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Bag Drag

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 @ 5:52pm by Sergeant John Templar

Location: Deck 121, Marine Barracks
Timeline: Current

John Templar traveled light. He really had no choice as a Junior Non Commissioned Officer in the Marines. However the assignment to a Starbase was much better than he hoped for. Templar had served on smaller vessels, where living and personal space just didn't exist. Over the last several years He "Hot bunked" with his squad and fellow Marines under noisy tubes, mechanical areas and floors of cramped armories. An assignment to a station was indeed a upgrade for a Marine.

Arriving at his new and possibly temporary billet, John swiped his card and entered. It was a small common room sparsely furnished with a sofa and several chairs. The walls bare as the custom in Marine barracks and a shared bath between the occupants. The motion lights activated as he entered and Templar could see a small counter and replicator in a wall desk unit. It was clean and very quiet. John shared these quarters with two other sergeants and observed empty name plates on the other two doors. Clearly he was the first to arrive. He dropped his bags and swiped his card on door 177, his assigned sleeping quarters. A small room, bunk, equipment locker and closet. That was it. John didn't waste time nosing about. He returned to the common room and grabbed his bag and started getting what little he had stowed away. He needed a few things and was getting hungry. His berth was quite close to everything really. The mess hall was on the same deck down a long passageway, the gym beside it. The Promenade was up a few decks which was beyond convenient.

Templar cleaned up and changed into the only casual clothes he had brought with him.. A light Brown pair of tactical cargo pants and a blue button down shirt. He would need to definitely pick up a few items and some workout clothes. Templar glanced around and slid his name tag into his door plate making the move complete as he headed out.

The Main Promenade Deck on the station was a massive endeavor of established shops and business of every sort. John could see that construction was being done everywhere. Contractor activity was high and some areas blocked off. Templar observed the security presence, this not uncommon on a station located on a trade route or in Planetary Orbit. He spotted an Observation area and out the glass a stellar view of Oraxa. Mesmerized at world moving beneath the white clouds. Very nice. John wondered how long it would be until he had an opportunity to visit the place... He broke away from the scene the moment he smelled the odor of grilled food from a cart close by....

Very content after filling his Primal need of grilled meat on a stick, John moved quickly through a few selected shops to get some clothes and personal items he needed. Returning to his quarters to sort the issue out and take a nice long nap on a full stomach.


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