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Staff Meeting

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 8:55pm by Commander Mikayla O'Dell M.D & Lieutenant Commander Sara McKlusky & Lieutenant Jack Devlin MD & Lieutenant Marduk "Duke"

Location: Medical Conference Room
Timeline: Current


The announcement had gone out to all department heads that an unscheduled staff meeting would be held in the medical conference room at 0900.

Mikayla and Mac walked into the conference room together.

"You are crazy to be doing this," Mac said. "I was here back then. I remember those things and what they...or it....did."

"I know. But that why I'm the best one to go," Mikayla said as she walked over to the replicator and ordered a cup of coffee. "It's bad enough that the XO is leading the Away Team and has no clue what a Tracken even looks like."

"Yeah....well....that kid has no clue about a lot of things," Mac said, plopping down in one of the chairs. "I liked it better when your boyfriend was the XO. He wasn't as arrogant as this guy."

Mikayla chuckles. "Personally I don't think he likes women. Every time we have a meeting he seems to brush over the female chiefs in the room as if we don't exist. During the mission briefing he completely ignored any data I produced." She shook her head.

Jack walked into the room and smiled, charmingly at the ladies. "Acting Chief of Surgery, reporting as ordered, Dr. Mike," he joked.

Mikayla blushed at the nickname and smiled. "Have a seat, Jack," she said. "How goes the life of the Acting Chief Cutter?"

"Busy," Jack answered. "Did you know that Starfleet Medical sent me three surgeons right out of their internship?" He sat down across the table from Mac. "Since when does a station with a full medical facility get first year residents?"

Mikayla grinned. "Since they asked me if we would be willing to give them some out of hospital experience and I said, absolutely," she said.

"Oh. Thanks for letting me know," Jack said, shaking his head.

"I just did," Mikayla said taking a sip of her coffee.

The OB/GYN, Dermatology/Plastics and Pediatrics Chiefs walked into the room at the same time, all carrying charts and talking among themselves. Their conversations stopped long enough to acknowledge Mikayla then they went back to what they were discussing as they sat down at the table.

Entering the conference room Marduk made his way around the table and then sat down, his eyes reading a PADD whilst doing so. Without looking up from his reading he spoke. "Hello, everyone."

Mac turned her attention to the ER Chief and said, "Dr. M....I wanted to tell you that you did a great job on that trauma that came in last night. I'm glad you were there when it came in."

Marduk looking up from his PADD, gave a grin in the left corner of his mouth. "Thanks, Mac. Just did what is expected of me."

"No wonder Dr. Mike put you in charge of the ER," Mac said. "The way you work reminds me of my days at San Fran Gen. We need more hot shot ER docs like you in Starfleet. I might just pull a few shifts in the ER just to work with you," she said with a wink.

"I would be honored," Marduk replied, setting the PADD down for now. "Two loud, obnoxious, and straight forward individuals working together should scare people into NOT getting hurt so they don't have to face us." He gave a throaty chuckle.

The Chief of Cardiology stormed in and walked directly over to Mikayla. "Why the hell do I have a bunch of wannabees getting in my way?" he growled. "I can even do a simple shunt repair without bumping into some pimply faced...."

Mikayla held up her hand. "Hold on Charles, " she said, softly but firmly as she smiled up at the older doctor. "I know you're not used to sharing the spotlight with anyone but we are now a teaching facility and a few first year residents have been assigned here in the hopes that they will get some variety in treating species other than the usual. Now please have a seat so I can say all of this again to the room."

Charles grunted and took a seat and Mikayla stood up Just as two more department chiefs came in and took seats. "Thank you all for coming on such short notice," she began. "First off...I know you have all seen the new first year residents in some of the departments. Not every department will get one and some may have more than one. The reason is Starfleet Medical has decided to branch our their residency program to add medical facilities, like ours, that are placed in the far reaches of the quadrant where non-Federation species will be seeking medical assistance. This will give our new physicians a leg up that we didn't have. MARS 249 has become one of those facilities. So as of is see one, do one, teach one." She looked around at the faces of her colleagues.

"I'm excited about it," Jack said.

Marduk gave a few nods and a grin. "Young minds, fresh ideas? I was in their position once, as we all were, so I have no issue in adding to their medical knowledge. I have a list of the most notable species likely to travel this way, and the ER folks have been stellar in learning their anatomies."

All of the others, except for the head of cardiology, stated their agreement to become teachers and pass on what they had learned.

"The second reason for this meeting is to let you all know that there is an Away Mission in the planning stages that I will be participating in," Mikayla said. "That means I will be unavailable for....well....I'm not sure how long. I'm joining some of our science guys and our marines and going down to the planet to try and do something about the Tracken....look it up," she said, not wanting to go into the scary details, "who are attacking the outer villages. The Oraxans don't have the resources we do to put an end to the attacks."

Picking up his PADD and waving it in the air a moment before putting it back down, Marduk gave Mikayla his attention. "Those Tracken are what I have been reading about. Interesting creatures, to say the least. Again, ER is set up in case they attack our people and medical aid is needed." He then cast his eyes around the table. "The rumors I have heard say that they are worked up over some type of radiation, these beasts. That is plausible, but why is it that every time creatures get antsy we immediately assume it's due to radiation? There are multiple reasons why beasts get worked up."

"There are," Mikayla said. "And that's what we are hoping to find out."

"Without getting yourself killed," Mac muttered.

Mikayla smiled at the seasoned nurse. "Yes, mother. That goes without saying," she said, only partially joking. She had come to love this brash woman and saw her as a surrogate mother. It was obvious that Mac felt the same by how protective she was. To Marduk she said, "be ready for chemical burns. We have designed protective suits but they aren't 100% full proof."

"Acidic blood spatter is hard to avoid when in combat," stated Marduk, his Klingon and Augment sides in agreement. "First thing's first. If these beasts are at least semi-intelligent, even remotely so like a targ, then it stands to reason they can be communicated with somehow. But, having said that, being who I am, if they aim to harm those around me then they will die a horrible death."

Mikayla smiled at Marduk. "Thanks," she said. "I have no intention of not coming back. It will take more than some drooling beast to take me out," she said, hoping she sounded confident and wishing she was. "Now....if there are no more questions....we all have jobs to do so, everyone. And please," she held up her hand as chairs scooted back. "Be nice to your proteges. were a first year resident once, too." With a smile she added, "go. Dismissed."

Jack got up and smiled as he walked up and placed his hand on Mikayla's arm. "You better watch your ass down there, Mike," he said. "This place wouldn't be the same without your smile."

Mikayla blushed and waved him off. "You ol' smoothie," she said. "Get out of here. And, by the way....I have already warned the female residents about your reputation. So don't bother trying to charm them."

Clasping his chest he looked pained. "You wound me, Dr. Mike. I would never."

"Uh huh," Mikayla said and laughed.

"That goes for my nurses, too," Mac chimed in.

"I am wounded to the core, ladies," Jack said as he sulked to the door. "Wounded." Then he disappeared.

Mikayla shook her head and laughed as she stacked up her PADDs and said, "lights out". Then she and Mac followed the rest of the doctors out of the conference room.




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