General Items
Various Fighter Crafts   Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighter: 36
VMF/A-142 'Flying Gators' x12
VMF/A-212 'Lancers' x12
VMF/A-334 ‘Falcons’ x12

Razor Interceptor: 36
VA-4 'Black Ponies' x12
VA-85 'Black Falcons' x12
VA-216 'Black Diamonds' x12

Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighter: 72
VF-1 'Wolfpack' x12
VF-33 'Starfighters' x12
VF-43 'Challengers' x12
VF-142 'Ghostriders' x12
VF-161 'Chargers' x12
VF-302 'Stallions' x12
Wallace Class Light Escort Ship   The station has 2 assigned to it.

USS Omaha NCC-996644
USS Liberty NCC-993377
Various Runabouts   Danube Runabout: 96
Delta Flyer Runabout: 24
Talon Scout: 24
Various Shuttles   Hunley Shuttle: 12
Type 11 Shuttle: 100
Type 15 Shuttlepod: 84
Type 6 Shuttle: 150
Type 7 Shuttle: 150
Type 8 Shuttle: 150
Type 9 Shuttle: 120
Various Transport Crafts   Argo Transport: 36
Firefly Transport: 16
Wyvern Hopper: 60
Workbee   Brunel Workpod: 200

Starbase 249 "MARS"    [ View Specifications » ]
Main Communications   Where all communications to and from the starbase are routed through. The Chief Communications Officer's office is located here also.
Operations Center   Main operations center where the command crew operate day-to-day functions.
Captain's Office/Ready Room   Location where the captain works. The captain also can hold meetings here.
Captain's Quarters   The captain's quarters where s/he can entertain guest and rest.
JAG Offices & Courtroom   Main offices for all legal personnel to work from while assigned/attached or visiting to the Starbase. There is also a court room here to be used as needed.
Senior Officer/VIP Dining Room   Location where the senior officers and VIPs go for meals.
Astrometrics Lab   A specialized lab used aboard Federation starships and facilities for stellar cartographic purposes.
Courtroom   Location where the JAG hold hearings and trials. It is adjacent to the JAG offices.
Diplomatic Communications Centre   Location where the Diplomatic Corps and the various representatives can speak in private and communicate with their governments. There is also a location for press briefings with the Federation News Service.
Diplomatic Conference Rooms   Location where the Diplomatic Detachment can hold meetings.
Secondary Operations  
Starfleet Marine Unit Logo   Unit logo for our assigned Starfleet Marines
Enlisted Mess Hall   Dining area for the enlisted personnel and their families.
Brig   Location where persons are held on a temporary period while they await trail or serving some time of punishment.
Civilian Quarters   Living quarters for the civilian personnel that are assigned to the starbase.
Science Labrotaries   Locations where science personnel conduct research.
VIP/Guest Quarters   Quarters assigned to special guest visiting the starbase.
Enlisted Barracks   Living quarters of the single enlisted personnel assigned to the starbase.
Medical Facility   The Medical Facility is a full service hospital that provides care for the sick and injured for the sector.
Medical Labatories   Locations where medical personnel conduct various types of research.
Director Of Medical Services' Office   Office of the Medical Facility's Director
First Responder Stations   Medical First Responders' on duty stations.
Married Couples Quarters   These quarters are designed for married couples and assigned to both civilian and Starfleet officers alike.
Cargo Bay   Cargo Bay
Shuttlebay   Shuttlebay
Marine Mess Hall   Facility designed for all Marine personnel to eat and to meet their nutritional needs.
Holodeck   Used for training and recreation.
Club BLISS   Bar, grill, gaming house, holosuite arcade, and live music venue.
Danny Boy's Tavern   Typical Irish pub with a small menu of traditional Irish dishes.

USS Blackwell    [ View Specifications » ]
USS Blackwell   Hornet Class Garrison Vessel
Bridge   A central hub for a starship's Science, Tactical and Engineering operations; it is where the commanding officer issues his/her orders.
Transporter Room   Personnel transporter
Senior Officers Conference Room   Location where the senior officers meet to discuss anything regarding the ship and/or a mission.
Enlisted/Officer's Quarters   Living quarters for all the enlisted and officers.
Sickbay   The main medical center aboard Federation starships. Sickbay is presided over by the chief medical officer (CMO), a senior staff member.
Main Engineering   The location from which the ship's main power systems are controlled.
Brig   A secure area in a starship used to accommodate individuals who must be detained.