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A new ship

Posted on Fri Jun 30th, 2017 @ 7:09am by Trinity Costa & Lady Surla

Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Trinity and Surla were in the El-Aurian's quarters, all the proper security precautions activated, while sitting and drinking. Their sides hurt from laughter, recalling memories of battles together, men conquered, and crime bosses toppled. All in the name of The Cabal. Surla's duties to her beloved Empire always took her away for long periods, but when she returned these two always got together and celebrated life, love, and happiness.

"So," said Surla, abruptly and loud enough to get Trin's attention. "What are your plans, sister?"

Trinity, coming down from a laugh fest, cleared her throat while getting her mind back on business. "First thing, let Marcab...Captain Strongfellow, know that I am a Federation Intel agent. I won't mention Invictus, he doesn't need to know about that part of Intel. Other than that The Cabal will claim this region as our territory." Trinity knew that Surla understood why. If another organization wished to operate here then they would first have to confer with Trinity, and then pay her a tribute on what they made, for allowing their business to operate.

"Do you still fly around in that--what do you call it..a Runabout?" Asked Surla, her face twisted up slightly in disgust.

"Yes, I do." Trinity smiled at her sister's face, knowing how Klingons viewed small craft for combat. "The Tri-me is state-of-the-art."

"It is puny and toothless," replied Surla, laughing after she saw Trin's expression of pseudo-hurt. "You are such a bitch, making me laugh when I am trying to be serious."

Trinity cackled and hugged her friend quickly. "It's the booze, and all that heavy breathing with Zyna. Whoa!" She fanned herself with a hand, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Surla rolled her eyes, despite the smile on her face. "Your sexual conquests are of no concern to me."

"Really?" Trinity gave her a daring gaze. "So, if I bed Marduk you don't want to know the details?"

"Not really, no," responded Surla. "Can we get back to the topic?"

"Sure," said Trin, stifling a laugh, trying to be serious. It was rare for her to truly let go, to get drunk and not care. But, with Surla next to her she felt safe and had drank quite a bit. It was lessening quickly, but she knew Surla wanted to be serious for a few minutes so she popped a sobriety pill and drank down a pint of water. "You have ten minutes, then I'll have to pee." She giggled again.

Surla rolled her eyes yet again, knowing her friend like she did, and realizing that even when drunk Trinity would log away in her memory everything that was discussed, for later review. El-Aurians were amazing people, listeners, and that made them almost impossible to trap in a war of words. "I am offering you a new ship, sister. Larger, combat effective, and durable. We obtained a Brel class Bird of Prey, and I have no use for it. So, for all you have done for me over the years I would like you to take ownership, as a private vessel."

Trinity, her mind instantly going sober with what was said, gawked at her friend. "Surla, are you serious? A Brel class? That would be perfect. I would have to rewire the systems for single person operation, but yes, that would be epic!"

"No need, it is done." Surla gave her own knowing grin. "With the right crew you could do quite a bit of damage with such a vessel. As it stands, with who you are, it is perfect for your operations. All systems still intact."

The door chimed and Surla grabbed the hilt of her dagger.

Trinity stood up, holding a hand out toward the Klingon. "Wait, let's see who it is." She went to the door panel and hit the intercom. "Yes?"

"Boss, it's Zyna."

Trinity slapped the door release, dragging the poor Bajoran girl into her quarters and then slapping the door closed again. "Surla, Zyna. Zyna, Surla. There, you've met. Why did you come down here," asked Trinity, looking at Zyna.

Zyna shrugged, eyeing the Klingon nervously. "I just wanted to come hang out, toots. Should I leave?"

"Not at all," said Surla, standing and approaching the Bajoran woman. "If you betray my sister I will gut you like a targ. Beyond that, welcome." There was no mirth in that statement.

Trinity held a hand out to Surla. "Stop it!" She then looked to Zyna. "This is one of my oldest friends, a sister in The Cabal, and she means what she says, IF you betray me. Right now you are under my protection, in my quarters. Surla?"

The Klingon woman gave a nod, trusting her sister's intuition. "Join us Zyna. Drink and enjoy."

Zyna thanked them both, got some Bajoran springwine, then sat next to Trin on her sofa. She listened to them converse, all the deals and activities they had going on, and kept in line, amazed her. She knew Trin was over 400 years old, but it didn't really sink in until this moment. The woman knew a great many things, and The Cabal was her life's work, all to keep the UFP safe while operating a criminal enterprise.

Trinity gave Surla a warm hug, an embrace of caring and loyalty. Respect. "I'll take it, sister. The ISS Peregrine will add strength to our cause. And, being a Klingon vessel, the treaty of Algeron will hold no water."

Surla had embraced her friend in return, glad to know her. "It is yours. Come to my seat and we'll transfer title to you. Zyna," she then looked to the Bajoran. "Meeting you has been a pleasure, but if you betray Trinity there will be nowhere you can hide. Qapla'!" With that final statement Surla turned and left.

Zyna looked at Trinity. "Damn, she's intense."

"You have no idea," said trinity, rolling her eyes. "That Klingon is always on the edge, but loyal to the core. So, care to make a trip?"

"A trip?" Zyna was confused.

Trinity laughed. "To get my new ship, a Brel class Bird of Prey. I have to go to Surla's homeworld for her House, to collect. Care to join me?"

Zyna gave a smile. "Of course, I wouldn't miss it. Should we bring others?"

"Like who," asked Trinity.

"Marduk," replied Zyna. "He seems sweet on you, and he is half Klingon, so could prove to be an asset."

"No," said Trinity. "He's a busy man, and with Oraxa needing aid he needs to remain here. We'll go get the ship and then ask him to assist us when we get back."

Zyna nodded. "Fair enough. When do we leave?"

"When I say," giggled Trinity. "I really need to sleep this off before going out in public. Care to have a sleepover?"

Giggling at her tipsy boss, Zyna kept right on smiling. "Come on, let's get you to bed. We'll talk more in the morning." Leading Trin to her bedroom, and really wanting to physically assault her, Zyna held back. She was not that person who would take advantage of a woman who had drank too much. Helping Trinity dress down, then doing it herself, Zyna got under the covers and simply held Trin. Within minutes, with the comfort of the moment, Zyna and Trin both fell asleep.



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