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Victory is complete

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 1:02am by Lady Surla

Location: Random colony
Timeline: current


Standing on her side of the field, her warriors all around her, Surla faced the army from her nemesis Gorgon. Tired of running, regaining some of his honor, Gorgon had contacted her House and set the coordinates for this meeting. Some Klingon colony world on the fringes of wild space, barely a population to speak of, but even they were present as witnesses. Seeing Gorgon come through his troops, Surla moved from among her own, striding forward and meeting her enemy in the center of what would be the battlefield.

"Gorgon," said Surla, nodding. "Your honor is intact, at least on this day. There will be no negotiating. One of us dies, one of us lives. House Surla will carry on without me as I watch over them from Sto-vo-kor."

"High words from a female," growled out Gorgon. "You are a usurper, and I will reclaim what is mine!"

Surla gave a bow from the neck, one meant to show the conversation was over, not out of respect. With a last glare she spun on her heel and walked back toward her line of troops. She had her two versions of the Mek'leth on her person. The first was the same style Worf had used while on DS9, the second was a longer sword designed like that of Durass when Worf had killed him during a right of vengeance. This, here and now, was her right of vengeance. Getting back into position among her warriors, Surla stood atop a mound of earth, to see the battlefield better and direct her people. They knew their duty, had trained and practiced new battle tactics, and knew what needed to be done. Today, Gorgon would be no more.

Across the open field the Gorgon troops were getting worked up, clanking their weapons against gauntlets and daggers as one, collective unit. Surla grinned and looked over at her Colonel. "Are we ready?"

"Just give the word, my Lady."

"House Surla," shouting to be heard, Surla spoke to her lines. "Sword wall!"

Every Klingon carrying a bat'leth stepped forward, brandishing the weapons and evenly spaced to create a wall of blades that the enemy warriors would have to break through to reach the rest of her troops. "Forward!" The Colonel shouting above the din of cheering troops.

House Surla slowly, inexorably walked forward, then they picked up the pace as their enemies did the same. Within moments they were jogging and screaming their war cries before they broke into a short sprint and clashed with the opposition. D'k'tagh in her left, short mek'leth in her right, Surla had charged in as well, supporting her troops and showing them that she would fight and die at their sides. The sword wall was working better than expected, the Gorgon troops unfamiliar with this new tactic, getting cut to pieces as the Surla warriors danced around each other and cleaved their enemies. From behind bolts of energy began to come in at a downward angle , the Klingon fire teams up in trees and on bluffs, raining shots down into the army of their enemy. The mek'leth squads began to come around the sword wall, the flanking maneuver trying to be offset by the enemy.

Coming around the left flank Surla and her group ran into Gorgon warriors brandishing mek'leths and d'k'taghs, and they immediately engaged. The clanking of metal on metal, the screams of fatally wounded warriors, and the blood spatter landing upon her skin drove Surla into a frenzy and she let her passions take over, a Klingon Berserker with whirling blades and no fear. She was blood drunk the moment she cleaved her first opponent along the side of the neck, stepping over his corpse and moving forward with her own troops. Within forty minutes the battle was over, a few stragglers still fighting.

Surla stood breathing heavy, the blood and ichor of her enemies dripping from her face, hair, armor, and arms. Looking around at the carnage she saw her troops finishing off those still reeling on the turf, their wounds fatal with no hope of medical aid from her people. It was the Klingon way. As an enemy none shall live.

The crowd of colonists cheered her victory and the kegs of bloodwine were brought out, the fire pits ready to roast animals on spits, the colony offering itself for the victory celebration. The Colonel assigned the bekks to finish off the wounded Gorgon troops. Surla, however, was pre-occupied with finding Gorgon himself, stabbing through any soldier she found still moaning in agony. Nothing.

"Lady Surla!"

Standing up straight Surla spun to face where her name had been called from. Two warriors had Gorgon between them, an obvious thigh wound on his right leg. They let him go and it took a moment for him to sturdy himself. Sheathing her mek'leth and gripping her d'k'tagh in her right hand, Surla approached the wretch. "Your ancestors are watching. Do you wish to say anything to save honor in their name, before your execution?"

Gorgon, opening his mouth to speak, didn't utter a sound as his eyes went wide.

The moment Gorgon made to speak Surla grabbed his right shoulder with her left hand and thrust her dagger to the hilt through his chest and into his heart. There was no way in all the hells she was going to let this petaQ speak, especially in reverence to any ancestors of his. Her fist clenched him at the shoulder as she pulled him in, the blade buried deep within, his warm blood now running off her hand and spattering on the earth. Hitting the pressure plate she opened the spring blades, causing even more trauma, then twisted. He coughed several times, the last two filled with blood as it slaked the front of her armor and her face, but he stood as long as his dying body would allow. As Gorgon crumpled to the ground Surla released her hold on him and ripped her blade free.

All the anger, all the rage of the past few months, and now...nothing. Surla's eyes came up from the body, looking around as if she didn't recognize where she was for a moment, all her emotions purged and spent on the battle, her right hand at her side holding the still dripping dagger. Swiping the blade on her thigh she sheathed it, her eyes showing she was back from her reverie, looking at the Colonel. "We celebrate. Victory!" She shouted the last word, fist raised in the air, all her warriors responding with raised fists and weapons. "Qapla'!"

"Qapla'!" Came back with resounding cheers.

Surla saw the colonists beginning to take what they wanted from Gorgon's defeated army, while leaving her own dead to be searched by her House. The valuables and House badges would be gathered and returned to their respective family members. The bekks would see to that while those of station would use sonic showers to clean themselves and begin the celebration. The bekks would be through right when the party would be getting good.



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