M.A.R.S. Center Personal Log

Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 11:21am by

M.A.R.S. Center report to Federation Science Council
CC: Starbase 249 Command Team

Subject: Tracken of the planet Oraxa

Our present situation has reached crisis aboard Starbase 249 with casualties including in our number, our commanding officer Capt. Marcab Strongfellow and our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mikayla O'Dell. Both appear to be the victims of long term exposure to some kind of Tracken host nesting which had yet to receive Tracken young but became active when immature Tracken spawn were within close proximity and were seeking to incubate in them as host once their present host or carrier had died. This resulted in both patients succumbing to their condition and only by being able to first detect this nesting which had attached itself to their bodies. It was discovered as a counter measure of sorts that the reconfigured properties of a Klingon based disruptor could breakdown the nesting material attached to them and once the procedure was completed by Dr. Marduk return them hopefully back to normal (in time) without any undue side effects.

All remains of the dead Tracken and the nesting material have been either destroyed or quarantined and monitored off base (Isolation unit 3) due to the transient nature these creatures have that seem to ignore the physical properties of our walls when they so please. Because of the ability of the disruptor to affect the Tracken this has been helpful after some make shift further configuration in moving and containing the present samples we still have.

I am in the process of working on a global sensor system that if successful may enable us locate the Tracken anywhere on the planet. It will require many resources and greater computational power to achieve this but the chances seem high at this point subject to approval.

I am also hearing increasing rumours that the planetary government of Oraxa wish to be involved in this matter, its understandable considering its their problem in the first place but I'm not sure if they want to help or hinder based on some of the rumours we've been hearing. There are more reports coming from the planet of further Tracken attacks.

Without further investigation of the Tracken there is little to add about them or their habitat as communication seems limited to the danger that they consider all people prey.

Report ends