Specifications - USS Franz Boas

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First used by Starfleet as a science ship and scout vessel in the late 23rd century, the Oberth class was phased out of service before the Dominion War. Recent improvements in modular ship construction and shield design have made the ship design viable. It carries a crew of 80. The Oberth class is a very common science vessel design that is used by Starfleet as well as other Federation institutions. Although its first construction dates back at least as long as the Excelsior class, many ships of this class are still in service.


Class Oberth
Role Science Vessel
Duration 125 years
Time Between Refits 6 years
Time Between Resupply 5 years


Length 150 meters
Width 81.2 meters
Height 54.1 meters
Decks 13


Officers 14
Enlisted Crew 56
Civilians 4
Emergency Capacity 20


Cruise Speed Warp 5
Maximum Speed Warp 7
Emergency Speed Warp 7.5 (for 18 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Standard Shielding System
Weapon Systems Phasers Type VIII Array: 3
Armament Torpedos
Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher
Photon Torpedoes: 20
Quantum Torpedoes: 10
Probe: 40

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles Type 6 Shuttle 1
Type 9 Shuttle 1