the mission at hand.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Saxton is a skilled negotiator. He has been called upon to settle and arbitrate highly complex Treaties with excellent results. His background in combat operations set the standard of containment of opposing and hostile forces in multiple ground conflicts. Mike prefers diplomacy above battle.

Weaknesses: When on assignment, or in critical field operations Mike has been known to work himself and his staff to exhaustion. He has been working to reduce the “Mission creep” condition by team building and eliminating micro management. Mike has some issues with competitive sports. He will play rough to win. This is not likely to change at his age..
Ambitions A career of short term goals defines Mike Saxton. He takes a one step,one day approach to his life and career. He has been successful and fortunate to take the right steps at the right time. His education and completion at the Academy many years ago led to his selection as a Marine Pilot, Squadron commander, Company commander and many staff positions leading to Battalion and Regimental commands in the Corps.
Hobbies & Interests Mike enjoys his time off duty as often as possible. He may not be a talented chef, however he enjoys gourmet food as often as he can. Hosting dinner parties for friends makes him happy. In moments of solitude he is an avid reader. Saxton is a well known academic and teaches courses on conflict resolution to students. Mikes prize possession is his library.
Language English, Vulcan
Character's Favorite Quote "We know a lot, As we have seen a lot

Personal History Mike Saxton was born on July 19th 2331 at the Marine Air Station Hospital located just outside Dallas Texas. The First child of Raymond and Rebekah Saxton. His Mother was full blooded Mescalero Indian and had met and married Raymond quickly after meeting him. Raymond was a Marine Platoon Sergeant assigned to security at the station. As a child Mike remembers very little until his schooling began. He was a fast and astute learner and some say a little Con-Man. He loved Texas and while his father was deployed Mike spent most of his time on the reservation with his Mother and younger Brothers. His Mothers family was a large one and Mike learned at a very early age he and his brothers were not considered true “Mescalero Blood”. This prejudice soon past as he learned tribal customs and assimilated to the Apache micro culture. As the years passed his Fathers time away increased and he or his brothers barely knew the Man.

In School Mike continued to excel. He was very large for his age and became very active in sports. His teachers and classmates respected his Academic and sportsmanship. He entered a mentor program that prepared him to take his Starfleet Academy entrance exam. On August First 2349 Saxton arrived at the Academy in San Francisco twenty days after his 18th birthday.

His First year at the academy passed quickly. Mike did very well in the packed curriculum and was a class leader. He was entered into Pilot training due to his ability,dexterity and physical tolerance was very high. At the basic flight school he mastered control and flight operations with ease. He was having the time of his life and pressed his flight instructors hard for every amount of knowledge he could gain from them. He transitioned into Phase Two flight testing. Saxton's Instructors considered him a naturally gifted Pilot and soon he was logging flight time in tactical fighters alarming results. Returning to San Francisco his Third year he was selected as a Marine Pilot. Fully rated he completed the Academy and graduated tenth in the class of 2353. That day he received his commission in the Starfleet Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant, and like all Marines assigned to Vulcan for basic marine training. Mike's years in Texas had prepared him for the heat on Vulcan. During Basic training Saxton was selected to attend the Marine Artificer Course which would extend his training another four months after basic. He almost declined the course but after talking with his career advisor he attended as it would fast track him in the marine promotion system, if he was very lucky. Basic completed Mike received a very favorable officer evaluation for his teamwork and leadership abilities.

The marine artificer school was much better than he expected. He learned the construction of forward operating bases, disaster relief and infrastructure building. It was a short and very challenging course and soon he was en route to his first operational unit.

Second Lieutenant Saxton arrived on the USS Annon. An Ambassador Class Heavy Cruiser. Assigned to the 421st Interceptor Squadron he was now finally operational in a marine Razor aircraft. His Squadron Commander put him through a “check ride” with every pilot in the 421st before signing him off. Mikes element leader was astounded that Saxton could even fit inside the small one seater. But Mike was skilled and soon a valued member of the unit. Mike got all the flight time he could and certified on every aircraft he available, Peregrines being his favorite. After promotion to First Lieutenant he was assigned as the 421st Safety Officer and was doing well. He was shocked to see he was offered a slot at the prestigious Frunze Military University in Moscow. It would take him back to Earth and his flying status would be put on hold, but it was certainly worth it. Saying goodbye to his friends was indeed hard for Mike.

Moscow was as cold as he had ever been, His first introduction to the Russian language did not match well with his Texas drawl and Mike was constantly laughed at by his fellow law students. Saxton took it all in stride and settled into an apartment close to the University. There was several times Mike had to administer some “Apache Love” to a few nasty students, who considered Mike a slow dumb fool. These small issues were quickly resolved with a quick straight jab to the nose. Just before his graduation in 2357 Mike met Beth Harper. A stunning Redhead full of ideas and a very bright future in the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. It was a very serious relationship, however as much as they needed to be together their individual careers would most likely keep them apart. They had no idea how often their paths would cross over the next twenty years...

Saxton had just returned to his squadron when The Talarians attacked Galen IV, a Federation Colony. The populous was being systematically destroyed. The 421st was moved in with several additional Fleet assets to stop the destruction. With three years in study Mike was a bit rusty starting out combat missions. He was heavily engaged several times and on his Tenth mission scored two confirmed kills on enemy fighters. The battle for Galen IV was a ruthless struggle in the Air and on the ground. The Colony was a mass casualty area. Flying ground support missions for Marines in combat was tricky and the squadron lost several pilots. After flying 500 combat sorties the 421st had lost 12 Aircraft and Pilots. However they had destroyed 31 enemy aircraft and over two Hundred ground targets. The unit was rotated out and returned to the USS Annon for refit and replacement Pilots. On their return Mike was promoted to Marine Captain and received the Air Combat Medal for his combined total of 7 enemy aircraft victories. He had survived his first test well. Mike was selected for Squadron Officers school and after being recognized as a stellar pilot and leadership. He dove into his studies once more and enjoyed the course of study with the insight of a experienced marine pilot.
Saxton wasn't aware of it but his career as a Marine Captain was about to take a major turn for him. During his training at SOS Mike was being looked at very closely by several members of the Fleet Marine General Staff. They had definite plans for the tall Marine Pilot. Mike was stunned as he graduated to discover he was reassigned to the First Marine Division Staff as a Marine Adjutant for Air Operations.

The Headquarters of the First Marine Division was a old Marine training base for hundreds of years and had quite a history. None of which Mike had time for. While traveling with the General Staff on Inspections and unit evaluations Saxton attended The Marine Infantry Command School and the better part of a year at the Federation of Planets Diplomatic Institute. His work on the staff was a challenge but Mike was making some powerful friends. In 2362 Saxton was promoted to Major and off again to attend several schools. Vulcan Environmental Combat School and another year of Basic ground defense training in the Klingon Defense Force training grounds. The end was in site as he attended Starfleet Combined Force Academy graduating with honors, First in his class. His staff assignment completed Major Saxton was assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone as the Executive Officer of the newly formed 23rd Marine Expeditionary Force. The Unit was under command of Colonel Gabriel Hayworth. Mike also was in Command of Two Companies of Marines. One was a standard Infantry Company and the other was a support Company of Field Artillery, Missile defense and Engineers. He commanded six hundred men now and the mission soon came down for a assault on a rather large class M mining planet and colony on Thurus III.

The plan for the mission was Simple in scope. However a different story on the Ground. As the Artillery base was being established insurgents attacked in the thousands threatening to wipe the Marine force from the Planet. Unwilling to abandon supplies and equipment Saxton and his two companies of Marines held on to the position with the aid of air support for several days. He was presented with an Authentic Tomahawk from his command in honor of the battle and earned the nickname “Red Mike” For his brutal hand to hand actions several times in the fight.

Mike's involvement as a Battalion and Regimental Commander during Several conflicts have aided Starfleet and the Federation of Planets in conflict and peace. His Diplomatic efforts have enabled his promotion to Colonel,a position soon in his future. He has asked once more for an active field command and has been told of a slot that may be available...
Service Record Military Education:

Starfleet Academy Class of 2353
Fleet Pilot Training, Phase One and Two
Starfleet Marine Basic Training
Starfleet Marine Basic Artificer Academy
Vulcan Naval Institute, Environmental Combat Conditions
Marine Aviation Squadron Officers School
Marine Infantry Command Course
Starfleet Combined Force Academy
Klingon Defense Force Basic Ground Defense Training
Starfleet Marine Battalion Assault School Command Course
Marine Senior Staff Combined Operations School

Additional Education and Certifications:

Graduate of the Frunze Academy. Diplomatic Law and Governmental Designs
United Federation of Planets Diplomatic Institute