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Meeting the Commanding Officer

Posted on Mon Jun 19th, 2017 @ 7:01pm by Captain Marcab Strongfellow & Captain James Racktor & Sergeant John Templar & Chief Petty Officer Serena Reed

Location: Captains Ready Room, Deck 12
Timeline: Current

Templar knew from almost Ten years as a Fleet Marine there was places to avoid if at all possible. Command level decks being one of them. As he stepped off the lift he was noticed quickly by passing staff in the passageways. You had to know your place in the Fleet to survive it. And although he had a reason to be in this area it certainly didn't mean he belonged here. This deck was not Johns world. He had learned his place in the Fleet several years ago after sitting in bars and barracks card games of much older and hardened sergeants.

Templar would report and set the best image he possibly could, then return to his world..

Stations were extremely large structures. The area on Deck Twelve was no exception. Filled with Fleet Officers and Security's watchful eyes. Meeting rooms of glass and wood where all the decisions were hammered out, with the Commanders ready room being the hub of all of them. John spotted a pleasant Petty Officer obviously directing crew access to the Commanding Officer.

The sergeant waited and stated his business. "Sergeant John Templar, Forth Marines. Reporting in to the commander as ordered Ma'am'."

"Very well sergeant, welcome to the station. this may take a while as you see we are right in the middle of watch changeover. I'll see if I can get you in." PO1 Reed tells the sergeant.

Templar smiled and thanked her as he spotted a open seat to wait.

Serena enters chimes the door to the captain's ready room.

Marcab and CPT Racktor are having a discussion about the up coming mission. Hearing the chime, CDR Strongfellow looks at Captain Racktor and says, "Just a moment." He then yells, "Enter."
James said Sure Commander " James was looking over his department staff and saw a sergeant john templar on his staff.
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Serena enters, not knowing that the captain was in a meeting. She immediately says, "Oh sorry sirs. I didn't know that you were in a meeting."

CDR Strongfellow smiles and says, "It's okay." He immediately asks, "What can I do for you?"

PO1 Reed informs the captain that the Marine arrival was waiting to be seen.

CDR Strongfellow says, "Oh that's good timing then since his CO happens to be here as well." Marcab looks at Serena and informs her to send in the sergeant.

"Aye aye sir." PO1 Reed states. She turns and exits the ready room. She immediately walks over to where the sergeant is sitting. "Sergeant Templar, the captain will see you now." She points towards the captain's ready room as she informs him of this. She then starts to walk away, and with a smile a small chuckle tells him, "Oh and be prepared for a surprise once you enter."

John Thanked her and entered The room, swiftly observing Both officers. The sergeant following protocol stepped to the Commanding Officers desk at ridged attention and saluted.

"Sir, Sergeant John Templar, Forth Marines, reporting Starbase Two-Forty-Nine as ordered."

James spoke first "Sergeant Templar please to meet you this is Commander Marcab Strongfellow Commanding Officer of Starbase 249. I'm Captain James Racktor Commanding Officer of the SFMC 4th Marine Battalion 10th Marine Regt Company Commander here on sb 249" James said.

"Pleasure to meet you sir." Templar shook the Marine Captain's hand. "The Tenth has an amazing record Sir." He turned to Commander Strongfellow. "I have waited a few years for this assignment Sir"

Marcab extends his hand and states, "Sergeant, it's a pleasure to meet you." After they shake hands, Marcab tells everyone, "Please have a seat." Marcab then sits in his chair. Once everyone is seated, the captain looks at SGT Templar and states, "I hope your trip here was uneventful."

'Yes Sir, almost catatonic most of it. I caught up on some reading and my sleep." John remained still in his chair. He perceived this might turn into more of a meeting than just a routine welcome. In the past he had never been asked to take a chair..

"Glad to hear that." CDR Strongfellow tells him. "We were just discussing some matters in regards to the Marines." He then asks, "Did they give you your duty assignment yet?"

"My orders are from the Fourth Marine Replacement Battalion Sir. I imagined as a Combat Engineer I would be tasked in building Marine and Fleet infrastructure either on the Station or Oraxa. As a marine artificer I can build it or destroy it, However Sir My orders seem pretty open to your discretion as to where I'm needed."

Templar was confident in the statement, and it really didn't matter what or where he actually landed. He would get it done.

James looked at his Department Staff Roster " I have been in Contact with the Marine Commandant General Hawke And he informed me you will be assign to my unit as the service platoon sergeant with in my unit." James said.

"Very good Sir."

"What is that?" CDR Strongfellow inquires as he is relatively unfamiliar with the SFMC. He is still learning how they work and he tries to stay abreast as much as he can.

James Ractor describeed the position of service platoon sergeant for Commander Marcab"Service Platoon sergeant would include the transport section, supply section, mess section, armorer section and the HQ platoon and the sergeant trains the marines for special missions."he said.

Templar just grinned, he was sure there would be much more. He wondered if he would have any assistance getting all that done....

CDR Strongfellow looks at both men, grins and says "Well it sounds like SGT Templar will sure be busy. He will need to ensure all the weapons in the Marine armory are in good condition and serviceable before the group heads out on the away mission."

Templar did not speak, but nodded to the Commander that he clearly understood the task. John knew where the Armory was located and would get that knocked out first thing.

At that moment, both Marines got up from their chairs and exited the captain's office.


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