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It all happens here, in the light, in the dusk and sometimes in the shadows

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 10:00am by Frank O'Connell

Location: Pirates Cove
Timeline: After the briefing

Ted walks with his usual grace as he traverses the promenade but for this occasion he is attired in his hyper thermals, material that reacts to his body temperature as it changes colour. For his immediate body and for practical purposes a body suit with some pockets for items he needs to carry with him and over this his wraps much like a toga and for personal preference a multi spectrum lens in stylised sunglasses frames because they looked good and allowed him to peel back the shadows when needed. Beside him his new travelling companion and patient the overwhelming solemn klingon, Korvark. Ted flicked a side glance his way and wondered if he wore anything other than black, dark greys and earthen colours, save the klingons ever sentinel roving red eyes he was a picture of gloominess.

In any case their destination was the Pirates Cove, in particular its owner Frank and the services he could provide. "Ah here we are, now promise no violence, Franks a friend and its really bad form to mess ones place up when visiting are we agreed?"

Korvark barely shrugs and grunts in reply as he looks for possible threats as they enter the Cove with Ted in the lead.

Busy at the replicator Frank glances over his shoulder then back to the recipe he is programming. "Welcome back Ted. The usual?" He starts the replicator program running then turns and glares at Ted's companion. "NuqneH!!" He growls jerking his head toward the bottles on the shelves behind him.

Seeing Frank brought a warm smile to Ted's face, as a proprietor he thought the man was a pretty good judge of character, he was friendly but not overly, concerned yet not prying unless invited. The 'Cove' was a pace where people could come and chat, catchup, have some good food and do some business and it was business that Ted was seeking to do right now, "Actually Frank bourbon neat if you please and your ear for a moment if you will". Ted then made his way to one of the open booths.

Korvark growled back his eyes zeroing in on Frank to gauge if he was a threat, he spied some fresh bloodwine in the direction Frank indicated, his brow lifting slightly in surprise as he was a human. His estimation of Frank increased. Korvark raised three fingers to indicate how many tankards he wanted to start with and then stalked over to where Ted had gone casting his gaze about to size up any potential danger, "Tell me again why we are here".

Ted already seated sighed, he'd forgotten how blunt and repetitive one had to be with Klingons at times, "As I said if I'm to treat you I need certain materials, materials I don't have at hand or would take an undue amount of time to get in. Frank maybe able to help. Oh and I remind you once again don't threaten him, hes one of the good people around here".

Frank flipped a glass and poured in two fingers of sour mash and delivered it to the table. He walked back to the store room and returned a moment later with two large tankards in one hand and a mid-sized metal keg in the other, he set a tankard in front of the Klingon then sat with the keg on the floor between them. Frank slammed a fist into the top of the keg, fished the bent piece of metal out from inside and gave it a negligent flip across the room to land behind the bar. He dipped about two thirds of a tankard for himself and leaned back taking a long swallow. He glanced at the Klingon. "What are you waiting for?" He growled. "Help yourself." He turned to Ted. "So how can I help?" He asked.

Korvark gave a wolf grinning smile that liked the way Frank did things sticking his oversized paw of a hand out that snatched the free tankard up and dipped it in the keg a second later. Back up brimming with bloodwine as the overflow splashed over his hand Korvark drank deep, the excess running down both sides of his mouth. Slamming his empty tankard down in satisfaction the Klingon gave a well meaning nod in Franks direction in appreciation, no small honour as the blood wine was flavoursome.

Ted watched on and shook his head in disapproval, he was also one who liked to enjoy his liquor but Klingons just seemed to do it to such an excess. Turning his attention to Frank he thought it best to get to the point, "I have a need for a material, a material we do not have onboard the starbase and while I can order it in, its going to take a while to get here, even in its process state. In short I need Technetium or better yet Technetium-99 for my", nodding to Korvark, "patient here. Technetium is a by product of Plutonium and Uranium when they're combined and the Oraxa's geological survey of the planet said there's plenty down there. However getting that without a formal trading agreement may take time, time Korvark does not have. Hence here we are, can you help?"

After thinking for a moment a grin slowly spreads across Frank's face. "I know a couple of traders I can talk with who might be willing to make a quick quiet trip dirtside." He drained off the dregs in his glass and stood. "Com me in an hour or so and I'll have better details but, don't worry, you'll get the materials you need. Do you have the equipment you need to combine the raw elements or will you need that located as well?"

Ted smiled and looked to the Klingon as if to say I told you so before returning his attention back to Frank, "It would be prudent to process the raw materials in neutral premises instead of mine just in case, so yes a private place with a small processing unit with a localised containment field should do nicely".

Korvark deliberately ignored Ted and slammed the second empty tankard down.

Ted rose as well and as an afterthought said to Frank, "And they'll be discreet yes?"

"I'm sure discretion won't be an issue." Frank said with a smile.
"I'll talk with you soon."


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