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Engineering Mumbo Jumbo

Posted on Thu Feb 9th, 2017 @ 3:29pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D

Location: Promenade - Upper Level
Timeline: Current


Mikayla sits at a table for two that is next to the acrylic railing of the Promenade's upper level and over looks the busy lower level with its shops, eateries, taverns and the BLISS night club. From here she can watch the activity below, eat a quick dinner and review the engineering report of what was going to be the permanent clinics on the planet. She had spent most of the morning and afternoon with the CoE going over specs, blueprints and logistics. She hated to seem ignorant so she hadn't stopped him, too many times, to explain some of his more technical language. What she had surmised is that there was going to be power issues. A power supply needed to be established at each site.

After several minutes of reading the information in the PADD, she sits back in her chair and rubs her neck.

"Why can't I just replicate a fully supplied and staffed clinic?" she mumbles to herself....or at least she thinks she's alone.

Marcab happens to be walking by the area as he likes to walk the station. He happens to look over and notices Dr. O'Dell. He approaches her, smiles and asks "Hey beautiful is this seat taken?"

Mikaula looks up and frowns. "Depends. What's a cornice, a leach field and a monopost?" she asks.

"Well a cornice, which comes from the Italian word cornice meaning "ledge", is generally any horizontal decorative molding that crowns a building or furniture element." Marcab replies and then continues on to say, "Leach fields or septic drain fields, are subsurface wastewater disposal facility used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges after anaerobic digestion in a septic tank." He pauses for just a moment while he thinks about the last word and then tells Mikayla, "I have no idea what a monopost could be." He walks around the table and proceeds to sit. He then asks, "Having troubles?"

Mikayla slides the PADD over to him. "I'm a doctor, Marcab. All of this construction jargon is like a foreign language to me," she says. She reaches over and, looking at the PADD upside down, swipes the screen twice to flip the pages. "That's the list of construction supplies needed to build the two clinics, research lab and make the one clinic Erisa and already established a permanent structure." She swipes the screen. "That's a list of extra stuff our engineers have on hand." She swipes the screen again. "That's a list the Chancellor's aide sent me this morning of what they can supply." She swipes the screen again. "That's what's left over. Any ideas where those things can come from?" she asks, sitting back and picking up her beverage to take a sip.

Marcab reviews the list. He notices that the missing ideas are fairly common. "I believe we can work out something with the traders association here on the station." He smiles and then tells her, "That is one of the joys about working on the space station. If we were just on a Federation ship it would be a little more difficult."

"I was also informed that our biggest problem is providing power to the clinics," Mikayla says, picking up a french fry from her plate and dipping it in ketchup before taking a bite. "The villages are too far from any power source."

"We could use generators short term." Marcab replies. He then adds, "I will see if we can't do a joint project to provide long term power somehow." He then asks, "How does that sound?"

Mikayla smiles...her green eyes sparkling, seductively. "You are so sexy when you play knight is shining armor," she says, reaching across the table and placing her hand on his.

Marcab tries to remain stoic which is always hard when Mikayla acts this way.

Not getting a response to her flirtation, Mikayla scowls, removes her hand from Marcab's and sits back in her seat. "Fine. Strictly business," she grumbles. "In that case, Commander....I haven't heard from you about my recommendation that Dr. Marduk to be promoted to Chief of Emergency Medicine so he can run the ER. I have enough on my plate at the moment. I have already spoken to him and he is willing to take on the responsibility. Do you think you might get around to responding to my request anytime soon?"

"I would like to have a more in-depth discussion about your decision before I decide to approve the changes. I want you to feel free to make the changes necessary to benefit your department but the XO and I need to know in advance and that we reserve the right to approve or deny the change." Marcab explains to Dr. O'Dell. He then looks at the beautiful woman and tells her, with a smile on his face, "There shouldn't be a problem with it, especially for you."

Mikayla notices Trinity skulking after an Andorian and a Human on the lower level of the Promenade and wonders what they are up to as she says, absentmindedly, "thanks, Commander. I'll give him the good news." Still watching the trio below, she asks, "are we still having dinner tonight?"

Marcab notices that the sexy doctor seems distracted, so he decides to mess with her. "Of course, at the supernova correct?" he tells her in a semi-serious tone.

"Yeah. Right," Mikayla says as she begins stacking her trash on the table while watching the activity below. Suddenly what Marcab said registers and she looks back at him, brow furrowed. "Wait...what?"

"Oh so you weren't paying attention earlier." he remarks with a sneer on his face.

Mikayla's cheeks blush. "I'm sorry," she says, sincerely. Then she points down to Trinity and the two men she is following. "Doesn't that look strange to you?" she asks.

"Not sure." he remarks and then inquires, "Should it?"

Mikayla shrugs. "I don't know. I'm not security," she says. "It's just a little curious why Trinity is following those two..." She shakes her head. "Whatever. If it doesn't seem suspicious to you I guess I've just been reading too many crime novels. So you are going to see about providing power sources to the clinics," she says. "And you'll deal with Frank about the building materials." She gets to her feet. "Thanks for the assistance," she says with a smile. "I'll meet you at the Pirate Cove around 2000. K?" she says as she picks up her trash.

"Sure, and I'll have station security stop by and talk with Trinity." He then smiles and asks, "Is that okay?"

"Perfect. Gotta go. I'm late for a meeting," she says as she dumps her trash in a nearby receptacle. Blowing him a kiss, she turns and hurries off.


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