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Bar, grill, gaming house, holosuite arcade, and live music venue.

Additional Information

Location Promenade - Deck 589
Description This establishment is a multi-level music venue, vibrant and full of life 24-7. Holo-servers are a constant, with openings for real employees for those who wish to work within. There are single occupant dance podiums with either cages or brass poles where scantily clad holo-dancers, male and female, are constantly under a halo of soft light while they perform exotic dancing and go go dancing for the visual enjoyment of patrons. These are also open to hired help. Drinks, food, gossip, gaming, fantasy fulfillment, and live music. With the house band, and cover band, Saints of Bliss performing whenever they feel the mood, with Trinity as a member, this is the core of the live music. Holo-bouncers, along with HANS, keep an eye on all, and immediately step in to lend a hand should fights break out. Bartending is also handled by HANS, Trinity, and holo-people, mostly human in appearance. Again, employment is open to all.


Bliss occupies a central location on the promenade, extending for three levels upwards, and two entrances. Spiral staircases provide patron access to the upper levels. The upper levels the central portion of flooring has been removed with railed balconies overlooking the main floor below. The main entrance/floor is on deck 589, section 5 of the promenade.

Level 1: The main entrance. There is a large bar that curves around with an end coming to stage edge, with steps provided for the band members to ascend to the bar top and perform, walking back and forth the length of it should they feel the need. there is a gambling/gaming section, cordoned off with more rails and lit with soft lighting. Scattered around the main floor are various styles of tables, with a row of buddy bars all around the dance floor, which is also the floor for crowds at stage front. Off to one side is a sunken section, railed off, for the mosh pit. The main entrance, gaming section, and bar are adequately illuminated with soft white lighting, but the rest of the interior is done up in black lights, with normal lighting available should an incident occur. The periphery lighting is designed to provide a degree of privacy for business deals and covert exchanges that might occur.

Level 2: Provides more tables and seating, with soft lights placed strategically amidst the other lighting. The second-level entrance is located here.

Level 3: This level has no seating, but plenty of standing room along the rail, and always kept shadowy. There are four holosuites here for patron enjoyment.

The interior of Bliss is dominated by an all black color scheme, with distinctive purple and gold murals all around the establishment and brass poles that extend up through the cutout sections of the upper levels. Several of the walls have holo-emitters specifically for bringing up large monitors embedded into the walls, one of which is directly over the stage when activated, up and behind the main drum set. There is a large storeroom where stocks of food and drink are kept for the bar. The kitchen is sizable, but not overly large, and is in the back with the store room and unseen by patrons. There is also a floor vault for latinum and other takings from the day's business.

Behind the bar:

The shelving for the bar is placed on the back wall, which is a soft light panel. It is lit enough for bartenders to see what they are doing, but not bright enough to disturb the ambiance of the rest of the club. There is a light panel that runs the length of the bar, patron side, just under the edge, providing enough illumination for people to see to walk around near it. The number of drinks and colored glasses is staggering, with Bliss serving just about every type of booze known to the Alpha and Beta quadrants. There are two replicators, a computer access terminal and a selection of isolinear rods containing programs for the holosuites behind the bar.

In General:

Most foods in the club are replicated, but when a patron desires a cooked meal, then the holo-chef provides, with his holo kitchen staff. Drinks, however, are made fresh from the stocks, and even replicated when patrons desire. Trinity has a private stock of booze kept in the back, and she shares with very few or with VIP patrons. Due to her friendship with the Klingon Surla, there are always barrels of bloodwine kept in the store room.

The casino operates 24-7 with the club. A number of gaming tables are located in the gaming section on level 1, and the dabo table is a popular one. Tongo is played here, and there are even old school dart boards with metal tipped darts, since Trinity hates anything plastic since it just looks cheap. Trinity is not above running betting pools on just about anything.

The holosuite arcade is on level 3. Credit for these holosuites can be purchased at the bar, as can the number of enticing programs for rent. These suites are usually used by visitors for the adult programs, both sensual and sexual in nature, with less benign recreations available as well within the programs.

The staff is mainly holographic, with the waiters being created for their alluring physical appearance. If real people are hired, then they must also meet this criteria, and not be vain. They will be required to wear alluring outfits and show off some skin, but just enough to entice, not be crude. For the females it is usually a go-go outfit, with a belly shirt, frilled skirt, and knee high boots. The outfits are black, purple, white, or a combination of all three.