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Away Mission Inquiry

Posted on Mon May 1st, 2017 @ 3:49pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Commander Evangeline Tyler M.D.

Location: Deck 83-84 Counselor's Office
Timeline: Current

LCDR Strongfellow walks into the counselor's office hoping to get a chance to talk with Dr. Tyler. He looks around and sees no one so he decides to just rest and wait for her.

Returning from the restroom, the department yeoman took note of the commander's presence and asked, "May I help you, sir?"

"I was just wondering if Dr. Tyler was available to see me for a few?" Marcab asks the yeoman.

"Of course, sir," the yeoman answered. "As a matter of fact, she's just begun her walk-in hours for people without an appointment, so your timing is perfect. Feel free to go directly to her office, or if you prefer, I can let her know you're coming, sir?"

Marcab looks at the yeoman and says, "No no I will take care of it. I know you have more important things to do." Marcab then proceeds to the counselor's office. He chimes the door.

"Come in," Evangeline called out, stepping out from behind her desk and walking toward the door. As the doors hissed open upon her command, she smiled and said, "Hello, Commander. Please, make yourself comfortable." Tyler gestured toward any number of chairs in her reception area, adding, "I think this might be the first time you've ever visited my office."

"Second time actually, but this is the first time on purpose." Marcab jokes as he walks to a chair and sits as suggested by the doctor. He waits for Dr. Tyler to sit then asks, "Do you have some time to talk?"

Evangeline understood he was being polite, but she found the question a bit odd since she had already invited him in and they were already talking. She wondered if the question was meant to buy him some extra time before he began talking about what was really on his mind. "Absolutely. How can I help you?"

"I was wondering how you found the away mission to the planet?" he asks.

"It was enlightening," Evangeline replied without hesitation. "It was also unfortunately sad and frustrating. Every person cast away for being sick or injured deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and while I'm glad we are doing something to address the issue, I also know our resources are limited and there will come a time when we are called to assist others just as deserving of our care and concern. Regrettably, the attitudes that have allowed the sick and injured to go without care for so long are going to take a great deal longer to change, and that is frustrating."

"I know. I am glad to have a new perspective of the situation." Marcab tells the doctor. He then asks, "What do you think a counselor's role would do in that situation?"

Evangeline shrugged. "As frustrating as I find it, it's not my place to impose my values on anyone else. All I can really do is provide emotional support and psychological care to the ones I can help and hope, that by seeing the example we set, the elders may have cause to reconsider how they treat people."

"Do you think you can come up with a plan that would outline how we can best help those in need?" he asks her.

Tyler nodded. "Myself and the rest of the counseling staff have been working closely with the medical team to do just that, sir."

"Glad to hear that." Marcab says proudly. "I must admit, I think I have the best counselor in all of Starfleet." he adds. He then asks, "So do you have an interest in more active role in away missions?"

Evangeline smiled at the compliment, appreciating the other man's desire to be supportive and complementary. "Certainly, sir. I'm comfortable in a supportive role, but I'm willing and interested in providing whatever support you feel is necessary."

"Glad to hear it." A sneer then crosses his lips as he tells her, "That might be sooner than you think counselor."


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