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Description Oraxa's main form of government is a Constitutional Monarchy, a mixed form of Democracy and Monarchy governments, in that the government officials are elected while the head of state is the Emperor/Empress. Oraxa’s main study in science is concentrated between marine and forest ecological studies. Oraxa’s technology focus is concentrated around medicine. Oraxa’s main export is resource-related while its main import is textile-related. As long as the adults are functional their needs are provided by the government (homes, food, clothing, education, medical care). But once the adults get too old to work...or someone becomes ill or physically disabled and unable to work...or a child is born with a disability that will keep it from working once it becomes an adult...they are exiled from the main cities and forced to live in colonies, also referred to as villages, where they are given only the bare minimum of food and have to scrounge for any extra. And as for medical aid....there is none. The UFP has decided that its mission is to come to the assistance of those referred to as the "discarded" by setting up medical clinics in the impoverished areas outside of the major cities. This means dealing with new illnesses as the indigenous people are new to the UFP and not much is known about them, so our research and science teams will be put to the test. Also during the time that the station was abandoned, an unknown disease on the planet's population is slowly killing them off. There are still a number of the one that reeked havoc on the station while it was still under construction...still running loose on the planet which will provide a challenge to our Marine detail and security staff. During this process, raiders return to the sector and begin attacking ships stealing the much needed medical supplies. The clinics will be set-up by Starfleet with the permission of the government after some time and negotiation. The clinics that will be setup should discover the unknown disease and begin research towards a cure and vaccination. Some of the research will take place in space. We make initial contact, per standard procedure, but they are not forthcoming with information, but our trader on board has vital knowledge. We discover that these raiders are a ruthless band of miners/traders that go in search of planets that are rich in minerals, kill off the inhabitants, and steal the resources. We confront them about it. After the confrontation, the raiders eventually retreat. We can continue the mission with continued treatment on the planet or we can end there with the assumption that we found a cure and vaccination.
Start Date Fri Apr 29th, 2016 @ 12:55pm

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Title Timeline Location
Just another day in the life
by Cember
current multiple
The Job
by Korvark PNPC & Frank O'Connell & John Christie & Trinity Costa
current/somewhere in-between Club Bliss we are..
by Cember
current station
Marine Commander Arrival
by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton & Commander Brad Pennell & Chief Petty Officer Serena Reed
Current Deck 122, Shuttlebay 6
Sorrow and hate!
by Trinity Costa
current various
Post Mortum
by Theodore Darkron & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D
Current SB249 - Morgue
Robo Vacuum
by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D
Current Decks 588 - Main External Docking Ports
A Klingon offer
by Lady Surla & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton
current quarters
Tenth Marines Officer Call
by Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton
Current Conference Hall Three / Deck 122
Meeting the new Battalion Commander
by Captain James Racktor & 1st Lieutenant Nathaniel Capp & Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton
current Barracks
Business - Its just business
by Korvark PNPC & Frank O'Connell & John Christie & Trinity Costa
Current Outside the Bliss night club
Hunter or hunted
by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D & Theodore Darkron & Commander Brad Pennell & Lieutenant Kelly Sloan & Sergeant John Templar
Current Oraxa - West Emeraldmoor in the Republic of Jemahna
Forty Years and a Day
by Major Micheal “Red Mike” Saxton
Current Oraxa Orbit
Another show/fitting in
by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke" & Trinity Costa
current Club Bliss
Getting the scoop, and then some...
by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke" & Trinity Costa
current Club Bliss
"Give it a minute."
by Trinity Costa
current SB 249
Failed hit squad
by Trinity Costa
current various
Some cases need thinking
by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"
current ER
A new ship
by Trinity Costa & Lady Surla
current quarters
Staff Meeting
by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D & Lieutenant Commander Sara McKlusky & Lieutenant Jack Devlin MD & Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"
Current Medical Conference Room
A nightly party
by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke" & Trinity Costa & Lady Surla
current Club Bliss
A new directive
by Trinity Costa
current quarters
Victory is complete
by Lady Surla
current Random colony
Relaxation Time
by Trinity Costa & Captain Marcab Strongfellow
Current Deck 586-687 Promenade "Bliss" nightclub
Meeting the Commanding Officer
by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Captain James Racktor & Sergeant John Templar & Chief Petty Officer Serena Reed
Current Captains Ready Room, Deck 12

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