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On Duty

Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 5:09am by

Location: Main Operations
Timeline: Current


To say that Dominguez felt like a fish out of water was an understatement. His place was on the flight deck - organizing CAPs, patrols, and escorts.

And yet, due to the orders of Commander Strongfellow, Matt was acting XO. And as acting XO, that meant he had to command the station from Ops during beta shift. It wasn't a role he took to very well. But it was his for the time being, and he wasn't about to do something half assed if he could avoid it.

In an effort to alleviate his boredom, he was walking around to each station and taking a peek at what each duty officer was up to. It wasn't doing much for his boredom, though. In fact it was mostly just aggravating everyone whose shoulders he was looking over.

"Anything to report, Mister Watkins?" he asked, looking over the engineering console with some interest.

"Nothing at the moment, Commander. We got report of a stuck turbolift car on deck 110, section 19 - but there's nobody on it and we've routed lift traffic around it. A team is en route to... unstick it." the petty officer on duty explained. He'd gotten this question from Matt every few minutes for the last three hours. Each time he had nothing to report, and each time Matt had scowled as he walked away. If anything that lift car had been a blessing in disguise - it gave him something to actually report.

The pilot nodded and patted the younger man on the shoulder. "Good work. Keep me apprised of the situation." With that he moved on, leaving Watkins to hope for something else to break.

Next was the science station, something Dominguez really knew very little about. He was able to do basic astrometrics as part of navigation, but the greater mysteries of the cosmos were better suited to others. "Anything on long range sensors, Ensign? Or on short range sensors? Or... anything?"

"Umm... there's a comet passing within fifteen light minutes of the station that we're tracking. It has a pretty interesting tail make up. It may include solid matter pulled from an asteroid field as well as the standard ice and... you really don't care - do you, Commander?"

"I'm sorry, Ensign - you lost me awhile ago. In this case you're above my pay grade. Keep... watching that comet."

On that note, Dominguez walked over to communications. Surely there was something to be plumbed from there. Right?

"Not much, sir. Just the standard chatter. There's a fighter patrol up. A couple of freighters coming in. There's a Klingon ship that recently docked. Plus the typical contacts on the surface. I promise you - if something unusual happens you'll be the first to know." The Chief Petty Officer running the station reported, looking genuinely upset that he didn't have anything for Matt.

Dominguez just sighed. "How do you Ops jockeys do this? I'm ready to stuff myself out an airlock and it's only been three hours."

"Some of us just aren't cut out for white knuckle, edge of your seat, adrenaline rush... stuff that you fighter pilots thrive on." he shrugged. "At least you're only stuck with us for a few days."

"A few long days..." Matt added before walking back to the main console.


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