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Ouija Science

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Location: MARS Med lab
Timeline: Current

They looked an odd pairing the short yet broad tellerite engineer with jangling bits of equipment hanging off his harnessed overalls walking alongside the agile and yet fluid caitian science officer. Both were deep within MARS territory having to go through multiple security checks by way of visual and audio scans and one could imagine ID confirmation before reaching the lab proper. Morok noted there were increased security presence since his last visit when a project leader by the name of Thumbello Glosk was fired by the MARS Director and he'd been unwittingly dragged into the confrontation between he two with the project leader being fired and removed.

A hologram of a bald red skinned humanoid of above average height appeared wearing a black duty uniform with a thin red strip running across the chest with a red circle the size of a fist over the left side of his chest with the Word MARS stencilled in black. The holograms appearance was congenial enough with eyes that had softly glowing gold irises.

"Welcome to the MARS lab, my name is Parson and I will be your guide from this point on please follow me", Morok eyebrows rose in interest, another change he wasn't aware of, what else had the Director been up to. Both followed the hologram who remained silent for the rest of their journey, there were more people about going about there business and he noted some of the people also had a hologram with them.

Finally they came to a set of doors that lead them into a lab, inside Ted Darkron was looking at a large screen with the image of the interior of a office building construction site, mostly built but missing some internal panels and much of the furnishing with what furniture there wrapped in plastics. Looking round Ted smiled as they approach and the guiding hologram faded from sight.

"Welcome Morok and if I'm not mistaken Lt. Tonk from engineering?"

Tonk gave a curt nod and snorted casting a glance at the screen, it looked familiar.

Morok nodded in greetings, "You've read the request I sent you and peruse the information attached to the request about the Tracken?"

Ted nodded slowly as he returned to business, "Yes indeed, you want to find a way to track the Tracken's movements and yet the security logs of its last visit are sporadic, partially due to the incomplete stage the starbase was at including some downed internal sensors at the time and also some as yet unknown ability the Tracken has to conceal its movement as well as the limited examination the creature had before it was disposed of?"

"Yes", Morok said quietly.

Tonk piped up in grizzled fashion, "Lets not forget some protection against its acid melting saliva which we may have in fact figured out, at least to slow its effects down. Think you can beat that?", he grinned.

Ted looked and met Tonks gaze matching his grin with one of his own, "Maybe, I had some prior access afforded me so I could get a head start after the briefing I attended with the other senior officers when the Tracken matter was raised. It got me thinking that there are many ways sensors record information and the creature was hard to miss when seen so that indicated some kind of invisibility, other form of movement or teleportation. So I looked at the starbases sensor logs for that period in known sightings and noted some strange spikes that were out of character for their locations".

"Yes?", Morok prompted.

Ted turned to the big screen and activated the controls, the image had a filtered quality to it that cast the image in shades of grey with wisps of visible gusts and the odd sprinkling of static. Suddenly a barely visible shape entered the room, it was crouched low and seemed to be sniffing its surroundings much like a hunting predator before it shot off out of the picture.

"That I believe was the Tracken", Ted said.

Morok spoke, "How did you track it?"

"By refiltering the images to be more sensitive to other possible elements in the room", Ted replied.

"Bullshit", Tonk blurted out, his problem solving mind analyzing the information he had just seen and coming up with a more likely conclusion, "Its more likely the Tracken has a capability to get out of phase with our visual receptors thus making it appear invisible but not able to completely fool all the sensors this starbase has"

Ted nodded in agreement Tonks conclusion did seem more likely and it was only luck that he stumbled across this as he'd been playing around with some security video footage and its filters, "I am incline to defer to Tonks analysis however some of the locations we believe it may have passed through have no evidence of its passing"

Tonk screwed his face up at that, "Awwh crap so it might be able to phase out to a point where it actually isn't even here and then reappear elsewhere. It must be able to see from that state to navigate pass barriers. That's just great, okay, okay", the tellarite thought, "If you show me how you got that filtered image I might be able to replicate that capability in the protective suits head gear the away team will be using"

Morok looked on saying, "Will all this work?"

Tonk shrugged, "Damned if I know, it might, this is all throw together spur of the moment stuff. You're telling me some meat sacks are chasing a creature that likes to hunt them and can go invisible and possible phase out completely. How you going to find them, close up you have a fair chance but where do you start?"

Ted shrugged, "That's a good question, in any case we have a means to see them sort of and there's some protection. When do you think you'll have the suits ready Tonk?"

Tonk squinted as he considered all that needed doing, "The basic gear we already have in the NBC suits, the adjustment to the heads up displays, changes to allow for visual filtering to see the thing. Slap on some marine armour padding to slow the creatures attacks. My engineering team can get a dozen suits ready in 24hrs."

Morok smiled at that, "Well then I'll pass that information on"

Meanwhile Ted thought, "As long as it works"

Tonk thought, "It could go Fubar real fast"


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