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The Opportunity

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Location: CAG. office
Timeline: The midday


The turbolift display counted the levels as it raced to its destination within the starbase, its occupants unaffected by the principles of inertia by virtual of the inertia cancelling technology it was wrapped in. Well not quite, any change in direction or speed challenged the technology so there was a minute delay before it reasserted itself. If you were sensitive enough you could still feel the slight tug for a moment as the turbolift took off or it changed direction. Ted felt the slight tug as they changed direction once again, there had been 3 stops so far and all of the civilians save himself had got off as they went further into Starfleet territory. He nodded affably to the Starfleeters he was with, a couple were from Aerospace if he read the uniform colours correct and they got off at the same time as he did.

Following the corridors as he remembered it from the starbase map Ted had looked up earlier, he soon found his way to the CAG. office, he hoped his proposal would be something Dominguez would agree was worth pursuing. Just so it wasn't all serious business he'd brought along some prawn dumplings for good measure.

Hearing the chime, Matt looked up from the duty roster he was working on. He wasn't expecting anyone, so he figured it was one of his pilots coming to beg for a four day pass. "Come!"

When Ted entered, Matt was a tad taken aback. "Mister Darkron - what a surprise. What brings you down to this part of the station?"

Ted cast a glance round at the surroundings before tilting his head in the direction of the container of food he had brought along saying cordially, "What brings me here Cdr. is both business and pleasure, before you the pleasure part", Ted presents the dumplings opening the container to show its contents as the steaming aroma wafted out, "May I?"

"Dumplings?" Matt stated quizzically. He didn't often go in for Asiatic fare, usually eating the sort of stuff that passed for Chinese in north america.

Ted then placed the container on the desk and lifted out two bowls filled with the dumplings, noodles and some vegetables followed by some sauce dishes that he quickly uncovers and then retrieves chopsticks placing them on the desk waiting for the pilot to go first.

Though he took the chopsticks, Dominguez set them down in front of him and retrieved a fork from his desk. "No offense, but I never learned how to use those. What... eh... what kind of dumplings are those?" For someone who made a career out of riding an armed warp drive, he wasn't the adventurous sort when it came to his palate.

Ted grinned understanding the chopsticks dilemma and the other mans caution on the type of dumplings that were on offer, "I was told by a lovely old lady on the promenade they were prawn dumplings, not replicated but from the nearby planet. Whether they actually taste like Earth prawn dumplings I've had previously remains to be seen but I guess that's the challenge aye". To show he was prepared to go first he sized up a likely dumpling with his chopsticks and prepared to pick the morsel up, however the dumpling proved to be elusive as it slipped his chopsticks grasps due to the shiny slickness of the chopsticks. After a few more attempts of chasing his food around the bowl like it was still alive he then chose a different approach, opting to stab a dumpling with a chopstick, a look of 'gotcha' crossing his face as he then took a bite of the alien seafood, well come to think of it was it seafood...?

A few bites more and a surprising crunching sound later Ted said, " It tastes like....chicken..? I guess" spearing another dumpling in his bowl, though the flavour seemed familiar yet different, it was still good to eat.

"That line is pretty hackneyed at this point..." Dominguez deadpanned, jabbing the inexplicable fork into one of the dumplings. After a hesitant bite, the pilot chewed while considering what he was experiencing. "That doesn't taste like chicken. I can't place it, though... it's... different." It wasn't anything he was ever going to go for again, but not to the point where he'd be inclined to spit it out.

After the second dumpling Ted lowered the bowl deciding it was time to discuss matters, "Now for the business side Cdr., as you may know the MARS center is in the business of medical and related science endeavours. One of those endeavours has come to my personal attention in recent days and is at the stage where testing needs to be conducted with live subjects. I thought of your group as being ideal because of the application use they would have in enhancing your pilots abilities. In short I believe we may have a technology that can allow your pilots to interface with their flight systems and improve their performance. However to properly test this I will need your cooperation"

Swallowing hard, Matt considered the other man for a moment. "By interface, do you mean like... plugging directly into their brains? That's more than a little unnerving. One errant power surge and you run the risk of frying the pilot's brain."

A look of concern washed over Ted's face raising his hands up in a reassuring manner, "That would be a very unlikely set of circumstances for that to happen and in fact the safety of the pilot is at the forefront of our mind. You see the initial testing phase requires a wireless receptor interface that is connected to the pilot. This receptor receives data and sends commands only, there is no power transference so no risk of frying as you put it. The amount of data flow is minimal at this stage. In fact I have a holo-simulation you can observe before making a decision along with all the reports on what benefits that your pilots might forsee".

It was obvious Ted thought this technology had real benefits to offer as his enthusiasm showed. "Cdr. if there are any concerns during testing, you can tell us to stop and we will"

"It's still... I've heard too much about the Borg to be comfortable with the thought of being connected to my bird. And I'm sure you can understand that I wouldn't ask anything of my pilots that I wouldn't do myself." Matt set down the fork and clasped his hands together on the desk. "I'm hard on my people, but we're a team. All for one, and what not."

"So... let's take a look at your hologram. And if I think it looks safe enough, I'll be your guinea pig. Does that sound agreeable to you, Mister Darkron?"

Ted smiled, "Excellent, in anticipation of your acceptance I have already arranged for the holo program in our lab to be ready to go at a moments notice, ready for you to inspect and trial. As this will be a holo simulation, safeties will be in place and you will be monitored to ensure an additional layer of safety".

Leaning forward he placed the bowl and chopsticks down on the desk before him with some dumplings still remaining, "Please call me Ted, we're going to be working together so I think we can put aside some of the formalities. I'll arrange for a link to be sent to you to access the project files. Now perhaps if you could do me a favour, for science of course"

"I think that depends on the favor." Dominguez remarked, wondering what that favor might be.

Ted looked a little uncomfortable before speaking, "I've never flown in a starfighter and I know I could do that in a holo sim but I'd like to experience it for real"

Everyone wants to be a fighter pilot. Matt chuckled at the request. "I can maybe see if you can backseat in a Valkyrie. But lets take a look at your thing first."

Ted rose beaming, "Excellent, I have a good feeling about this". Just then one of the dumplings in Teds bowl began to quiver, Ted glimpsing this wondered if he might have been a little too trusting in sampling the alien dumplings from the kind looking old lady who sold them to him. Best not to tell Dominguez his food might have been still alive. For Ted's part he didn't mind as he loved to sample and experience new things.



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