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Relaxation Time

Posted on Thu Jun 22nd, 2017 @ 8:32pm by Trinity Costa & Captain Marcab Strongfellow

Location: Deck 586-687 Promenade "Bliss" nightclub
Timeline: Current

Marcab needed some time to relax. He enters "Bliss" for the entertainment. He looks around and sees an open table. He approaches it and has a seat. He thinks 'I need to do this more often.'

Trinity, in the back at the grill, looked up when Zyna stepped into her area. "The base commander is in house. Sitting quietly at a table. What should I do?"

"Nothing," stated Trin, handing over her spatula. "Finish my breakfast and I'll see to the newest patron." Removing her apron, revealing her white female poet shirt and form fitting black pants with gold piping down the legs, Trinity grinned and walked out to the front. Scanning the room and finding the base CO, Trinity approached his table, looking at his collar as she did so. "Captain Marcab, nice to have you down here slumming." She giggled and extended a hand. "Not meaning to be disrespectful, just my way of doing things. Trinity Costa."

Marcab stands and shakes her hand. He then tells her, "Please just call me Marcab." He returns to his seat. He then looks at the owner and says, "Please have a seat if your not too busy."

Trinity gave a courteous nod and then sat down, crossing her legs at the thigh as she leaned back into her chair. A server came and stood beside her, asking Trin what she wanted. "I'll have a large raktajino and a shot of kali-fal." Trinity, looking at the base commander. "Marcab?"

"Hot tea please." Marcab answers. He then looks at Trinity and asks, "So how do like the station?"

"It is large and sophisticated, what's not to like?" While asking that she gave a smile at the mirth of the statement. "Beyond that, I am content. Everyone on this level and in this section seems pretty friendly. We look out for each other." Quirking a brow in a pseudo-serious look, she then gave the same query. "How do you like the station?"

The drinks were brought over, the server placing them before the right patron and then leaving. Trinity took up the shot and opened her thermomug of Klingon coffee, pouring the shot into it. Setting the shot glass aside and closing her mug she began sipping while chatting.

Marcab takes a drink of his tea. He then sets the glass down, looks at Trinity and tells her, "Well I have been here since the remodeling. I'm still not sure I have seen the whole station. Although it is better than some duty stations I have had." He then smiles big and says, "One positive thing since I have come here is that I have met someone special. She is caring and beautiful."

Trinity, raising her browse at that, set her cup on the table. "Really? Good for you, Captain." She motioned around the club. "This kind of atmosphere only does so much. Matters of the heart should always be treated with care. I have a few children out there, I hope are still alive, so I know that feeling well."

"Well while I don't have children, I do have some family that I hope is still alive. I haven't seen them since before the academy." Marcab replies.

"Captain," said Trinity, looking him in the eye. "This talk of family is all fine and good, but what is bothering you? The fact I have this entire section locked down, or that I am myself and have no rules to follow?"

Marcab just smiles. "It is always nice just to have someone to chat with that isn't in Starfleet. Plus I like to get to know the shop owners the best I can. All day I am surrounded by Starfleet personnel and can sometimes forget the needs of the civilian population that lives here on the station." he remarks to her.

Taking a long sip of coffee, Trinity observing this man while he spoke. Bringing the cup away from her mouth and resting it on the table. "Fair enough. I was Starfleet, a long time ago. I'm sure you are familiar with Captain Archer and the NX-01? I know how lonely it can get out here, and for CO's, it goes double." Softening her eyes, trying to meet this man on his level, Trinity began grinning. "I have a merchant business, I understand worrying about those under your charge. It is never easy and never relents. But, we chose to be who we are so we must be steadfast."

Marcab chuckles. He then tells her, "That is quite true." He pauses for a moment, takes a drink of his tea then says "Understand that I am happy that I have been given this chance, especially after every thing that has happened to me." He then cracks a slight grin as he says, "I am happy to command a station where I get the chance to interact with all types of people as well as the chance to meet the challenges of those under my charge. This is a very unique place. We have ships from Starfleet as well as our allies that dock here for upgrades and repairs, we have civilian freighters that come through with their own unique challenges, we have those that had chosen to live and work here on the station. Then on top of that, we have the great chance to bring a new culture and peoples into the Federation with the Oraxans." Pausing to take a breath, he then continues on to say, "I just sometimes feel all alone and can forget that I am not alone on this huge station and that there are others that want to share in these tasks."

Sipping more coffee as she took all that in, Trinity giving a slight grin as she met his eyes. "I'll assist in any way I can. I know people from all walks of life, and in many different professions. People muck about here on these walkways, around this section, we all get together and settle it. We look out for each other."

"Glad to hear it." Marcab replied. "How's station security doing in your estimate?" he then asks.

"Honestly," stated Trinity. "I haven't noticed. As far as I can recall they are doing fine." Trin leaned forward and shook his hand, but in doing so surreptitiously slipped a jump drive into his hand, saying in a low tone. "You truly need me, what I can bring to bear, send me a message. I check it daily, and then we'll get together to see what I can offer."

Marcab returns the hand shake, accepting the gift from Trinity. He replies, "I will keep that in mind." He continues on to tell her, "You know you can always stop by the office to 'visit a friend' if you ever needed to also." Marcab then takes the device and puts it in his pocket.

Trinity, giving a nod and grin. "I may just do that, Captain. And, congratulations on the promotion." Having put all the data on the bio-mimetic gel on the jump drive, and her comm code, Trinity felt that she had done something right, something true. She was feeling good about the decision. "I will contact my merchants and get traffic steered this way more often. This far out it is tough for folks to not feel isolated."

Marcab thinks for a few minutes then says to Trinity, "It sounds like you have everything under control."

"Not everything." Trinity shrugging as she spoke. "Some things more than others, but that's life. After a few centuries of learning the hard way I've developed a good system for keeping tabs on things. Lots of contacts helps, as well."

Marcab laughs. "Well I guess age does have its privileges." he states after he stops laughing. He finishes his tea.

"It does," said Trinity, agreeing, even though her eyes were showing a depth of thought. Her expression becoming somewhat darker. "A long life span comes with its own problems."

"I am sure of that." Marcab replies. He continues on to state, "I can only image the amount of friends and family that you may have lost."

Trinity slowly nodding at that. "With my people and the genetic engineering that made us the way we are, we lost something along the way. Our children grow and wander, some never to be seen again."

"I have some idea of what that is like." Marcab says. The tone of his voice is that of a deep sadness. He continues on to tell Trinity, "I have been separated from my family since I was young. I have been hoping to find them one day, that is why I was happy to be assigned to a starbase. I thought maybe, just maybe, they might find their way here one day."

Nodding along with him, in understanding, Trinity looks him in the eye. "I thought I saw one of my daughters not too long ago. It has been over a hundred years since I saw her last. But, it was a fleeting glimpse and I did not pursue. Being here, with who I am now, I hope for the same thing."

With that Marcab stands up and says, "Thank you for the company and the conversation. I think I should go now." His voice still having a tone of deep sadness. He then tells Trinity, "Maybe we could do this again some time." Not waiting for a response he leaves the establishment and heads for home.

Trinity, watching him leave, then took up the empties and took them to the bar. She would definitely meet him at another time, and in more secure surroundings.



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