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Why waste my time?

Posted on Sun Jun 4th, 2017 @ 9:26am by Trinity Costa

Location: Club Bliss
Timeline: current


Trinity walked in, seeing Zyna at the bar, so she made her way over. "Shut it down."

Zyna looked confused. "Shut what down?"

"Our investigation," stated Trin. "It seems any information we provide will be ignored. To hell with Starfleet, let them find their own answers. We'll get rich and move on."

"Why the sudden change of heart?" Asked Zyna.

Trinity looked over, grinning, with no joy in that expression. "For months we have been trying to come up with answers. No one wanted to work with us, no one seemed to care, then all of a sudden it's an issue. Typical Starfleet behavior. Not important until it effects them directly. So, my little queendom will continue and they will get nothing from me."

Zyna shook her head. "That's just messed up."

"Not my fault," said Trinity, her tone denoting an uncaring stance. "They want to ignore me, even after all the hard work I've put into this, then so be it. I interrogated the Human male you had cornered, and received quite a bit of information after I threatened to remove his testicles. But, once again, no one cared." She gave a shrug. "Again, not my problem."

Zyna polished glasses. "That's unfortunate. I thought we could help make a difference." She gave her own shrug. "Let's get rich, then."

Trinity put a hand on Zyna's shoulder, a show of love and gratitude. As an El-Aurian, friendships ran deep. "Send out word to pull back all operations in regards to 249. Let our brethren know that Starfleet can find its own answers."

"Will do, boss." Zyna stepped over to the comm. "Give me five minutes, and done."

Trinity gave a nod as she rounded the end of the bar to set up for another live performance. As an agent of the Federation, being ingnored, it burned her ass. She had set things in motion to provide Starfleet with some answers. Not all the answers, but leads. The creatures down below, it was more than radiation that had caused their aggression. It was bio-mimetic gel, she had the proof in hand. Bio-mimetic gel was a liquid substance used in the study of genetics that was highly regulated as contraband by Federation law. Its sale was forbidden, and it could be hazardous if not transported correctly. Its applications included the creation of biogenic weapons and organic explosives, as well as illegal genetic and cloning experiments. Even attempting to obtain the substance was a felony in the Federation.

But, no one seemed to care, so she had shoved 'caring' out the window. Sitting down in her niche, taking up her PADD, Trinity casually went through her books.



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