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One answer, more questions

Posted on Mon Mar 13th, 2017 @ 10:02am by Trinity Costa

Location: SB 249
Timeline: current


The Saints of Bliss were home, visiting after several weeks on the 'road' doing shows. The Bajoran server, Zyna, had proven herself to be not only useful, but quite the little BLISS crew member. Whatever Trinity asked of her she did without hesitation, and seemed to have little fear for those she was dealing with by directive. Sitting in her owner alcove, watching the small, casual crowd this evening Trinity leaned back in her chair and sipped her Aldeberan whiskey, legs stretched out under the table with her ankles crossed.

Zyna, coming in from the promenade, dressed in her leggings and belly shirt, made her way quickly through the patrons and came over to Trinity's alcove. She stood just outside of its boundaries. "Trin, may I?"

Trinity gave a frustrated sigh, sitting up and waving the girl further into her private spot. "Just when I sit down, get five friggin minutes to myself, someone shows up. Sit," she said gruffly with a finger poked down on the tabletop to reinforce what she had said, and when the gal sat she tilted her head sarcastically while asking, "What?"

"The bagel place across the way, the Bajoran one, is in," provided Zyna.

Trinity's mood suddenly changed and she gave a half grin. "Well, that's something. I never understood Bajorans making bagels, but they needed insurance so I offered. Where's the writ?"

Zyna stood and came around the table to Trin's left side, bending at the waist to show the PADD she had in hand. "Right here, boss."

"For feck sake, girl," says Trinity, sighing again and motioning across the table. "Get the feckin chair and bring it around. I don't need you hovering over me like a tax collector."

Zyna giggled at that, grabbing the chair and picking it up to place it next to Trinity. She knew sliding it along the floor would just bring forth more cursing and bad attitude from her boss. "Better, or do you need a minute to be pissy?"

Trinity almost spewed her whiskey, swallowing fast as she cracked up, giving a playful backhand to Zyna's shoulder. "Bitch. I don't pay you to be funny," says Trinity, now smiling and looking at the PADD. "Shall we continue, or do you need a minute to think up something else clever to say?"

"I get a whole minute?" Zyna winking and smiling. "You're so giving, Trin, thank you so much for not understanding." All that came out with humorous sarcasm.

"Shut the feck up and show me the writ," Trinity giving a giggle as she spoke.

Zyna tapped keys and then turned the PADD for her boss to read. "Signed over. The business is yours off the books, with tribute paid monthly at your rate. However, the clause is that this particular place gets their shipments on time, every time or the deal is off."

"Yeah, yeah." Says Trin. "Same shit, different day. They'll get their goods in good order. What about that lounge next door?"

Zyna deleted all the data on the PADD, speaking while doing so. "Ice and Cookie are seeing to it."

"They better come back with good news," Trin responds. "Cookie is not diplomatic in the least, so I hope Ice keeps her ass in check."

"Boss, they're your people," Zyna says. "Have faith, it'll work out. May I ask you something?"

Trinity leaned back again now that business was done. "Depending on the question you may, or may not, get an answer. But, go ahead."

Zyna was searching her brain as to why Trinity was taking all these chances, so wanted to know. "Well, you seem to be locking down the entire Section 5 on this level. I know that your BLISS crew has been speaking to all the business owners and I see them come back to you. After which you seem happier. Why take the chance at all this?"

"I like to control what comes and goes in my neighborhoods," explains Trinity. "This section, this level, is my 'hood. So, I am making sure that other businesses are on the level, paying us for protection they can't get from Security, and insuring that they receive their wares and what not on time." Looking at the Bajoran woman. "What do you mean 'your Bliss crew'? You, little lady, are a part of that crew too."

"What?" Zyna, shock obvious on her face and in her eyes. "Since when?"

Trinity, sitting up and spinning to face the gal as she put her glass on the table. "The day you took chances and did what I asked of you, you became crew. What sealed it was your willingness to put your ass, figuratively, on the line to tag those two wobbleheads I've been following. Your cut is hanging in my office. When and if I see other skills, you may even earn your Chaos Crew patch."

Zyna gave a squeal and hugging Trinity got her boss to stand up, continuing the hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Returning the hug for a few moments, warmly, Trinity then peeled her off while looking in her eyes. "Don't screw up and you'll be fine. And, you're welcome. You earned it, hon. Anyway, I need to go have a chat with the base commander so get behind the bar and run shit while I'm gone. Need any help just call for Hans." Walking with the Bajoran to the main entrance, the girl going behind the bar to take charge, Trin left.

On her way to the command level Trinity noticed the two men she had tagged eating at a replimat. Turning her path that way and going over to Allen's Antiques, playing the curious shopper as she was looking in the window. Her peripheral vision kept them in sight. Wearing her black pants with gold piping, the white form fitting shirt and a plain black vest (OOC: think of a female Han Solo look), her pistols now being worn in a cross draw style for ease of sitting. Spotting Ryan through the entryway she gave a nod of hello, hearing the men getting up and disposing of their refuse. As they left the replimat Trinity began her discrete following tactics, once again seeing them heading for a cargo area. Once they got into the long corridors, with nowhere really to hide, Trinity had to play catch up. She would stop and let them go along until they turned, then jog forward and peek around the corner. Eventually they ended up in a dead zone hallway on the station. No electronics or consoles, just a part of the superstructure that had been completed and sealed next to a cargo bay.

The two men stayed in that dim corner and from her vantage point and with the distance it was hard for Trinity to make out very much. The cargo bay opened, the personnel door, and a female Starfleet officer in gold stepped out and joined the two. Taking a chance while they were busy Trinity crept up quickly to other doorways and support braces that hid her from view, getting closer and closer until she could see well and overhear conversation. Her eyes glancing around the niche they were in she could see there were no internal sensor nodes here, a blind spot. These boys had done their homework and had cased 249, knowing where to go to remain hidden from view while conducting their affairs.

"Wait, this is all of it," The Andorian was asking.

"It's all we have right now," says the SF officer. "Tell Ch'tang that with all the Klingon activity in Wild Space, many of the independent freighter bums aren't travelling this way for the time being."

The human male spoke. "Tsk-tsk-tsk. Half the data means half the pay."

SF got perturbed. "Hey, not my fault they screwed themselves with all the raids. Pay up or you guys get to sit in a Federation prison."

"Pfft," the human male responding. "I hope you enjoy being in the cell right next to us, toots. We go down, you go down. How things work. We pay you for information so the more you give us, the more we give you."

"Fine," says SF. "Here you go. Put my pay in the account set aside. Bye." She spun and went back into the cargo hold.

The two men chuckled among themselves as they went down another hall, both reading from the PADD as they went. Trinity got out of her hiding spot and went back the way she had come. Every time she was headed to Marcab's office something kept coming up. It was starting to get annoying. But, she now had more information and would surely be asking Surla what the hell was going on.



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