Petty Officer 1st Class Zerx Solistra

Name Zerx Solistra

Position Biologist

Second Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Boslic
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7”
Weight 133 lbs
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Zerx is an extremely beautiful young woman, with flawless skin and long, flowing hair. She is somewhat shy and retiring, and extremely enthusiastic about her work. She has a fair complexion.


Father Halig Vedi
Mother Claennis Vedi
Sister(s) Dekla (sister)
Other Family Lar and Githa Boyet (grandparents - mother's side); Hungan and Gula Vedi (grandparents - father's side)

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is considered sexy by many humanoid species, and she will use that to her advantage.

Personal History Zerx Solistra was brought up traveling the galaxy with her merchant parents, and became fascinated with the different species she encountered. She developed an interest in biology and exobiology.

She entered Starfleet as a way to meet more species and to gain an education. At age 23, she has gained more knowledge in her chosen field than many university professors. She joined the USS Adelphi and was immediately sent to Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training. The school encompassed a 12-week course, where she was taught everything from grooming standards to basic watch standing to Starfleet history. She learned about weapons, zero-G, and damage control. She chose to attend an occupational specialty school (OSS) to learn the specific position of biology. This school lasted eight months.

Upon completion, she would then receive intensive on-the-job training (OJT) overseen by senior enlisted personnel on her first tour aboard the USS Adelphi which was a scientific mission. During that time she concentrated on microbiology. Together, the OSS and the OJT completed her Advanced Crewman Training (ACT). She would take the 3-week Petty Officer Indoctrination Course which is one of the prerequisites to obtain PO3. This training is the start of the Petty Officer Leadership Training Course Continuum. She eventually worked her way up through the enlisted ranks to Petty Officer Third Class. She was then transferred to the USS Biko.

Zerx was assigned to the biology section within the Science Department of the USS Biko. Her assignment was as the Molecular Biologist where she excelled. She would take the P02 Leadership Training Course Continuum. She was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class and assigned as the Cellular Biologist within the section. She would spend the next three years here exceeding all expectations of her supervisors, and attended the P01 Leadership Training Course Continuum. She received a promotion to Petty Officer First Class and transferred.

Zerx transferred to the USS Tikal and assigned as the Biologist. She would then be assigned to Starbase 249 as a Biologist and serve aboard the USS Blackwell as a Science Officer.
Service Record CRM Recruit - Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training; Grash, Bolarus IX – 2383
CRM Recruit - Starfleet Academy Occupational Specialty School (OSS); Rosllo, Betazed – 2383
Promoted to Crewman Apprentice; 2383
CRM Apprentice - Scientist's Mate, USS Adelphi; 2383 - 2384
Promoted to Crewman; 2384
CRM - Scientist's Mate, USS Adelphi; 2384 - 2385
Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class; 2385
PO3 - Molecular Biologist, USS Biko; 2385 - 2386
Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class; 2386
PO2 - Cellular Biologist, USS Biko; 2386-2389
Promoted to Petty Officer First Class; 2389
PO1 – Biologist, USS Tikal; 2389-2393
PO1 – Biologist, Starbase 249; 2393-????