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Jack that sprocket rocket what're-thing née-bob....what?

Posted on Sat Apr 1st, 2017 @ 1:16am by

Location: Deck 2063 Shuttlebay lift
Timeline: Current

+Ops. to Team Leader 9 what's your update?+

The response was some grunts and half heard utterances that would've seared the paint off the side of a deep space freighter as Lt. Tarqutorum Tonk or Tonk as he was usually called as he slapped in the last sprocket reticulator and ran a variance check on the frequency modulator to ensure a steady enough plasma flow. Grunting this time in a more satisfactory manner he noted there were still some fluctuations but this time they were minimal and well within safety norms.

Tonk slapped his com badge growling in his crusty tone into his com badge"Ops. this is Tonk, the shuttle bay lift is operational, next time some prog wants to move something 30% over its stated weight limit they can fix it their fraggin self!.... I'm moving on to work request 46"

Turning his googled covered eyes to members of his team he picked up his battered yet well stocked tool kit and holstered the tricorder which was now flipped shut, "Good job everyone for some of us we have more work to do but the rest its grub and slug time", which was Tonk's way of saying to go get something to eat, "Pico, Nut-Nut and Tui you're with me, the rest bugger off for a couple of hours...oh and get a shower", he grinned, "Some of you smell almost as bad as my lunch box and that's friggin bad". "Yeah yeah", was a reply from one of the departing team the rest too tired but glad to get some down time.

Lifting his googles up to rest on his forehead Tui pulled a face, her broad and well toned skin rippling with her look of mock distaste, "Now you done it chief, somethings likely to escape outta there now that you've lifted that containment field".

Nut-Nut giggle at the remark waiting for the reply.

Tonk eyeballed Tui for a second as he stood up and hefted his toolkit in a backpack over his shoulder, "Better watch it Tui before I come over there and rub my awesome facefulness against yours to share all I gots"

Tui had a look of whatever as she joined him and the other two as they moved to the next job request.

Without any preamble Tonk lead the way to their next destination his mind reflecting on what brought him here. 2 months ago he'd come aboard and he'd been told that this base would be the hub of all new medical and scientific related work, it would be the best there was for the sector. For Tonk it was his next step, he could have stayed at his last posting and worked his way to Chief Engineer but he wanted to go where there were bigger and more complex challenges regardless of the rank or role he would get. And that meant a starbase but not some small tiny affair he wanted something big and this was big.

His first month had been getting to know where everything was and he was still learning that with all its nooks and crannies, along the way he was getting a feel for the bones and tendencies of 249. She and he used that term much like spacers identified their starships with a gender, had a personality all her own and he liked what he found.

Pico who was following Tonk along the corridor broke into his reflection, "Whats the job ?"

Tonk shrugged before explaining,"Dunno, something about prefabrication for planetside units with medical and scientific grade interiors including isolation zones for biohazard handling and they want it now and now they want some kind of shielding against the local wild life"

Pico deadpanned, "Oh is that all, so well get it done this afternoon or tomorrow morning?"

Tonk grunted saying flatly , "Yeah you want to see where I get the bottle of brandy from to launch this thing?"

Tui cut in to join the banter,"And get tellarite blindness no thank you!"

At which they all laughed as they continued to their destination.


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