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Preventative Measures

Posted on Mon May 8th, 2017 @ 3:31pm by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D

Location: Science Services Office
Timeline: Current


With a PADD filed with data from 2 years ago, Mikayla marched into the Science Services Office. "Is Morok in?" she asked the Petty Officer sitting at the outer office desk.

"Yes, ma'am," the young woman answered.

"No ma'am. Just doctor," Mikalya corrected the PO. "Is he busy?"

"No. Go on in," the PO said with a smile.

"Thank you," Mikayla smiled back and walked to the door. She knocked twice and pressed the latch and the door slid open. Got a minute?" she asked the "Geek Liason", as he was known to the non-scientific community on MARS.

A goggled wearing Morok looked around in surprise at the doctors arrival, his attention had been transfixed on a nearby 1 meter round holographic projection of multi-spectral lights dancing and swirling in upon itself like a swirling mass of molten lights on a table near his desk. Lifting his goggles (OOC: Kept typing google lol) Morok whiskers shivered characteristically as he tilted his head slightly in a questioning manner and smiled in greeting remembering not to show his teeth as this could be sometimes misunderstood by non-Caitians. "Greetings Dr. O'Dell how can I help?", Morok panted in his peoples growling tone, speckled green feline like eyes regarding her yet not blinking. His padded hands reach for nearby controls and a shaded filter appeared over the swirling lights to greatly reduce their radiance.

"That's beautiful. What is it?" Mikayla asked, staring at the swirling lights almost hypnotically. She caught herself and shook her head to break the trance.

Morak tongue tip was briefly visible as he sampled the air, another caitian habit as he glance back at the colourful but now greatly dimmed hologram. For Morak the hologram was even more reduced in brilliance and clarity and he wasn't as take with it as the doctor was but he put that down to their comparative species eyesight capabilities.

"That is another of the MARS projects that's been forwarded to us for consideration, something to do with self-sustaining photons in some areas of the light spectrum that may have healing benefits for patients. I'm not seeing it myself so far but it suggests there maybe a connection to radions and that maybe outside of what we do here as it appears to be more quantum physics than medical science, don't you agree?"

Mikayla looked at Morak with one of those you say what? looks Humans get when they have no idea what you are saying. "Sure. Why not," she said with a shrug. "Ensign....the reason I'm here is I have some data I would like you to go over," she said, changing the subject and holding out the PADD. "It's the chemical make up of the saliva of the Tracken...the creatures you may have heard about on the planet. It's the best we could come up with as the substance is so acidic it would eat through the slides after 3 or 4 minutes. Mr. Darkron is wanting to go down to the planet with a team of Marines to "study"," she made quotation marks in the air, "the things. I say eradicate them but Darkron has the CO's support so I have been out voted. We need to come up with some sort protect our people from the Tracken's saliva. I am hoping you might be able to help."

Morak nodded slowly breaking eye contact as he was unsure what to say about the eradication and he was doubly cautious as rank was being used in their conversation which to him indicated this was a formal situation. Reaching out he looked over the data on the PADD and transferred the findings to Science Services virtual data hub so he could pull the information from any of the terminals. Passing back the PADD Morak spoke to the air, "Computer activate 3D display, access Science Services Virtual Hub Morak, science sample 15-Alpha and run a level 3 chemical diagnostic. In particular we're looking for a form of neutralization for this acid".

Turning back to O'Dell he shrugged, "I've heard of a creature but not its name, before my time. This can be as long or as short a process to figure out a counter agent depending on the makeup of the acid. If that creature the Tracken used a highly concentrated acid then it must have a natural way to neutralize the acid so as not to be affected by its corrosive properties. Off the top of my head I would say a confinement field or lots and lots of water would help dilute the acid but those ph levels were very high".

"I was hoping for something a little more scientific," Mikayla muttered with disappointment.

The sound of the computer completing its diagnostic drew their attention as data appeared as columns of numbers then finally as computerized conclusions. Caitian eyes took all this in as his tail slowly curl up and swayed gently like a waving palm tree, "I don't recognize some of these element combinations. Its going to take a while to see if there is any form of effective protection that can be taken but I do recommend right now that if they're going to come in contact with this creature they have lots and lots of layers of protection"

Mikayla sighed. "I'm sure that isn't going to work," she said. "If the stuff can eat through glass and metal no amount of clothing layers will stop it." She stood up. "Oh well. Sorry to have taken up your time, Morak. I'll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing," she said with a disappointed smile and headed for the door. She stopped, suddenly, and knitted her brow, thoughtfully. Slowly turning around she said, "that thing...," she pointed to the dancing light thingy. "...when I looked at it...before you dimmed almost hypnotized me. How did it not have that effect on you?"

"Purrrhuh?", Morak said deep in thought about the acid problem then looking back at the hologram, "Oh that's because as a Caitian we have different light receptors in our eyes in comparison to humans, we have sharp near vision and can see well in low light and with a wider perspective but our richness and saturation of colour is much more filtered down so light colour treatment is less effective including any kind of hypno0tic effect. However your reaction to it is fascinating and I'll need to run further tests.......filtered down I wonder.."

Morak's whiskers seem to twitch more so than normal as he looked from the hologram back to O'Dell then back again, his eyes widening in excitement, "Perhaps the answer or the interim answer to your problem is a matter of filtering instead of complete neutralization. What if people wore a personalized scattering or repelling force field configured for this acid, it wont stop the acid completely but it could slow it down for a short time until they got under water to wash any acid off. I'm sure an engineer could put something like that together."

"Too bad we can't use your light thingy to hypnotize them," Mikayla said. "If we got together with Engineering, would you be able to collaborate with the scientific end of this and come up with something?" she asked, still standing by the door.

Morok shrugged with regard to the light hologram as he still had doubts about its effectiveness against creatures with limited visual sensory range. Stretching languidly he cocked his head as if to consider the question but in fact he just wanted to stretch a little bit more, "Yes Cdr., I can do that just tell me when", unaware of the timeframe that might be involved.

"Meet me in Engineering in 20 minutes," Mikayla said, feeling hopeful again. "And bring the data," she added, pointing to the PADD she had given him earlier. With that she dashed out of the office. She had one more quick stop to make.



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