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The Waiting

Posted on Sun Feb 26th, 2017 @ 4:55am by Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"

Location: sickbay
Timeline: current


Busy with not only his ER and hospital duties, Marduk was now also delving into implementations for his new posting. O'Dell had discussed it with him and offered it, so to not be prepared to take the reins would be a costly mistake on a professional level. So, in-between everything else in his life, he was now gearing up to run quite a medical facility here at 249. Daunting? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Was he ready? Hell yes. It did bother him, mostly his Klingon side, that an answer had not yet been given.

Despite that inconvenience, Marduk carried on in his duties. When not working, which was rare these days, he always ended up at Club Bliss. Not because there was any particular interest in any of them, except maybe Surla, but because Bliss was a place where people could be themselves, an adult forum where pretty much anything goes. Narcotics, prostitution, illicit trade deals, you name it. What did surprise Marduk more times than not was the fact that Trinity seemed to always be in the know. Her contacts had to be extremely numerous and accurate, and Marduk had no illusions that the El-Aurian was definitely operating in the criminal element. That was obvious with the company she kept. Except, of course, for Orions. Marduk had watched a drunk Trinity, during a private moment in the club, lose her cool and go on a half hour rant about the Orion Syndicate. Club Bliss, he had noted, did not employ Orions, nor did any ever visit, now that he thought on it.

Hatching a plan of his own Marduk grinned at himself as he continued to check charts.



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