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Walking About The Station

Posted on Fri Jun 16th, 2017 @ 12:17am by Sergeant John Templar & Trinity Costa

Location: Bliss Deck 586
Timeline: Current

In processing to the station had been murderously boring. Templar had a inbound checklist that seemed endless. Every section seemed either closed or not functional at all. He decided to put it aside and venture out to relax and check out the entertainment side of things. After a quick stop at his quarters to change into something casual and acceptable for upscale pub crawling he was on his way...

The Bliss Nightclub was the main feature on deck 586 and larger than some colonies he had visited. John couldn't remember the last time he had entered a Club this size. He took the Bliss in for a few seconds and headed for a very large bar close to the entranceway. It was busy but not crowded and a early evening crowd was just starting to roll in. Templar thought about a huge Steak right off the bat but a few drinks at the bar to get his bearings of this monster would be needed.

Trinity was wearing her Underarmor shorts and sports bra, the ever-present particle weapons not on her hips tonight. She was helping stock the bar, that time of the night coming on where the Starfleet personnel were looking for their after-shifter. "Line 'em up, Zyna. All shots are free to Starfleet tonight, if we have it in stock." Trin was a woman of class, and to serve synthehol, in her opinion, was a sin.

In the dim light Two severs appeared. The dark haired female would immediately catch anyone's eye. John pulled up a seat resting his elbows on the bar along with several others seemingly just arriving. As his eyes adjusted he watched as the taller female was rapidly stocking the bar. It was quite clear she was in charge, It was hard not to stare and John drank a shot slowly. however he did notice that she was in very good shape, with a Tattoo low on her back. The way she moved behind the bar was almost tactical. Fighter? Dancer? Probably a great deal of both...

Trinity had that sixth sense, that she was being watched. So, while loading coolers she used her peripheral perception to try and locate the source, and after a few inspections, thought she found the culprit. Filling the ice bin she then leaned on the bar, facing a man with physique and an errant eye for females. "You been here long, sailor?" She was testing waters, to see if she had been right. Profiling was as much a science as it was a gut feeling.

John chuckled out loud. He smiled. "Been here almost a day now, and enjoying every minute of it. This is Paradise compared to where I was last week." John lifted both arms wide looking around the club. He felt bad about distracting the Lady...

"John Templar, guilty new sailor. At your service."

"Trinity Costa," she offered a hand. "Owner and proprietor of Club Bliss. We need more marines in here, so should I sing some Pretty Reckless?" Trinity giggling.

Templar laughed. "Absolutely, or you could sing a tune about their old Mothers and make them cry like babies. Can't really fail with us. Throw raw meat at them.. they just don't care." He shook Trinity's hand. John didn't expect Trinity Costa to be the owner. She looked so young. She had to have a big history to own a club this size... He smiled. Can't change the eyes, windows to the soul they said. "I'm quite sure the Marines will find this place very quick. Hell I did, only took a few hours."

"I'll be glad to have them," responded Trinity. "There's a particular crew of Klingons who visit now and then, so marines are just another extension of that. All the breakables are put away," she giggled. "As an El-Aurian I have made many friends in all four quadrants of the known galaxy, but Klingons I find refreshing. They speak their mind, with no sugar coating."

Templar took a drink, He knew first hand that a Klingon would back you every time under fire.. "Have to respect Klingon integrity... solid". He also heard she was El-Aurian, That explained quite a bit. Trinity's stunning appearance just the outer shell of a sage that could possibly, and likely several centuries old...

"Well if you have any issues with marines I'm sure your more than capable of handling that. This marine avoids drama." He was very sincere about that. Templar had too much history already in a career in which few made it to retirement.. He really had to do something about the marine thing. She had him pegged as a grunt as soon as he walked in.. But it was just a job. It wasn't who he actually was, especially off duty.

"So what's going on tonight here at your fine establishment?"

Trin's Bajoran bar manager came over with a PADD, making sure to say Trinity's name before she tapped the shoulder. "Hey, boss, need your sig for a shipment." She looked up at the man across from them, liking the ruggedness to his stature. She winked as Trin read, then signed and handed the PADD back. Off she went.

"I did time in Starfleet," she gave a knowing smile. "I was on board NX-01 Enterprise from day one, in engineering. Archer, Tucker, T'pol...they were all heroes who went above and beyond every day." Her smile faded, her eyes deepening. "The pain of a long life, outliving those you've come to love. Beyond that the Federation relies on my organization, The Cabal, for intelligence. Small stuff, even hearsay, passed on if we think it may have merit. Nothing ever transmitted, always hand-offs. It's my little contribution."

John was sad. shaking his head, "Not sure how you have been able to continue so long. I guess it has to be a gift really. So many lives, so many feelings and faces. It must torment you at times." He took another drink. "But think of the lives you have saved... That's how I get through it."

Templar knew she was fleet all the way. Serving on 01 she walked beside legends.. John didn't see her loneliness, he felt it, but just for a split second. But in that second the rush of a hundred years passed by, and faded. After a pause he snapped out of it. What could he ever say to this woman that hadn't been said over the years.. John smiled.

"So what's a fine lady such as your self have planned for the next Eighty years?" He couldn't help but laugh at the statement, which could possibly go down in history as the worse pickup line ever said to an El-Aurian...Ever.

Trinity gave a grin and wink. "I don't plan that far ahead. I could have more children, could rule over a world...ya never know." Waving that off, she got back on point. "I tell very few about my goings-on, but I wanted you to know your marines are welcome here and will be looked after..IF they behave themselves and don't break shit every time they come in. Some of the heathens who frequent Bliss are not amused by the same things as others."

"As for tonight, like any night, I might sing, or we'll just do a sound set and play some techno-electronic-dubstep for dancing," explained Trinity. "Saints of Bliss are not on station, but I can always holo-create them." It felt good to just talk, and not be so guarded. Why this guy brought that out in Trinity, she couldn't say.

"I'll get the word out at work, these marines here on station try not to get into much trouble. They don't wish to be transferred out." Templar would talk this out with his section heads.. However they certainly would get what they deserved here if they acted out.

"I'm planning a large dinner and some good entertainment, starting with a steak." John wasn't surprised that Bliss was starting to get very busy, arriving patrons walking past calling out to Trinity. The atmosphere of the club appealed to John and he was certain he would be sticking around...

Looking at Trinity, "And I hope to catch you on stage this evening."

Trin gave a grin, standing and leaning over into his face. She planted a kiss on his cheek, then stood up and looked down. "Sergeant Templar...John, I only get aggro if said marines completely step out of line and don't care. Respect me and my spaces, I will return that respect. All I ask."

Templar didn't show any surprise at Trinity's display of affection, on the inside he may have had a mild stroke.. John was attracted to her, however not for any reason he could explain. She was just too damn easy to be around.

Templar stood up from his stool smiling. "I believe its time for that dinner. I'm sure your very busy, but welcome to join me if you wish to. After that I plan to be one of your devoted fans."

Trinity gave a giggle and smile. "Not much, really. Just me singing old Earth covers so that true rock never dies. Then, other nights, play the dubstep and dance music. All for fun and relaxation for everyone. My way of giving back for all the business." She stepped in and adjusted his collar, then smoothed the fabric over his chest. "As for dinner, another time perhaps. Your business is Starfleet, mine a bit more complicated, and there are calls that need to be made. Thank you for the offer, though." Trin patted both his upper arms, then walked around him without looking back, needing to get to her office and begin the grind.

Templar smiled and would hold her to it. But at the moment he decided a large dinner was still an excellent choice. He wandered towards the dinning room...


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