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Business - Its just business

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 12:09am by Korvark PNPC & Frank O'Connell & John Christie & Trinity Costa

Location: Outside the Bliss night club
Timeline: Current

Korvark looked at the entrance of the nightclub and shrugged. The place had an appeal he couldn't quite place, it was loud and obvious and the smells drifting out made him hungry as he glanced at Frank and walked in, "John Christie is in here?"

"According to the message I got." Frank said as his eyes searched the crowd and came to rest on a familiar mass of red hair. "Ah, there's Fiona. And that's probably John beside her." He led the Klingon on a winding course through the tables to the bar.

Korvark recalled recent events that had cascaded into where they were now. Dr. Ted Darkron was unavailable, he'd been called away on a Starfleet mission but had assured Korvark that he was in good hands with Frank who would arrange for him to get the materials he needed from the planet, including the mining equipment. Korvark at that point had revealed he had a background in science and intended to go along to ensure the quality of the material being collected. Also the medication that he'd been given was having less effect as time wore on so his urgency for the Technetium was growing.

Jock sighed, the two of them had been following around the topic for twenty minutes now, the Iains had wandered off deeper into the dark, loud interior of the club. Jock was at the end of his tether, there was no money coming in, the fabrics they'd gone through hell to 'acquire' had turned out to be virtually worthless after sale and Frank's cut. Barely paying for the running costs on the Lady of Adrossian. Starfleet, or at least some dodgy, underhanded , representative of Starfleet, had asked them to keep an eye out for things. But nothing up front and Frank had yet to produce any solid courier work for them.

"I canae keep runnin the Lady on thin air, Fi." he shouted, to be heard over the thumping music. "You need tae meet the guy, it's a business deal, a proper job. Ken?" she insisted, making smoothing gestures as Korvak and Frank approached the bar. John shrugged and took a long pull from the bottle in his hand.

"Frank, ah'd like you tae be meeting Mister John Christie, master o' the Lady o' Adrossian and ma brother." Fiona held out a hand waving vaguely to introduce Jock to the newcomers.

"Captain Christie." Frank said, extending a hand. "This is Korvark, he and a friend are in need of a supply run. Good money for a quick trip dirtside and back."

Fiona raised her eyebrows in an 'I told you so' gesture to her brother as John grasped the offered hand, a slow grin breaking out.


Club Bliss was packed this evening after several merchant freighters had stopped in for some downtime. As good as her word to Marcab, Trinity had contacted several merchants across the quadrant and suggesting they begin to look into business interests out in this neck of the woods. Now, it seemed they were. That's when her eyes spotted several big wigs from around the station, leaning to her left to say something to her friend. "Zyna, we have company."

Zyna giggled and looked up and around, filling drink orders and lining them up. "Ya think?" She giggled and rolled her eyes.

"Don't make me slap you," Trinity said, a crooked, cynical half-grin playing across her face.

"Wouldn't be the first time," laughed Zyna, thrusting her bum at Trinity a moment before going back to the drinks. "So, they're here." Shrugging at that, Zyna finished the drinks and waved the server away. "Maybe they're just jealous you got a full house and they want in on the action."

Trinity's grin disappeared. "I'll be at my table, lights down and sound dampeners on. Keep things under control out here." With that said Trinity made her way around through her kitchen and into her niche, pistols adjusted on her hips as she sat down.


Korvark eyed the pair for a few moments as if he were staring deep into their souls searching for any hint of deception, before glancing away to the crowd then back again saying flatly, "I like to drink when negotiating business", dropping three strips of latinum on the table, "For your time", then he gestured to one of the servers to come take their orders.

John nodded happily, "Aye, a gid drop makes it all the better tae be talking through the deed." He shook the empty bottle gently at the approaching server indicating for another. Fiona narrowed her eyes and made a slight negative gesture. "Dirtside aye? Wha's being so inciting that yea'd be needin us tae go fir a wee walk doon below when ye could be doon yersel and back in a day?" She turned her quizzical gaze on Korvark. John stopped playing with the bottle and glared, ~for the love of gods lass, dinnae screw this up fir us~. His total absence of psionic power was made up for in the strength of his stare.

Observing these men and women when she could see them through the crowd, Trinity saw nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed they were here to drink, yet their eyes kept scanning the room as if looking for something--or someone. Perhaps it was time she made an appearance. Standing up and adjusting her gear, Trinity stepped out from her private niche and made her way through the crowd. Like a cat in a maze she was barely bumped or jostled as her eyes chose the safest path to avoid too much physical contact.

Trinity came forth from the crowd and approached the table, sure that all could see her doing so. "Welcome to Club Bliss, bettys and blokes." Looking Frank directly in the eye, Trin gave a personal nod of hello, before letting the eyes go back to scanning the table, and the room, while speaking. "Looking for something special, or just slumming?" Smiling as she spoke.

Korvark had watched her approach from the corner of his eye, her movement flowing like a dancer, no it was more than that, a well balanced melee fighter, his interest grew, that explained some of the strategically placed sensors he'd noted in the establishment. Yes this place was more than it appeared, it was more than some soft play pit, it had its own teeth and this woman most likely it's mistress as he took in her scent, was that gun oil he picked up, a slight smirk of approval appeared for a moment.

Trinity caught the wandering eyes from Korvark. She let it slide, not wanting to disrespect a potential business partner. To say she liked the attention, from someone who seemed to understand where she was coming form, meant a lot. Hopefully, Frank would turn out to be just as cool. Too much relied on her direction, and if even one chink let loose, then all could crumble.

Inserting himself in front of Frank the Klingon almost seemed to sneer at her before speaking in his deep gravelly tone, "We're here to do business, just business with these two is that a problem?", challenging her. Interesting Korvark thought that its mistress should quickly identify them and introduce herself, perhaps just a good eye for newcomers and Frank who was her competition. Another problem to consider, these two and their ship, were they up for the job that was about to be offered to them. The chance of danger on this task was minimal to his mind but could rub some planetary officials and Starfleet directives the wrong way but that was not his concern, the matter was personal and the more he saw how this matter was going the more he felt he had to take a hands on approach from beginning to end.

"Front me in my place of business, you know where the friggin door is, petaQ!" Trinity hooked her thumbs in her dual gunbelt, very near to her sidearms. "You think you're quick? Try it. Even if you kill me you'll be eaten alive by every patron in here." Her eyes never left the Klingon's, she stared him down. "I'm the Alpha here, not you, jerkweeds."

Fiona tugged hard on John's arm, and nodded to the door. If the Klingons were going to get into it then she had no intention of being involved, repairing the damage to Big Iain after the last bar brawl had taken long enough. John took another pull of the beer and resisted his sister's entreaties, looking over Korvack's shoulder from his stool "Aye, yer all verra big and fuzzy, but youse are nae verra welcoming eh? Thought this tae be a pub an a place tae do business, didnae ken we had tae be pals." he snapped. The trader captain wanted, no needed, this job and if that meant taking a few risks that this hotheaded club owner and the Klingon client might end up shooting off more than insults then so be it. He'd not yet fixed a price but it would probably be enough to keep them running for a few months, man clearly had cash if he was dropping strips just to talk.

Fiona's tugging became more urgent, and she cast her eyes around looking for a clear path out. During this scan she spotted the two Iain's hanging back just out of Trinity's eyeline their attention glued to the Klingon confrontation. Big Iain was flexing his hands and looking for a cue from John while Wee Iain was gently working around in the crowd towards the door, hand in his jacket. She redoubled her efforts, the last thing she needed was the boys getting into another fight, and this deal had looked so promising up front, why in the hell had she let the her husband and the mechanic come along? Next time she'd just bring Seonaid, or better yet just do the talking herself.

Frank's usually relaxed demeanor vanished as he rose to his feet. He grabbed Korvark by the back of the collar and spun him roughly back into his seat. "Are you a warrior or a mewling targ yipping without thought?" He demanded of the Klingon. "This is Trinity, she owns the place and is a friend." He locked eyes with Jock's boys and jerked his head toward the table then turned back to the Klingon. "You came to me to get a job done, she has access to some of the resources we need to do it. Don't dishonor yourself or me again by insulting our host." His features slipped back to their usual jovial nature as he looked around the group. "Now are we going to do business or just forget the whole thing?"

Death stared back at Frank in the Klingons eyes, one that would be bloody and brutal the unspoken promise as he gave a curt nod to him, Frank did not understand. Korvark then returned his gaze back to Trinity, "I do not fear death..", speaking levelly, "..but I thought you understood as it is known you have dealt with Klingons before. I stand in front of you as a Klingon, of course I front you and I expect you to reply as you have, its the way it should be otherwise I would think of you as no more than some mewling ferengi that I have little time for or respect! You have my respect now Trinty Costa, I know your reputation in the sector but I wanted to meet you face to face and stare into your eyes". Korvark paused then shrugged his broad shoulders appearing to relax some what, "If I have made a mistake then so be it, send me from this place, I have been mistaken before. If not sit and drink with us this business may interest you as well, I am buying.."

Trinity, not letting her guard down, knew where the Klingon was coming from. She did relax her posture, only one hand still near to a firearm, the other being used to talk. "Where you conduct your business was not my interest. What was, was your treatment while here in my club. Even as the owner and operator I see to my guests personally, on some level." Stepping into the Klingon's bubble, to stand before him. "I do understand Klingons, far more than you know or may have heard. Not all of them choose to act the same. Truce?" Trinity extended her arm for a handshake, but the forearm shake for Klingons, not the dainty shake from Humans, waiting to see which way it would go. Her peripheral vision caught her regulars ready to unleash hell, watching to see where it would go.

Korvark liking what he saw gave an approving nod and grasp the offered forearm in a firm but not overly aggressive shake. This was how it should as he stared back into Trinity's eyes but not as a challenge but with honest intent, "Aye Trinity truce and thank you for welcoming me!"

"Warriors are always welcome," stated Trinity. She then spun around, looking at them all. "I will leave you to your business. Bloodwine and well drinks are available. Anything special, talk to Zyna," she chinned toward the Bajoran woman dressed just like herself. "Frank, I hear that one of your freighters wants to use one of my cargo bays for storage. 25 strips of latinum, a day, and it's theirs." Winking at Frank, Trinity then made her way back to the bar.

Frank gave Trinity a grin in return. "I'll let 'em know their fee's goin' up." He sat back in his chair with a quiet growl of frustration....he had taken a huge risk with Korvark but it had been the quickest way he could think of to keep the Iains from pulling weapons and chance the Bliss turning into the site of a massive angry Klingon was a hell of a lot easier to deal with than a pissed off Trinity.



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