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Captain's Inquiry

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 5:36am by Trinity Costa & Captain Marcab Strongfellow

Location: Deck 586-687 Promenade "Bliss" nightclub
Timeline: Current

A young female Aenar security member enters the "Bliss". She walks over to the only person she sees. "Excuse me, I am looking for Ms. Costa."

Hans, in his EMH style format as a person, looked up from a PADD he was reading. "Walk to the other end of the bar itself, she will be sitting up against the wall doing her books." He reached out and tapped a key on his side of the bartop, glancing over at Trinity.

Trinity noted the quick flash of light then looked to Hans, who gave the eye movement for the Aenar now standing near to him. She gave a nod.

Hans looked to the Aenar. "Miss Costa will see you. Go on over to where I said."

"Thank you." PO1 Talas replies. She then walks to the area where Trinity is. She stops and asks, "Trinity Costa?"

Trinity, her mind shielded against unwanted telepathic invasion, sat up attentively and gave a smile to the girl even though the Aenar could not see it. "Yes, dear, that's me. What can I do for you?"

"The captain directed station security to see you. He felt that there may be something going on and wanted us to investigate if possible. He also directed us to provide any assistance to you if needed." she states.

Trinity tilted her head. "Uhhh..yeah. About that. Just a gut feeling I got when I noted a couple of newcomers, so I followed them. Nothing came of it." Trin kept it to herself that she wasn't done looking, either.

"Well ma'am is there anything that you can, or would like to report at this time?" the young Aenar asks.

"Come with me," directs Trinity, then comes around the bar. "To my office." Leading the way, Trinity got to her door then stood aside and motioned for the woman to enter, following her inside and closing the door. "Thank you. Some of my patrons prefer a Security free zone to drink in, and I don't need a reputation as a snitch."

"Understood." replied Talas.

Trinity, looking at the white-skinned woman. "All I can say is that I observed a pair of individuals that didn't quite fit in with the normal residents and visitors. A gut feeling told me to follow them, which I did, and so far it has led to nothing." This little inquiry told Trinity that someone was watching her, keeping tabs on her. It was time to go into secure mode and make sure to keep all her business ventures on the downlow. Having once thought about keeping Starfleet in the know through her business loops, that idea was now dashed. If they can't stay out of her business then her business will stay out of their problems. She had taken a hit on the medical supplies, glad to have helped, but that altruism was already running into stumbling blocks.

"Okay thank you ma'am." Talas remarks. "I don't know why the captain asked us to check with you, maybe he thought you needed back-up. I hope that if you ever need us that you will call." She pauses for a moment, then asks "Have you talked to the captain lately?"

"I have not," said Trinity, admitting it openly. "The idea had been entertained a time or two. I served in Starfleet way back in the NX-01 days. I don't wish to rejoin Starfleet, but my Federation Engineering Certificate is on file and up-to-date. Please, let the base Commander know I will talk with him at his convenience, if he thinks I can be of service."

"Will do ma'am." PO1 Talas answers. She then says, "If you will excuse me, I will let you get back to work." Not waiting for any answer, PO1 Talas turns and exits the establishment.

Trinity watched the female leave. Deep in the back of her mind she knew there was a togetherness felt among Starfleet personnel, she had been a part of that many years ago, and a minute part of her being did miss it at times. Glancing around her office, all the decor with a monetary worth far above most, and she grinned to herself. Trinity would consider actually joining the crew, albeit as an 'honorary' position, but needed to maintain an aloof posting so that business could also be conducted without interruption. Shrugging to herself she went back out to the club proper.



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