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Reflection leads to direction

Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2016 @ 2:11pm by

Naomi has just advised me that someone has just tried to access our network. Considering recent events the most likely conclusion is Glosk or someone hes connected to. The attempts were repeated over a 30 minute period shortly after he was suspended but have since stopped. Whoever it was started with Glosk's login and a few other accounts associated to project Inner Eye. It was fortunate Naomi had already asked the project team members to change their access codes. It does raises a few questions I need to consider.

Due to the projects sensitivity I will need to consider security concerns. Which means keeping an eye on access traffic for all MARS personnel. Skip that Naomi already does that. Its likely Glosk may discuss his work to other parties, he may have done this already and theres definitely some colourful characters already on the starbase that might raise some fresh concerns. Realistically speaking I cannot stop him from speaking even with employment confidentiality terms, it can be extremely difficult to prove without clear evidence of said breech.

Also without an obvious replacement as project leader it looks like I will have to be more directly involved. The last report advised there was a working model that had a few adjustments that needed to be made based off of a host or organic capable subject. Glosk's notes implied he was entertaining using any subject and if an opportunity arose to use a subject without their knowledge. This in itself raised concerns on his suitability to continue on the project let alone be a member of the MARS Center.

No what the project needs are willing subjects, the potential for this could be far reaching. I initially saw this project as a way to improve the impaired but now I realise it could do so much more. I need to talk with someone in Starfleet, MARS can take the project only so far, to give it the resources and support it will need in the long run I believe its crucial we partner up with them. I could go through channels via the Science Council but I prefer to discuss this first with someone I've met.

Reflection so often leads me to my aha moment...


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