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Thanks Dale

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 9:34pm by Sergeant John Templar

Finding myself completely bored I decided to find and rework some of my old hologram programs. Some of the programs were just to old and corrupted for further use but I grabbed a few and was off to the Holosuites.

After getting somewhat situated I was back on a white sand beach. Brite and sunny with clear waves rolling in. I didn't remember this program at first, but it was a new running program designed by a good friend several years before. I started the run at a slow pace with a slight breeze behind me and my legs protested at anything more than walking speed. I was surprised how out of shape I am. This effort will take a few runs to get me back to where I'm supposed to be.

Several miles down the beach I was joined by a Dog, running beside me for a while. A large Blonde Wolfhound who kept pace for a few miles and ran off barking at some Gulls. Shortly after the beach path diverted into a mature grove of date palms. I ran beside several ponds, and a few obstacles which I avoided for the time being. The program had another part to it that led into ruins of some long gone race. I just trotted along, Pleasantly after being just about ready for a long nap a short warm rain shower refreshed me... This was funny as the guy who designed this program hated to be wet. I couldn't remember his last name anymore. Dale was from Sol and in my Platoon on Fulton Colony. I great guy who never worried about the right thing at the right time. He was destroyed on a recon mission right after I left Fulton, sad.

I really need to get out. perhaps meet a few people. Soon.


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