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Name Cember

Position Mercenary

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Human 1/4 Klingon 1/4 Vulcan
Age 113

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 250 lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color steel blue
Physical Description Powerful build. Large but light on his feet. Usually has a light beard. Multiple Tattoos but they can't be seen when clothed. Appears human on the outside but has Klingon and Vulcan inside. Has green blood.

*pics of his pistols and knife with avatar pic.*

Usually wearing an armored tac vest. Carries to pistols, one on each leg. Usually wears a black leather duster


Spouse never
Children nadda
Father Tyon
Mother K'ren of House Torq
Brother(s) nope
Sister(s) nope again
Other Family probably

Personality & Traits

General Overview Imposing in stature which he uses if needed. Usually quiet and reserved but can cut loose on occasion. Has a good sense of humor. Doesn't speak much on himself but is not upset when asked. Stoic , his face usually unreadable. Loyal to only a few.

Has a small private scout ship of original design.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Photographic memory
-Bracul (redundant internals of a Klingon)
-single lobed brain(Vulcan)
-high pain threshold
-does NOT experience Pon Far
-excellent eye sight and sense of smell.
-enhanced strength from his non-human genes
-fast for his size
-proficient with both hands
-long life span from his non-human sides
Ambitions known only to him
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Brewing.

MMA- a mixture of different forms he has encountered through his life including Muk'bara, Tae-Kwon-Do, and Boxing.

Enjoys reading...usually either history texts, manuals, or Comic books.

Has a taste for old Earth western movies, thanks to his Maternal Grandfather. Has taught himself to draw and fire because of this.
Language Multiple
Character's Favorite Quote "yeah? We'll see about that.."

Personal History When the time came, they discovered that 'a little help' was needed to conceive. In due course, Cember was born invetro. Growing up he loved learning, picking up much as he went. He spent time with both sides of the family, learning the history and the ways of those races.

As an young adult, he earned a civilian engineering certification and a civilian pilot's license. In his early 20's, the colony was attacked by pirates. His family was unharmed but he was moved to enlist.

He spent 20 years in the marines, leaving at the rank of Gunnery Sargent. As a field medic, he saw combat multiple times earning three purple hearts, a bronze star and the moniker of "Howler". He his still in contact with some of his old unit.

His next stop was going to Earth for culinary school. A buddy in his unit introduced him to cooking and he wanted to see where it would go. He graduated and spent several years plying his trade. But once more, space called to him.

This time he went into the private sector. Along the way he acquired a Federation Body Guard License, allowing him to have weapons and to keep some concealed on his person.
Service Record 20 years SFMC Gunnery Sargent (Ret.)

-Three Purple Hearts
-Bronze Star

-qualified Expert in rifles, hand to hand, and blades.

-qualified Expert Sharpshooter with pistols

-trained for special operations