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Playing with Fire

Posted on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 @ 4:23am by Commander Brad Pennell & Frank O'Connell & John Christie & Trinity Costa
Edited on on Sat Apr 22nd, 2017 @ 4:23am

Location: Various Locations


Brad sat in his office going over the various reports of theft on the station as well as reports from the local authorities on some pirate activity that has been affecting local trade routes. As Brad turned to stand up from his desk, a PADD fell from his desk... it was the report from Lieutenant Commander Dominguez on the radiation on the planet surface.

I wonder if I can get some local intelligence on this matter...

Brad grabbed his jacket and headed to the promenade.


He walked into the open and saw Frank.

"How's business Frank," Brad asked attempting to make some small talk.

Frank glanced over and grinned. "Not bad Commander, getting a few deals here and there."

"Can you do me a favor," Brad said in a hushed tone.

A mild look of combined surprise and interest crossed Frank's face. "Of course, never can tell when it will come in handy to have station command owe me a favor." He smirked at Brad to show he was joking....well mostly anyway.

"Can you gather up some of the other merchants... I need some local assistance with a quiet matter," Brad said.

Frank nodded. "I think I could round up a couple people who's discretion can be counted on." He said. "I get the sense you don't want us trooping through Ops to your office though."

"Can we meet in Cargo bay 16... let's say 2100 hours," Brad asked.

"Can do." Frank replied. "I'll get the word out. See you at 2100." He turned away and walked down to the Pirates cove, nodding at Q as he passed behind the bar he went into his office and sealed the door. Frank sat at his terminal and thought for a moment then tapped out a quick message.

NEED A HAND.....C.B. 16......2100

He tapped send then sat back to go over some of the 'reports' that had come in the last few hours from his people around the station.

Cargo Bay 16

"Thank you all for coming... I have a problem... our intelligence on this part of the sector is limited at best and I need to know more about the local gang, outlaws and pirates," Brad said. "We are seeing an increase in raids on merchant vessels in the area since we arrived here," Brad continued. "Now that leads me to this... there is a large amount of an unknown radiation that is driving the local animal population to attack the people in the small villages that are outside the capital and I suspect that it has something to do with the increase in raiding as well as an increase in the merchant traffic here on the station," Brad continued. "You all know as well as I do that I can request safety scans of merchant vessels and increase patrols until my face turns blue, but I am never going to get the 'delicate' information that any one of you can gather," Brad said.

"Now before I even begin to ask for assistance from any of you, I know that there will always be a price tag associated with that request," Brad said. "Let me just say that if it isn't "illegal" and it is within my power... then we have a deal," Brad said cautiously. "If you accept this deal, take one of these encryption keys," Brad said as he extended his hand with 4 chips. "This is a special encryption key is only accessible by me through several layers of codes and bio-metric security layers... just input your information into a simple PADD and plug this in, then watch it work," Brad explained.

Trinity, reaching out and taking the chip, looked at Pennell. "Thank you, Commander. I'll do my best to assist, no cost needed. Also, Commander, I would say talk to HoD Surla. She has founded her House in Wild Space, lots of traffic, and she may have insights."

Once that was said Trinity gave the man a look, hoping he interpreted it as 'we need to speak privately'. The information she had on that Starfleet officer in cahoots with the criminals needed to be voiced. But, with who she was, Trinity would never walk into Security and spill it, since that is the one place above all others where internal sensors log your presence. Maintaining her cover was paramount to Federation security, and she rarely broke that for anyone.

John looked around at the others, there seemed to be a tension in the air that wasn't present a few moments before, he stepped from behind Trinity and plucked a key from Brad's hand. "Aye lad, I'll keep me eye's skinned fer ye."

Taking the proffered chip Frank grinned at Brad. "I've got a few lines I can run down, I'll let you know what I find. And don't worry Commander I won't do anything to get you in trouble."

Brad waited until everyone left the Cargo Bay and wanted to make sure that no one saw him leave the area.

=^=Secure transport to my office, Commander Pennell Security Code Bravo 39 Charlie=^=

Once Pennell beamed out Trinity turned and left the cargo bay. She really, really needed to talk to Surla. She needed more up-to-date reports of traffic and merchant participants.



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